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Happy 15th Anniversary Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue!

Power’s on it Wayyyyyyy—-Rangers Saves the Dayyyyy!!

“Lightspeed Rescue”

One of the first Power Rangers seasons I’ve watched that gotten me into the show :)



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“Amphibious mobile suits entered development while the decision for an Earth invasion operation was still pending. The initial idea of the Zeon forces was to develop an amphibious type as a variation of the MS-06 Zaku II. This plan was realized in the form of the MS-06M Zaku Marine Type, but it proved utterly unsuitable for real combat.

The development of amphibious mobile suits then continued from a completely new perspective, and they were given MSM numbers. The MS-06M was renamed the MSM-01 and used to gather data for new models of amphibious mobile suit.”

-Mobile Suit Variation Volume 2

Did Deaton know where the Nemeton was all along?

When Allison, Scott and Stiles were sacrificed to the Nemeton in place of their parents this was done because no-one knew where the Nemton was to rescue them, right? Wrong (maybe). I think Deaton has always known where it is… 

Deaton: When the tree was whole, its wood was sometimes used to contain powerful objects but those objects are very rare.
Lydia: Wait a second. Powerful objects? Like an Alpha’s claws?
Deaton: Which Alpha?
Lydia: Talia Hale. Peter had them in this wooden box with a triskele carved on the lid. What if it was made from the Nemeton?
Deaton: It was.
Stiles: How do you know?
Deaton: Because I made it.
[3x24 - The Divine Move]

Which begs the question why would he let these three kids basically die and get this darkness around their hearts if they could have gone and rescued their parents without doing so? 

Deaton: You won’t be able to see it but you’ll feel it, every day for the rest of your lives. It will be a kind of darkness around your heart and permanent like a scar.
[3x11 - Alpha Pact]

I believe it’s because Deaton wanted them to have this darkness around their hearts. Why you ask? So they can learn to fight it. Learn to fight it before the bigger bad comes along. (Deaton probably views it as a necessary evil).

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Who The Heck Cares About Sara Harvey?

We have no emotional connection to her.

So she’s the Regina George from the next town over? And that’s End Game? Lame!

- Great acting by the actress portraying CeCe.
- For the first time, I am truly shocked that they not only gave us answers but MORE than we anticipated. They weren’t necessarily good or the most compelling answers, but answers nonetheless I suppose.

- Horribly written script, atrocious cinematography, some pretty low points acting wise.

- SOOOOOOO FAR FETCHED about “A’s Brain.” All of Star Trek The Next Generation couldn’t have built something so hi-fi. So CeCe also just happens to be more skilled with technology than Steve Jobs, Google, and Bill Gates combined? Did you SEE that interface? That doesn’t even exist. It was just so ridiculous. Yes, a person with absolutely no exposure whatsoever to computers her entire life went on to create the most forward-thinking technology in perhaps all of history in a handful of years. I mean…what happened to the writing? Again, there’s no tie for the viewers because it was always Caleb, Mona, etc. with the tech edge.

- CeCe who is Charlie who is Charlotte is A. UGH.

Remaining Questions:
- How does Aria’s MPD, being dressed as A in the form of a doll, receiving an email about building a fence seasons ago, black swan, etc. tie into this?

- What is the deal with the non-stop theme of roses across the show?

- Why did Byron see two brunette girls in the family photo album? Why did Peter Hastings make the comment about “two 5 year old girls” or whatever it was? Why is Hanna regularly mistaken for Ali and why do they look so much alike?

- Why did the ghost twin girls appear to Ms. Marin?

- Why did Ali “choose” Aria?

- Why is Ezra still the sketchiest man on earth and not mentioned by CeCe? I’m sorry, NO HUMAN BEING even remotely healthy would setup a billion cameras, including one IN THE VENT OUTSIDE HIS APARTMENT, pay tons of people to spy on underage girls, lie like O.J. on trial to allegedly the “love of his life” for a long time, and ever end up anywhere but on the looney bin side of the jailhouse. The way he has been passed off ever since the whole “Oh, I’m just writing a book” and all the girls are like “OHHHHHH, we’ll in that case, it’s totally normal” is when I really began to see the show dismantling.

- What’s the deal with Ted?

- Jenna, Lucas, Wren, Paige…helllloooooooooo…Dear Marlene, Seasons 1-4 called and they want to exist again. It’s called CONTINUITY, which leads to KEEPING VIEWERS.

- The France tie-in was among the biggest BS of the night. France has been ALL OVER PLL since season one–all over Ezra’s apartment, Ali/Emily interactions, art with French language in Ali’s bedroom…and you try to close that loop by saying, “Oh yeah, at one point years after those things, A was hiding in France for a short time”? oOoooOooooo, Amazing! Not.

- I will think of more.

In the end, CeCe’s poorly fulfills the character they have made A. She doesn’t fit the bill for someone obsessed with dolls as the writers have consistently depicted. She had no motive in that respect. It’s like they built-up years of a character obsessed with manipulating situations, people, you name it…and then in season 6 just pulled a name out of a hat and said, “Hey, it will be CeCe!” This has the lame no-sense finale feel of Gossip Girl. Tonight’s episode portrayed CeCe as a sweet lonely thing–little experience with dolls/manipulation–up until she was 18. Not a good story, PLL. Great setup, great start, but your follow-through came apart.

I think I know who A is. (Warning: this post is long. Also, read at your own risk.)

A lot of people have been saying this for a while now. Or at least up until we were all so sure it was Jason’s secret twin named Charles, or Andrew Campbell.

Apparently, it’s neither. It’s not Andrew Campbell, nor is it Charles, because Charles is dead

Oh, miss Cecelia Drake. We don’t know much about you, but we know enough to know who you really are.

Let’s look at some of the facts, shall we:

  • She looks like, talks like, acts like Alison. Remember when we first met Cece? She was at the Brew, and she said “Take it from me, you’re always better off with a really good lie.” Ali’s infamous line. The girls overhear her and think she’s Ali, until Cece turns around. And she already knew things about the girls from being friends with Ali. Convenient. 
  • She dated Jason and then dumped him the day after Ali went missing. We found this out from one of the Pretty Dirty Secrets mini webisodes from season 3. Also convenient, no? 
  • She was in Hilton Head with Alison. She’s in the picture with Ali and Wilden on the boat. Alison told her about her pregnancy scare, Cece assumed that it was beach hottie/board shorts that got her pregnant. 
  • She’s older than the liars by a couple of years. We can assume that she is around Jason’s age, and as far as we know, she isn’t in school anymore (Ali and the girls got her kicked out apparently) and doesn’t have a job (What happened to that boutique she opened up?) which gives her plenty of time to be A. 
  • We’ve seen her in both the black hoodie and the red coat. She was outside of Ezra’s apartment listening in on his and Aria’s conversation, and we also saw her in the A lair. Then she was at the saw mill in the red coat when Aria kicked the Ali mask off her face and she fell off the platform, then was gone when the girls turned around. 
  • She’s been to Radley, more than once. Of the times that we know of, once she checked in pretending to be Alison, causing Mrs. D to freak out. Also according to Wren, Cece visited Mona while she was in Radley. Convenient that someone in a Red coat, who Mona thought was Ali, stole the game from her. Hmm. 
  • Mrs. D was for some reason supplying her with clothes. We’re still unsure of why, but Ms. Marin found the bag of clothes in Ali’s room, then later we see Mrs. D hand a briefcase to someone in the woods, presumably in a black hoodie and gloves, and in the season 4 finale, we see Cece in the same clothing as in the bag in Ali’s room. Cece and Mrs. D share a weird look in passing at the Rosewood PD. 
  • She was apparently wearing the same yellow top that 3 other girls had on that night. We’re still unsure of if she was even there that night, the only “proof” we have if Jason’s foggy memory of seeing Cece and Melissa Hastings talking in the yard, but we know he was drunk/high so his memory is questionable. But I think they showed us that for a reason. 
  • She coincidentally, or maybe not so coincidentally, has the same initials as Charles. C.D. Charles DiLaurentis. Cece Drake. 
  • According to Cece’s roomate, she hated the girls for getting her kicked out of UPenn. Granted, she could’ve payed her to say that. 
  • She was on Ezra’s payroll. I myself am still very suspicious of Mr. Fitz, and I still think he knows way more than what he’s sharing. But if he really is as clueless as the rest of us, what better way to make sure he never suspects you than to give him information for his book?  

Those are things that are for the most part, 100% true and solid facts, unless the characters were lying. 

Disclaimer: This next part, I’m totally 100% guessing at. I’m not saying I’m right about the why, I only think I’m right about the who. Just to clarify. This is where my theory kicks in: 

We know nothing about Cece’s backstory. We don’t know about her childhood, or her home life, we don’t even know if she has parents. The only things about her we DO know, we only know because they in some way are connected to Ali or the liars or their loved ones. We don’t know anything about Cece, personally. 

Most people have always assumed that Alison, being the younger one, acted like Cece. But perhaps it’s the other way around. Maybe Cece is the one acting like Alison. If I’m right, and Cece is A, I think she’s obsessed with the DiLaurentis family. 

I think she knows about Charles, and wants/wanted to replace Alison. The whole reason she befriended Ali and dated Jason was to get close to the family. She hung out with Alison so much that she basically became her. Talking like her, acting like her, dressing like her. She went along with Ali’s dare to pretend to be her and check into Radley because she wanted to see if she could get away with being “Ali”. And that’s why she broke up with Jason the day after Ali went missing. She thought she had killed her, meaning she could finally replace her. You can’t date your brother. So she dumps Jason, and she also tells him that he doesn’t want to know the reason. 

Now I’m not entirely sure what happened between then and the time she took over the A game when Mona was in Radley. We, the audience, don’t even know of her existence until season 3, which is when the writers said we could go back to and watch from S3 up until S5 and figure it out. 

Now obviously, Alison was never dead. So lets say if Cece is A, when she realized Ali wasn’t dead, she probably wanted to try and make sure she never came back home. She made it seem like Alison was dead so the liars wouldn’t look for her. That plan failed, obviously. But that could be why she hates the liars. They stole her only chance of becoming a DiLaurentis by looking for and finding Ali and bringing her home. Yet she’s also obsessed with the liars, because they got to be Ali’s friends. 

She knew it would happen eventually though, so she planned out the dollhouse. She would capture the girls, including Mona, and Sara, and put them in there, knowing Alison would look for them. Then she would capture her too. She would have her own real life dolls, and would still get to be a DiLaurentis. Her plan went awry when the girls and Ali showed up at the police station revealing that Ali was alive. She’d never get to be Ali if her friends and parents knew she was still alive. She resorted to plan B.

She  created “Charles’” soul room  and filled it with things related to Charles for the girls to find. She then “became” Charles, because if she couldn’t be Ali, she had to be somebody. Who better than someone they didn’t even know ever existed? 

Why she would want to be a DiLaurentis, I’m not sure. That could be part of the “why” that we don’t know yet. But it’s clear that whoever A is, has some sort of weird obsession with the DiLaurentis family. They tried to kill Jason, presumably Ali too, and DID kill Jessica. Perhaps they also killed Bethany because they were jealous that Mrs. D spent so much time with her. Then made the girls think they were another DiLaurentis family member who is no longer alive. Creepy and twisted much? So again, the whole “why” of it all in this theory could completely be wrong, but I’m almost positive that the who is correct. 

So that’s my theory of who A is, and kind of on why she’s A. Let me know what you think, and feel free to include anything I may have left out! 

My Thoughts on "Over A Barrel"

Emily has ROSES on her shirt and Hanna is VERY concerned with it. I apologize in advance bc I’ve been reading a lot of awesome Hanna is A theories. Once you read a theory everything that character does seems suspicious (I’m looking at you Aria).

Seriously what time do these girls get up to be perfectly put together and meet for coffee before it’s even waffle time?? I guess I’ll never look like any of them bc I adore sleep too much (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

Are the Hastings so strapped for cash that they’ll rent out to anyone, even a guy who has to pay in change? Johnny you’re on the (hot) spot bc you are fishy as hell. Who are you and why are you living in my Spencer’s backyard (that place is usually designated for death).

Why are Aria and Emily so calm about Holbrook texting Aria? Why ARIA? Aria why are you snapping at Emily? She has to work for your bf who spied on her so be you be nice to her!

Spencer you couldn’t take half a second to get Johnny an egg?! A text from a dead girl shouldn’t have rattled you so much considering you thought Ali was texting you from the grave for a while there.

Now Hanna is joining the MIA train that Aria drives. I need all the liars tracking down leads together. Why is that too much to ask for on this show?!

Anyone else bugged by the fact that Jason seems so convinced that Ali killed Mona? Yes, Ali bullied Mona and disappeared around the time of her murder but I’d think it would take more for a brother to be convinced that his sister, who just returned home after being on the run for a year, didn’t come out of hiding just to rot in jail for murder. Ali could’ve killed Mona and went back into hiding and people would’ve never suspected her thinking she was dead and all. Just sayin.

Shocking. Holbrook didn’t show but Aria gets to chat with Jason and get the inside scoop on Ali and the investigation.

Once Ted wanted to speak with Hanna you knew that proposal was coming.

I’m kinda loving all these new Emiria and Spaleb moments.

Paige literally just left. I’d like to see Emily be single for 5 minutes. Actually I wouldn’t mind if all the girls could come out of a relationship without jumping right into the next one.

Caleb saying A is trying to pin Mona’s murder on one of “us”, don’t get me wrong I LOVE Caleb but when did he become one of “us” and a target of A?!

That was pretty risky of Spencer to open the plastic bc if it had been an actual person…damn now I’m wondering if Spencer is A. This whole show is a total mind F, I swear.

For someone who is so worried about A planting evidence, by all means Spencer, just open the barrel that you suspect of possessing Mona’s pickled or dissolved body with your BARE HANDS.

When Emily mailed Paige the package her address was listed as “Atticus Place”, another reference to To Kill A Mockingbird. Atticus defends an innocent man so maybe this is a clue Paige was innocent?

Aria is literally holding roses. What do these flower and rose clues mean (bc if roses are just popular bc we’re in Rosewood I’m gonna be so pissed)?? If Aria knew the address was Hanna’s why didn’t she march into the flower shop and demand to know who ordered them (and shady shop lady if you’re so busy how’d you have time to spot Aria and bring her out the flowers)??? Aria would’ve read the card right away and not waited until she got to Hanna’s. This whole flower escapade has me thinking 2 things: 1. if Aria is A she’s trying to nip the whole Ashley/Jason thing in the bud bc maybe she thinks Jason will disclose stuff Ali says (Hanna wants that perfect family and so it wouldn’t be hard for her to want to keep the affair from Ted) OR Aria is trying to force Hanna to confess to going to go see Ali so she won’t do it anymore. I thought it was so odd how Ashley didn’t even pretend to be happy to see Aria (or even say hello for that matter) and was in a rush for Hanna to get back to dinner. My other option #2 is if Hanna is A then maybe she set Aria up to intercept the flowers (that Jason did really send). Hanna says the flowers are Ali’s way of backing off, I’m sorry how??? Also, one of the first things Hanna says to Aria is “I did this”, could this be an actual confession, after all the messages were signed H (for Hanna). Like I said earlier, Hanna has always craved a family and a father figure and she’s do anything not to mess that up.
Whatever is going on with Jason and Ashley, Ms. Marin knows more than she lets on. The way she reacted to Hanna’s questions and to Jason being Ali’s brother was more than a mother not wanting to discuss her sex life with her daughter.

Caleb calling Spencer a thesaurus was probably the highlight of this entire episode for me.

All the comps and the huge copy machine in Caleb’s apartment eerily reminded me of Ezra’s lair at his friends cabin.

Poor, poor Ted.

Johnny why aren’t you freaked about living where a dead body was found? Why all the questions about Ali? Why are you all up in Spencer’s mail and pushing her to skip college? Who are you and what do you want with my Spencer?!?!?

Okay so the storage unit is frequented by a blonde and Hanna’s name is on the lease agreement. Is that why Hanna wasn’t eager to go snooping around in case someone recognized her? I doubt it. I need to firmly believe my Hanna banana is completely innocent.

Is A a ghost bc now they can even sneak into a police station unnoticed? I was super excited to have an A ending scene back. This doesn’t rule Ali out bc she could have ppl working for her but it’s a step in the right direction. If A wants to know what Holbrook knows than does that mean he isn’t working with them (or Ali for that matter)? Is the G in his name for Good? And where IS he, is he off doing work to help Ali or did A get to him?

Thanks so much for reading! I really appreciate it. “Over A Barrel” means “helpless, in someone’s power,” and the writers basically have all of us viewers over a barrel so I’m glad we can all theorize and commiserate together! Now I’m off to eat some butterscotch candy, A’s not the only one with a sweet tooth 😜

5x15 "Fresh Meat" Gif Reaction Recap [SPOILERS]

This is exceptionally long today and there’s a lot of swearing - more than usual and also there’s a point where I’m stressed out and my typing gets slightly incoherent…………… so….. I’m gonna go watch Doctor Who before I go to bed so I CAN CALM DOWN. ENJOY.

DISCLAIMER: MASSIVE SPOILERS SO MANY SPOILERS. Even more swearing. The usual, ya’ll know me by now ;)

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My Thoughts On "To Plea or Not To Plea"

Love or hate Ali, Sasha is so memorizing to watch.

What do you all think Spencer told her family about what went down during her college interview? Bc I’m pretty sure it didn’t include a vial of spilled blood. Now that I think of it, A most likely wanted her to get caught w that at the airport. So not making it into college bc it accidentally broke is a small price to pay Spencer girl.

How is Aria so sure she can keep Mike from following in Ali’s (jail) or Cyrus’s (ICU) footsteps? At least Emily still remembers Ezra’s book (bc everyone else seems to magically have forgiven and forgotten) and is FINALLY pointing out that his “research” may be able to help them out!

Melissa’s back but no mention of Wren. So odd.

Ms. Marin could care less that Hanna skips study hall, she’s either the coolest or worst mom ever. Considering she didn’t know about Hanna’s visits to the storage unit or Ali in jail I’m pretty sure Veronica is going with the second option.

I’m SOOO glad we finally know #whatsinthebarrel (insert heavy sarcasm here). A bunch of bones that can’t be identified. #noanswersthatswhatsinthebarrel. This is the pig in the trunk part 2.

These girls need to pick a lane and stay in it. First Emily was convinced Ali was a murderer…now Mona planned it and Emily’s confident Ali won’t drag Hanna down as collateral damage (aka to avoid rotting in jail for the rest of her life after these girls were ready to plant evidence to get her arrested for a crime she didn’t commit).

Since when are Aria and Jason so buddy buddy? And why is he so willing to divulge information to the liars about his sister? I hope we eventually get some clarification about this strange sibling relationship.

Ezra is a grown man and he nonchalantly talks about A like its normal and no big deal.

Speaking of complicated sibling relationships: hello Spencer and Melissa.

I’m leaning towards A having hired this attorney and not Mona. Bc while the Liars thought that Mona thought Ali was A (bc of her convo w Aria), we know that Mona didn’t really believe this and was just doing this to smoke out A (bc of her convo w Mike). It always comes back to the Montgomery’s. I guess Mona could’ve planted all that evidence against Ali as part of her plan w A. But what legitimate lawyer would agree to deliver an “in case of death” letter for a high schooler? Mona wasn’t ill so didn’t he find it odd that she was planning for her death? Plus how did he randomly find the girls walking on the street?

“To revenge.” That’s prob A’s favorite toast too.

Well I’m glad I finally have the answer to why Ezra and Aria were running towards that closing gate.

Who knew prison inmates were so poorly supervised. Now I also know why Ali was screaming in those promo pics (wow this episode IS full of answers folks).

Only on PLL do people wander around a creepy, desolate property discussing tutors and then split up without batting an eyelash.

All this Aria/Andrew and Spencer/Colin stuff is reminding me of Ross and Rachael on Friends. Are these guys even on a break though? (For the record I was always team Rachael).

I wish we knew more about Ali being attacked. Either she really was and she didn’t see the face of her attacker. Or she’s full on crazy and desperate enough to hurt herself so that she has an excuse to take the plea.

Tell the truth and take all of A’s power (the girls lies and secrets) from them, what a novel idea Caleb.

Damn you A, deleting all of Hanna’s messages! And now Caleb just walked her into the police station to be arrested. What a mess.

If Ali and Hanna end up working together that would be oddly satisfying. And shocking. I can’t think of why they’d be working together but I feel like we can’t comprehend A’s true motives bc we haven’t been given all the pieces to that puzzle yet.

I kinda wouldn’t have blamed Melissa if she slapped Spencer right now.

How the hell did they wait so long to try to call Varjack?!? Wtf is these girls malfunction?!?!

I’m oddly sad about Ezria splitting up. “Oddly” bc I can’t think of one thing I liked about them being together. I’m shocked that Aria made that choice though. Ezra’s right, they can still be a part of each other’s lives, he can always resume his stalking of her.

I pretty much figured that Ali wouldn’t take the plea considering all the pics of her at her trial. Damn you tumblr.

Either misery loves company or we’re gonna get some good scenes of Ali and Hanna coming up. If them working together leads to the “big A reveal” I’d also be really down with that.

I guess they’re just gonna add the Varjack story line to the cemetery of forgotten leads. Ugh.

My hopes of the girls figuring out who A has dissolved more than the bones in that barrel. LOL Thanks for reading lovelies!!!