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hey do you have any favourite kaisoo fan made videos?

hello sweetpea~!! yes, i do; here’s a list of my personal favs:

You Me Her

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Chapter Seventeen: The Third Side

Word Count: 3,502

↠ ♥ ↞

Riley walks calmly down the hall until she’s out of sight. Once she knew Lucas couldn’t see her anymore she hurries out of the building, wiping her damp cheeks with each quick stride. 

Out in the fresh air Riley takes a deep breath. It’s was her quick exit through the doors that startled Ms. Mitchell, the drama teacher and one of the evenings chaperones. The quirky older woman drops a lit cigarette in her hand and tramples it with her boot. 

“Just a little stress reliever.” Ms. Mitchell nervously swats away the lingering smoke. 

Riley just nods lightly in attempt to conceal the fact that she was crying. Before the brunette could make up an excuse to leave Ms. Mitchell ropes her into a very one sided conversation. 

“You’re leaving a little early aren’t you?” Ms. Mitchell questions. 

“Ah yes, I’m not feeling very well.” Riley lies. 

“Well this might help perk you up.” Ms. Mitchell bounces excitedly. “I shouldn’t be telling you this but what the heck?” 

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Two Bosses Ch 3: Jealous

It has been three weeks since I started working for Sehun and Kai. Things have been great! I’ve become close with Yoona and a few other of Taeyeon’s pretty friends on the few days I’m able to eat lunch with them. Like Sehun said, I accompany them on most of their lunch meetings, which they happen to have one almost everyday.  Though I don’t mind, the food is always good and the fact that I never have to pay is a bonus. Xiumin hasn’t been enjoying it though, I’m a lot busier and don’t get home till six or seven every night. He is always pouting when he picks me up from work, telling me that the guys work me too hard. But even though he is right, I don’t mind.

Yes, I have long days and am constantly running from floor to floor to get or deliver things, or on the phone with bitchy assistants and dick head bosses. But apart from those rude people I have to deal with, my bosses are worth it. Though I was kind of worried about how far the skinship would go, the worries have been put to rest. It’s freaking amazing!

As soon as we are alone they are both always touching me, back hugging me as I make coffee, insisting I sit as close to them as possible when they are having me look over papers with them. There have been a few times when tried to get me to sit on their lap and only once was Kai able to convince me. But what drives me insane isn’t their full on affection in the office but their secret little things during meetings or lunch dates. Like their hand on my thigh, when they squeeze it firmly before giving me a sweet, harmless smile. Or how Sehun always rubs my leg with his foot under the table. All of their affection is kicking my libido in the ass, much to Xiumin’s happiness. He has no problem but does have a couple questions for my sudden high sex drive.

I have found out that they both love playing with my hair. Something about my perfect curls makes them want to play with it. Even as we sit in a meet, like we are right now, Kai continues to pull on the individual curls and watches them bounce back up. I swat his hand a way causing him to pout. Sehun clears his throat and Kai snaps around to continue paying attention to the older man speaking in front of them.

The massive U shaped table is filled with older men in neat suit, papers and tablets are laying out on the tables, while secretaries are siting behind their bosses with their own tablets out taking notes. Even as I type every word on my Ipad I’m only half paying attention because of freaking Sehun, who keeps giving me these sexy side glances when he ‘accidently’ brushes his arm against mine. When the meeting is over everyone stands and bows to the guys as we leave the room. The walk through the cubicles is something I learned to dread. All the female employees are gawking without shame at Sehun and Kai, much to my displeasure.

Even some of Taeyeon’s friends, two girls I haven’t really had a chance to talk with are joining in on the staring. My opinion of them shouldn’t be affected by it but how dare they stare at what is mine! Wait, I think to myself, they are not mine. They are my bosses, my very attractive bosses. As soon as we are in the elevator we all let out a sigh happy to be out of everyone’s prying eyes.

“That was one of the most boring things I’ve ever listened to,” Sehun grumbles as he rubs his eyes.

“I would have much rather spent those two hours playing with Jimin’s hair,” Kai whines as he continues playing with my curls. My mind still on those gawking girls.

“You pretty much did, you’re lucky no one was paying attention.” Sehun snaps at him. The other just sticks his tongue out at him. What children. We exit the elevator; the boys are automatically on my heels as I walk to my desk. “Jimin-ah,” Sehun calls, “Are you okay?”

I snap out of my irritated mindset and smile softly at them, “I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? You always seem angry when we come back from meetings,” Kai says this time.

Of course I’m angry! I want to yell; we sit there for hours as you basically feel me up, driving me sexually insane. Then we have to walk threw a room of staring girls that are stripping you with their eyes, something I do regularly, but that is not the point. Where is Xiumin when you need him?

Who needs Xiumin when you have two hot guys right in front of you?

Not now libido!

I shake off my sexual frustration and say, “don’t worry boys, I’m fine.” They don’t seem convinced but don’t press it further.

“We should discuss the meeting,” Sehun says as he walks to his office, leaving the door open for Kai and I to follow. Kai slips his hand into mine and leads me around the desk to Sehun’s office. Sehun has already made himself comfortable on his couch with the papers from the meeting already spread out on the glass coffee table. Kai lets go of my hand to hand Sehun the notes he took and takes a seat on the couch, leaving a small spot, just enough for me to squeeze in between but instead I sit across from them in one of the lone chairs. As soon as I sit down both of their eyes snap up and their brows rise.

“Why are you so far away?” Kai pouts.

“Are you okay?” Sehun asks again.

“I’m fine, I just… need a little space,” I force a smile, I’m too horny to sit that close to you at the moment. The both frown deeply at my answer. They always react like this when I deny them skinship; though I’ve only done it two other times and both times I still end up snuggled up against one of them. Then snuggled a little closer to Xiumin a few hours later.

Sehun opens his mouth to say something but the ding of an elevator saves me. I jump out of my seat and rush out without another word, silently thanking my savior. That thanks is taken back when I see an annoyingly pretty blonde standing in the lobby. It’s rare to see another foreigner; this is my first time seeing one in the building. She looks up at me as I exit the office, closing the door behind me.

I give her a kind smile, “Hello, welcome, how can I help you?” The guys don’t have any appointments until tomorrow, a group of their friends are meeting here for lunch, guy friends as they mentioned. She scans me up and down with a look I can only describe as disgust. It takes all of my strength not to do the same as I take in her too short skirt and low hanging tube top. Not that the outfit is bad, or that she even looks bad in it, but this is an office not a club.

“Who the hell are you?” She snaps obnoxiously in sloppy Korean.

“I am Ms. Park, the secretary. Who are you Ms.?”


I give her another, less kind more forced, smile, “What can I do for you Ms. Claira?”


I would love to do him. I some how manage to keep those words from coming out of my mouth, I have never been so proud of myself.

“Mr. Kim is busy at the moment, would you like to leave a message?”

“Fuck no!” She snaps, this time in English. I’m surprised when she starts charging toward the office doors. Without any hesitation I’m in front of the door, blocking the bitch out.

“I’m sorry but I’m under strict orders to not allow anyone in the office without permission.” I respond in English.

“Kai won’t care!” She growls. “I know without question he would let me in! I’ve been here plenty of times!” She lies. Than why are going to Sehun’s office, you dumb girl?

I roll my eyes, “Fine,” I start, she smirks as if she has won, “I personally do not want to let you in.” Her jaw drops. “Regardless of how Mr. Kim feels, I am the one who must let you in since he is not here and I am saying no.”

“What was that?”

“I said no, now please leave. If you need to speak with Mr. Kim so urgently please call his personal phone to do so at a better time.”

“Who the hell do you think you are?” She pushes me, causing me to stumble back a step but I quickly find my footing and stand strait again, without a smile this time.

“I am starting to loose my patients. Please Ms. Claira, this is the last time I’m saying this nicely, please leave.” She opens her mouth to snap something but I hold up my hand to silence her, “but before you respond, I feel the need to mention that I grew up in New York taking boxing lessons.”

Her mouth snaps close.

“Good, now come this way,” I place my hand on her back, smiling for real when I see her flinch at my touch, and lead her toward the elevator. I watch her step in, bowing slightly as the door closes. When she is gone I can’t help but continue glaring at the door; ideas of what her and Kai’s relationship float through my mind and I can’t help but feel jealous. A nasty pinching feeling forms in my chest as I think about either of them in a relationship. I’m to absorbed in my own thought to notice Sehun creep up behind me and wrap his arms around my waist and rests his head on top of mine.

“Who was it?”

“Claira,” I deadpan.

“Claira?” He asks confused as his thumbs start rubbing my sides in small circles. A small smirk of satisfaction appears on my face at his words. If Sehun hasn’t heard of her she must not be that important. Good. I turn around in his embrace and rest my head against his chest as my arms wrap around his waist.

“It’s not important. Lets go talk about that meeting,” I look up at him and give him a genuine smile. He smiles back before leading into his office. Kai is there frowning Sehun and mine’s locked fingers.

“What happened?” Kai pouts as I sit on the other side of Sehun, away from him.

“Claira?” Sehun repeats glancing at Kai who automatically stiffens and stares past Sehun to me. I ignore him, resting my head on Sehun’s shoulder as he slouches ion the couch, papers in hand. I wrap my arm around his as I snuggle closer into his side, something he welcomes by making me release his arm so he wrap it around my shoulders to pull me closer.