ms. greer


fake movie memems. marvel : the initiative

On a routine mission following up on a distress beacon at the far end of the galaxy, beloved hero and friend, Ms. Marvel (Katee Sackhoff) suddenly vanishes without a trace. When S.H.I.E.L.D. wants nothing to do with the matter, a group of heroes close to Carol Danvers (Meghan Ory, Angie Harmon, Rachel Nichols, and Natalie Morales) forms a task force in order to retrieve their friend from whatever danger she may be in. Challenges await our heroines as they battle their way through quadrant after quadrant, searching for their friend, but what they find in the farthest reaches of space might actually surprise them..

starring: katee sackhoff (carol danvers/ms. marvel), meghan ory (jessica drew/spider-woman), rachel nichols (greer grant-nelson/tigra), angie harmon (jennifer walters/she-hulk), natalie morales (maria de guadalupe santiago/silverclaw)

[disclaimer: i found all of these pictures on google, so if i’m using something that’s yours and you’d like it removed, please feel free to message me. no harm was meant- they’re all beautiful pictures and representations. <3]

  • Greer: Ah, Ms. Shaw. Are you ready for your first assignment as a Samaritan agent.
  • Shaw: Yes, sir.
  • Greer: Your first assignment is Ms. Groves. I want you to take her out.
  • Shaw: Out, sir?
  • Greer: Yes.
  • *hours later*
  • Root: So how do you like working for Samaritan?
  • Shaw: *takes sip of whiskey she ordered at the restaurant they're sitting in* It's not bad. They ordered me to take you out.
  • Root: I don't think this is what he meant.