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Revali sighed, reflective, a puff of air coming from his beak, disappearing into the frigid air. How did they get into this situation, you ask? Caught by a blizzard that still raged outside like some beast, that’s how. At least they were lucky enough to find a cave able to very comfortably fit a Hylian and a Rito inside. 

Small mercies.

A shiver went down his spine from where he sat, cross legged, on top of a blanket. His plumage was working hard on keeping what warmth he had left encased and close to his body as well as wings splayed over his body, acting as another barrier from the chill. Emerald eyes glanced over to Link, basked in the red glow of the fire. He was wearing thick clothing, doubled with a blanket over his shoulders – one which he had insisted upon earlier that he should have, the boy being far too selfless for his own good – but despite it all, he was still shivering.

Revali broke the silence, extending a wing in a silent invitation to come over. ❝ Carry on being stubborn as you are now and you’ll catch a cold – or worse  your extra layers and the fire only doing so much. There’s nothing more to it; we’re going to have to stay close together. ❞

Both of them knew, as warriors, that when extreme conditions came and survival called, sharing body heat was the best way to keeping warm.

i’m just dead. always. at what tony says in this one moment bc it’s so disarmingly simple and kind and the huG but then there’s what it actually means

how many times have superheroes felt like atlas carrying the weight of 192483958 things between saving lives, protecting the world, maintaining their alternate identities and relationships, working jobs and having responsibilities. how many times have superheroes sacrificed what they think are relatively insignificant priorities for world-saving and supervillain-fighting and in the end, felt like they’ve let everyone down. 

tony knew what she needed to hear and knew exactly how to say it and he promises her that it’s true. that even though she might be a hero of the people now and an avenger, making time for herself and her personal life is always going to be okay. this is so important. it’s so important, especially for kamala who’s a young adult and has ten times the amount of pressure and expectation upon her shoulders, to hear that putting herself and her family and her future first is never going to be something she needs to be sorry for.

i just. (*˙︶˙*) tony stark. and his empathy. and how much he cares about people. how much he loves and wants the best for his avengers.

I Come With Knives (Stiles/Allison, NC-17)
for punkvoid / from fishmooneyed

railroad track — willy moon // the drunken whaler — dishonored // jungle — x ambassadors // billie holiday - warpaint // hit and run — lolo // i come with knives — iamx // bloody shirt (bastille remix) — to kill a king // love lockdown — glass animals // keep the streets empty for me - fever ray // stop me - natalia kills // too afraid to love you - the black keys // inferno ft. ms mr - sir sly // bad habit - the kooks // dirty love - gin wigmore


made for round three of the twrarepairexchange.

Warnings for: murder, gore, serial killers,

a mix for the darkness in their hearts, for the dirt under their nails, for the bloodlust. killing is better when it’s with someone you love, and who’s better to love than each other.

serial killer au: stiles has always felt isolated from the world. but it was his own doing. allison was always the one everyone liked. loved, even. stiles knew from the moment he met allison that he loved her. he loved the way she walked, the way she talked. he especially loved the way she could drive an arrow through someone’s heart with ease. and then she’d smile that twisted smile of hers and he’d fall in love all over again.

allison had a comfortable life. it was nice. but that’s all it was. nice. she craved something more. something worthwhile. so when she met stiles, it was like her life had finally started. like her life finally had meaning. when she found him in the woods with a bloody bat in his hand, all she had to do was look at him and give a half smile as she wiped the blood from his face. she knew she had found it. the real thing.

their love didn’t stop at kindred spirits. they really loved killing people. they both had a darkness in their hearts that could only be contained by doing the unthinkable. and they both loved every single moment of it. the moments that they truly fell for each other was when they were killing together. maybe it was the adrenaline of taking another life or maybe it was the fact that they never felt more alive than when they were killing, but something about being together and doing this completely unspeakable thing gave them hope. not the kind of hope most people would want, but hope nonetheless. they had hope that they’d live together, kill together, and die together. they knew that their time together was finite. in this world, who’s time isn’t? they knew what they were doing was wrong. more than wrong. bad, dark, horrible. but they loved it. they loved doing those things and they loved each other. and that’s all that mattered.

as for the killing itself, they never really picked their victims. they let the victims pick them. sometimes it was people they knew that just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, sometimes it was random people that they saw on the street. their routine was always the same. allison would butter them up, and stiles would incapacitate them so they could have fun. they always killed people slow, “let them die in agony,”, allison would say, “it’s more fun that way. with blood pouring out of their body slowly. i like to watch them suffer.” stiles just smiled and sharpened his knife. he knew what she meant. he liked to see them suffer too. he didn’t know what it was, but something about watching a person slowly become lifeless was…satisfying. he liked that. they both did.