ms. fowl


teen wolf / jimmy neutron au:when all the adults of beacon hills are abducted by aliens, it’s up to 17 year-old stiles stilinski and his friends to get them back.

stiles stilinski as jimmy neutron (even though he looks like sheen?)

scott mccall as sheen

isaac lahey as carl

lydia martin as cindy vortex

allison argent as libby

derek hale as nick

melissa mccall / sheriff stilinski as mom and dad

peter hale as king goobot

coach finnstock as ms. fowl

and danny as goddard. (because he’s a computer-hacking whiz.)

(let’s be real, this show barely has any adults to begin with, so this au was bound to happen)

Also what happened to the parents all around the world? Did they get abducted or was it just Retroville? If all parents did get abducted then did Jimmy and his friends only rescue theirs? They only took one ship back home which hardly could’ve had more than a few dozen people in it. Did neighboring cities or states really not notice an entire towns worth of adults went missing or that an anarchic child community had taken over? How did those army guys pick up Jimmy’s tiny rocket on their radar and not notice a swarm of large intergalactic chicken star cruisers. Where did Jimmy get the funding for his high tech underground lab. Did they really think having no less than 4 Aaron Carter songs on the soundtrack would hold up in 13 years time? Why wasn’t the entire movie about the adventures of shrunken Ms. Fowl instead


The character of Ms. Fowl from Jimmy Neutron is directly inspired by my current Economics teacher, and now I learn that the Oscar nominated Annie Mumulo went to my school.

The genius behind Kung Pow! and Jimmy Neutron, one Steve Oedekerk, is an alumnus of my high school, Mater Dei in Santa Ana, and based the character of Ms. Fowl off of his former and my current Econ. teacher.

Now THAT’S cool.

Even cooler is that funny-woman Annie Mumulo, ½ of the brilliance behind Bridesmaids, and now Oscar nominated screenwriter, went to my school as well!

I actually kinda like my school now.


Just a little bit.

A pinch.

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