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“I can’t stand the thought of losing you now” #56 Lucaya

Context: current situation, no ships have officially sailed besides smarkle, “not-triangle” is unresolved. It also sounds somewhat similar to what I’d imagine for True Maya spoileres, but whatever

Maya hugged a flyer in her hand as she walked into art class with Riley by her side.

Zay approached the two, and glanced at Maya, “whattaya got there?” he gestured to the paper in her hand.

“Graffitti contest. Midnight.” She smirked a little, feeling rebellious.

“Go get em’ Ms. Hart” He smiled and went back to his easel to complete his masterpiece.

“I am so proud of you, Maya, you are gonna be AMAZING!” Riley sang to her best friend.

“Okay, yeah but keep it on the DL, alright?” Maya said, with a sneaky grin.

The bell rang and the art teacher walked in, “Well today, we are just finishing up our semester projects. So keep working hard everyone. And make sure that when you are looking at your work, you know about the message you are trying to convey. That is the most important part of art. Even if no one else understands it.” He roamed around the room, examining everyone’s progress. “For example,” he stood behind Riley, lifting her painting of 30 horribly drawn purple cats, “I and everyone else may never understand why Riley has drawn these purple cats, but so long as the artist knows, it has become art.”

Riley grinned and looked at Maya, “I drew them because I like purple and my favorite animal’s a cat.”

“Oh boy,” Maya muttered, as she continued to work on her own project.

Riley looked over Maya’s shoulder, “And you’re drawing that because your favorite color is silver and you love–”

Maya cut her off, “It’s what I think I’m gonna do for the contest tonight.”

“Oooohhh exciting! I am getting a sneak peek!” She clapped, and Maya grabbed her hands, ending the applause and all the attention she did not seek.

Riley ran over to get new paints, and she tapped Lucas on the shoulder, whispering something in his ear. She had an excited grin across her face, but Lucas hardly seemed amused. He looked up and made eye contact with Maya, who returned his look and mouthed, “What?”

He returned to his work, while Riley returned to her seat.

“What did you say to him?” Maya put her paint brush down and faced her.

“Nothing.” Riley smiled.

“Ring Power,” Maya held up her hand.

“I may or may not have told him that you were doing this graffiti contest at midnight tonight at Battery Park!” she said swiftly, squeezing her eyes shut, a bit afraid to see her reaction.

The bell rang, and Maya rushed out of the classroom in frustration.

“Jesus Maya, what made you think that signing up for a midnight graffiti art contest in the Battery was a good idea?” Lucas ran up to the short blonde, after hearing the news from a very excited and naiive Riley.

Riley followed the boy, “C'mon Lucas, she’s following her dreams. She’s making a mark.”

He turned to face Riley, “How can you not see how stupid this is? Haven’t you seen the gangs that hang around that area at that time of night?” He furrowed his brow in frustration; how were they not getting this, he thought.

Maya tilted her head at him, “I’m practically part of a gang. I’ll be fine.”

He shook his head, “Don’t you get it? The whole thing’s a scam. They’re setting you up, and you’re gonna get arrested!”

“Is Ranger Rick afraid of what the police will do to me? Handcuff me? Ohhhh so scaryyy.” She laughed at him, tauntingly, before turning her head and grabbing her stuff from her locker, carelessly.

“Maya, how are you not seeing this?” He moved by her again.

“Because I actually want to be me sometimes. Believe it or not, people, sure, they can change us, but there’s always a part of us that will always stay the same. And here at Abigail Adams and back at John Quincy, I know I am not treated the same way. You all love the changed parts of me. But those parts were never me. This is me; I do stupid things, and I may never come back. I’m regretting things that I did do, and that’s all I ever wanted. So, just back off, will ya?”

Maya took a heavy breath, glad to get it all out. Riley looked at her with soft eyes, filled with concern. Lucas paused.

“Maya, I just- I can’t stand the thought of losing you,” Lucas said helplessly, his eyes locked with hers.

She crossed her arms, and sucked in her bottom lip. “Well, that’s how I felt back in Texas, and look where we are now. We’re all fine. I thought out of all of us, you would always know that we will all be fine.”

“No matter what.” Riley added, fully trusting Maya.

“But what if we’re not fine Maya? What if we never were? You think we’re fine? We’re in this dumb triangle, and all I know right now is that I care about both of you more than anything, and imagining anything bad happening to you…” Lucas hesitated, soaking in his words, “I think it would never be the same.”

“You act like that’s a bad thing,” Maya scoffed, “I’m going Lucas. And there’s nothing you can do to stop me. Ha-hurr.” She said their special phrase, softly, nearing his face, but her face remained straight, not with the goofy grin that usually came with her ha-hurrs.

Lucas’ hands touched her face, the way he had in Texas, and Maya felt her eyes water. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Riley’s heart stop.

“Lucas, I-I don’t want to go back to Texas. Some things hurt too much.” Immediately, Maya stormed off, leaving Riley staring at Lucas before running off after her best friend.

+    +   +    +    +   +

“Maya!” Riley finally reached Maya, once they had gotten to the Matthews’ apartment. One would think if she was running from Riley, the last place she’d run to would be her home, but regardless, this was physically where she felt safe.

She turned around harshly, her hair whipping around with her. The tangled mess of her blonde locks framed her face with a dangerous elegance that made Maya seem both beautiful but mysterious.

“What do you want now?! You want me to change my mind? You on Lucas’ side? Again?” Maya crossed her arms, an annoyed expression resting with her frown and the roll of her eyes.

“Maya, I’m not on Lucas’ side all the time.” Riley countered.

“Yeah, you kinda are.” She offered a fake smile.

“Well I’m on your side. I always am, and I always will be. I’m your best friend, Maya. I want what you want.” Riley placed a hand on her shoulder.

“When being right is more important than being friends, then that’s the end of being friends.” Maya said softly, looking at Riley. “You’re my best friend in the whole world. Thank you.” She gave her a soft smile.

“Til the day we go…” Riley smiled exuberantly at Maya before they both held a hand over their heart and said in unison, “Bleh.”

“So what are you going to make?” Riley asked her, clasping her hands together, and jumping up in excitement.


“You’re making something, Maya? Will it be in the art walk, this Friday evening?” Cory walked into the living room, overhearing the last bit of their conversation.

Maya immediately shot Riley a look, as if to say, “Please don’t say anything, we all know what your dad will say.”

Alas, Riley did not catch the meaning behind her glance.

“Maya is going out to the Battery at midnight to compete in a graffiti contest.” Riley said proudly.

Topanga walked in just in time to hear. “Maya is going to WHAT?!”

Cory nodded in agreement, “Yeah, no she’s not.”

Maya shook her head repeatedly. Riley had a puzzled look on her face. “Don’t you believe in her? Mom, weren’t you the one to call her a brave Amazon warrior?!”

“Yeah, well, Amazon warriors still get arrested for vandalism, sweetheart,” Topanga mentioned, hooking arms with her husband.

“Maya, what do you have to say for yourself?” Cory looked at Maya with a fatherly charisma.

“Uhhhh…” she looked around her for help, but found nothing, “Well, ya see, Little Miss Sunshine wasn’t supposed to say anything about this, and I think I’m gonna go.” She dashed out the door before the Matthews could say anything more.

Riley just smiled brightly, “I’m Little Miss Sunshine!”

+    +   +    +    +   +

At the Battery skate park, Maya waited patiently, checking her phone. In her black studded backpack that she held close to her, she had her spray paints and brushes which were her signature piece. She knew that against the ramps, spray paint that was treated like normal paints would create a cool and interesting texture unlike any other graffiti. It was 11:45, and the park was empty, besides a drunk man roaming around the park tables helplessly. Maya bit her lip, wrapping her jacket around her tightly. It was the black leather one, from seventh grade, that brought her back to the time before she felt pressured to be better. Or to be good. Or to be like everyone else. Nonetheless, the familiarity she felt with this jacket on made her feel different, and like a new person When she wore it, Lucas and Farkle and Zay and Smackle, all of them, they left her mind. Well, all but Riley. Riley was the only one who knew Maya for who she really was. Sure, she had known Farkle all her life, but it was not the way Riley knew her. Riley befriended the girl who came through her window, intrigued by the sound of her song.

11:52. Still no one in sight. The drunkard seemed to have found his way to a bench where he passed out. Maya slid down the side of the ramp, tiredly, hugging her knees. Placing earbuds in, she played some of her favorite music, the rock music from her childhood.

11:58.  A figure was coming her way. It was only a shadow, a manly character approaching the skate park. Maya pulled out her earbuds and stood up, throwing her backpack over her shoulder, ready to run if it was the police. Maya pulled out her silver spray paint and quickly drew something, rubbing her brush over it hastily. She knew she would not leave until she had done what she came to do. Her heart was racing, as the figure began to run towards her, and she rapidly, ran to hide behind the ramp.


She would know that voice anywhere. Maya stood up and peeked above the height of the ramp, climbing onto her tip-toes.


She stepped aside and walked towards him when she saw his familiar face.

“Wh-what are you doing here Lucas, you have to go,” Maya stood in front of her work before he could look closer to examine it.

“Well then, come with me, my mom can give you a ride home.” Lucas gestured to a mini-van, parked by the playground, its hazard lights flashing.

“Y-your mom’s here?” She crinkled her nose, almost a bit confused.

“I told her what you were going to do, and she, like me, wanted you to be safe. Mr. Matthews is in the car too,”  he said quietly.

“God. Lucas, can’t you see that I’m sick of being you and everybody else’s charity case?” She took a step towards of him, anger rushing through her veins. “I’m not some troubled kid that you and your sweet Sally mother can go and fix! I’m irreparable now, and I’d really appreciate it if you’d stop trying.” A single tear fell down her cheek.

She had stepped away from her painting, and it was now visible to Lucas.

“A white horse?” he asked. The horse was in a mid-gallop, majestically running, but the fear and curiosity in its eyes told an entirely different story. It was beautiful.

Maya turned around, before looking back at him, red flushing her cheeks. “Guernica,” she corrected him.

“The only horse who knew that what they were doing was wrong,” Lucas replied, thinking back to when she stood in that red dress, singing, standing up for things she believed in, admiring the arts. “You’re the horse aren’t you?”

“Except I didn’t really realize all my pretending was wrong until just a while ago,” she said in a quiet whisper.

“C'mon Maya, let’s go.” Lucas held out a hand for her, and she took it gently, and walked alongside him.

Suddenly a light flashed at the two of them. “Hey, you two, stay right where you are, hands behind your back!” a voice called.

“Shit, we’ve got to run.”  Maya said quickly, starting to bolt in the opposite direction. Lucas grabbed her arm, “This way.”  He pulled her over and ran towards his mother’s vehicle.

Pulling her into the car, she shouted, “Drive!”

Lucas’ mother wouldn’t start the car. Mr. Matthews turned to look at Maya. “You two have to face these consequences.”

“B-but, he didn’t do anything…” Maya said, her fingers shaking nervously, as the officer began to run towards their car. “Please, please just drive!”

Mr. Matthews looked back at her, sorrowfully, before opening her door for the police. The officer stood before Maya with frightening eyes that seemed to taunt her for her deeds.

“Young lady, we saw you vandalizing the park, you’ll have to come with me.” Maya felt like she could cry, but she fought the tears. Her eyes were drawn to Lucas’. “You’re off the hook for now, young man, but only because I know you were’t present at the scene of the crime.”

Lucas let out a breath of relief, before being brought back to reality where Maya was being arrested. She looked at the car clock. 12:07.

Staring at Lucas, with both hurt and rage in her eyes, “If it hadn’t been for you, I would have been outta here by now.”

Maya didn’t fight the police’s tugs as they handcuffed her and pulled her out of the car.

Lucas’ mom looked at Cory, “Sh-should we do something?”

“Topanga is at the station to bail her out when she gets there.”

“Mr. Matthews?” Lucas breathed. “What have I done?”

To be continued…. (or not? who knows?)

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I love how Sakura doesn’t have to leech off of Sasuke but rather that she herself can support him in battle with her chakra and her healing despite him being the stronger one. Sasuke can help her and she can help him. He can power her up but she can power him up and heal him. It’s not a one way street, so to speak. With some of the other couples one party relies mostly on the other but it’s not the same here. This is especially true for the earlier forms of Sasuke i.e. Early part 2 Sasuke, MS Sasuke, EMS Sasuke.