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Do you plan to break our family apart like this?

the signs as teachers I've had
  • Aries: Mr. N- Geometry teacher. Kinda boring at first, but completely lights up if you bring up food. Likes to make sex jokes.
  • Taurus: Ms. O- English teacher- Reenacts Romeo and Juliet using finger puppets. Is the human version of a teddy bear. Could probably kill a man. Overanalyzes everything.
  • Gemini: Mr. S- Biology teacher. An absolute m e s s. Has no eyebrows. Loves science. Doesn't know what he's doing ever.
  • Cancer: Ms. H- Squeaky voiced drama teacher. Very giggly and dorky. Great sense of style. Would kill a man for a donut.
  • Leo: Mr. P- Speech teacher. A real cool dude. Drinks too much coffee. Loves his daughter. Kinda looks like a mix between a border collie and a pirate.
  • Virgo: Mr E- Jr. high Social studies teacher. thinks he's tough but is a giant marshmallow. Loves penguins with his whole heart. Is a slut for History™
  • Libra: Ms. R- Global studies teacher. Gets fired up about current events. Intersectional Feminist™. Voted for Bernie Sanders. Will probably be president in 10 years.
  • Scorpio: Mr. M- Chemistry teacher. Chaotic good. Plays 70's music during labs. Makes peanut butter sandwiches for hungry students. Once cooked canned ravioli on a Bunsen burner in the middle of class.
  • Sagittarius: Coach M- Health teacher. A Softball Playing Lesbian™. Wears Hawaiian shirts every day. Yells "GOD BLESS AMERICA" every time you do something stupid.
  • Capricorn: Mme B- Nerdy French teacher. Knows everything there is to know about cheese. Once showed up at school in a dragon suit.
  • Aquarius: Mrs W- Jr. high science teacher- A giant meme. Looked 530% done most of the time. Was such a great teacher that her students made a comic series about her.
  • Pisces: Mrs G- Choir director. The most pure human being to ever walk this earth. Never sleeps. Runs on Taco Bell.

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waaa im screaming still on ms perfect's ep7 ending it's so beautiful and precious Episode 8 has just been uploaded Your blog is my top favorite for dramas ♥️

Our ship is getting close to sailing with the speed of light! Ep8 has all sorts of signs that the two will hook up soon enough. Feels great. Thanks for loving my blog despite all the spams and spoilers and questionable choices of dramas. Glad that you’re watching ms Perfect too, this drama needs more appreciation.

Romeo, Romeo - Calum

Hope you like it! First few parts will be very fluffy so I can set the scene. Not sure how many parts this will have yet. Lmk what u think!

part 2   part 3   part 4   part 5

 “Alright young actors and actresses, I am excited to announce that we will be performing Romeo and Juliet this semester! Auditions start Monday, so make sure to practice the script I am about to hand out!” Your drama teacher, Ms. Darbus (yes I stole the name from hsm hehe) said, passing around the packets. You sat up from your slouched position in your chair, eagerly taking the packet from your teacher, excited to be performing one of your favorite stories. “Oh my god, what if got cast as Juliet! It’s obvious Calum will get cast as Romeo so…” A popular girl named Cassie told her friends from behind you. “I would get to kiss Calum!” she squealed to her friend. You groaned, rolling your eyes. Of course this play would become who was going to kiss Calum. 

 Senior captain of the boys soccer team and the main lead in the school play for 3 years straight, Calum was very popular. He was the teachers favorite, and never hesitated to help anyone. There wasn’t much to hate about him. It wasn’t that you disliked Calum; you admired how sweet he was to everyone. But, his popularity meant that he was the main topic of conversation amongst your friend group and any other group of girls in your school. Girls would practically drool over him, worshipping his every move.

The bell rang and you sighed, packing your things up and leaving your final period of the day. 

 Monday arrived quickly, and you grew more anxious as the day progressed. You rehearsed over lines all of your last period, still unsatisfied. 

 The end of the day has come as you sat in the gym, waiting to be called into the auditorium for your audition. “Y/n y/l/n!” Ms. Darbus finally called, entering the hall. You stood up and collected your things, making you way to the door. “Good luck y/n!” A voice called from behind you. You turned around to see Calum grinning at you. “Thanks,” you smiled, stepping into the auditorium. 

Your audition went surprisingly well. Ms. Darbus even applauded you, commenting on how well you expressed your emotion. You thanked her and left the theater feeling accomplished.

You walked into the hallway to see a very nervous Calum pacing back and forth, the only one left waiting to do his audition. Hearing your footsteps, he turned around. “How’d it go?” He asked, all worry replaced with a smile. “Better than I though!” You smiled. “Mr. Calum Hood!” Ms. Darbus called. Calum looked from the teacher back to you. “Well that’s my que,” he smirked, picking up his bag. “Break a leg!” You replied, leaving the school.

About Myungsoo’s Dramas...

I’ve found recently that there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation on what dramas Myungsoo is in right now and what he’s filmed, etc. So, hopefully this post will clear up everything for everyone!

As of right now, Myungsoo is in 2 dramas. Two. Only two. Not three lol.

  • My Catman (Chinese webdrama with ZE:A’s Siwan as lead, MS is second lead, airs in December)
  • The Day After We Broke Up / I Want To Protect You One More Time (KBS drama special, MS is main role, airing in October)
That’s it! The Blue Of My Heart, which I’ve seen many people think he’s still doing, is NOT happening. It was pretty much cancelled as the original article of it being announced forever ago was all that came from it. Not even a female lead was cast.

On the movie front, he’s only in one: Mr Shark. He filmed that last year during the tour and has been done with it for nearly a year, but no release date has been set yet. He’s currently filming for The Day After We Broke Up but that’s it!