ms. creepy


Ms. Beetlejuice doll LE of 500 by Tonner.

I love this girl so much, I had to change her hairstyle because it didn’t look good at all lol
I like the original hairstyle but it didn’t look as good as it does on the stock photo, it was a bit of box hair situation so I gave her a wash, a boil and a trim. Now I really love it. She looks very tori kelly 😍

So…I think I finally figured out how to finish off my sleeve, eventually.

So, you all know that I have a bunch of quotes going around my arm? That’s eventually going to cover the whole thing as a sleeve. Just plain black lettering. All the quotes are directly or indirectly relating to a sort of memento mori / ubi sunt / mono no aware -esque theme. So what better way to cap it off than with a vanitas?

So I really REALLY roughly mocked up my idea in Paint (because I’m bad at everything, I know, don’t judge).

Basically something along those lines kind of capping the shoulder. Then, added onto the lettering, add the blossom petals drifting down.

It’s not final, and it wouldn’t end up being done until after all the lettering is actually done, but I think that it might work well to tie everything together and finish it off. What do you all think?

Random Thoughts on Riverdale Episode 2
  • “We could go to jail!” - Not we, just you, Ms. Grundy.
  • Betty’s mom = Total Witch
  • Jughead = Wednesday Adams? Maybe I can like him after all.
  • Methinks the coroner is a vampire. Dude is hella creepy.
  • I’m not feeling Archie’s music career.
  • Awww, I’m really starting to feel for Betty this episode.
  • Ms. Grundy’s creepy now. She’s just using Archie so he won’t tell on her. Ick.
  • What I’m rooting for the most? Betty/Veronica friendship
  • “Get out of my house before I kill you.” - Ah, Betty I’m liking you more and more.
  • “Got take out from Pop’s.” - Archie’s dad - Yeah, I’m pretty sure there’s not enough to share.
  • Biggest Mystery on Riverdale: Why is Betty’s mom so crazy?
  • Second Biggest Mystery: Why does Veronica dress like a corporate lawyer?
  • It’s not a high school drama without a fight!
  • The friendships are my favorite part of this show so far. Betty/Veronica and that sweet scene between Archie/Jughead
  • How I feel about the Cheryl reveal? Meh. It’s clearly not her.