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“Precious Love” by JuiceCupSwanQueen

A NEW Multichapter Fanfic!

When “closeted” TV celebrity Emma Swan accidentally spills her Mocha Frappuccino all over an unsuspecting Regina Mills, sparks fly.  Regina’s purpose when she awoke that morning was not to capture the romantic interest or have her brain tied up in knots by the charismatic actress.  Even though they agree to take things slow, they are swept up in a burning desire to be close to one another.  Can they field the obstacles in their way and find happiness in each other’s arms?



“Oh, my gosh.  I am so sorry!”

Regina took notice of the voice and finally discovered her assailant with long, flowing, golden tresses cascading down over bared shoulders in curled, full-bodied tendrils. 

“I really am sorry.  I’ll pay for the dry cleaning.”

The hold on Regina’s tongue was finally released.  Feeling slightly embarrassed and a little clumsy, Regina straightened and beheld the woman scathingly.  “Why don’t you watch where you’re going?”

Surprise flit across the blonde’s face and absolute delight registered afterwards.  She studied Regina slowly, seeming to record every aspect of her face, whether it was a parting of her lips or a blinking of her eyes.  It both agitated and titillated Regina at the same time.  How could that be?

“I beg your pardon?”

“Do you normally just barrel into others spilling coffee all over them?”

Emma  was so distracted in her thoughts that she didn’t realize she had begun wiping Regina clean.  Lily backed away in astonishment and stared at Emma as if she were a crazy person.  When Emma brushed the paper towel again over Regina’s front, grazing her chest, Emma got her hand swatted out of the way.

“It’s not necessary to grope me, Ms. Swan.  I can do it myself, thank you.”

Before she could stop herself, Emma blurted, “Oh?  Do you grope yourself often?”

“What did you say?” Accompanying the prim tone, Regina’s dark short curls jounced when she lifted her head and she brandished incensed eyes at Emma.  Holy cow!  Ms. Mills was HOT when she was angry!

“You know, I think we got off on the wrong foot.”

“You think?” Regina’s comment was dripping with sarcasm.  

“I said I was sorry, Ms. Mills.  It seems the decent thing to do would be to forgive me.”


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Hi all!  

This story was inspired by Swan Queen Week so sincere thanks to @swanqueenweek for all that they continually do for Swen.  I didn’t make the deadlines, and it seems that this tale has taken on a life of its own and may be a lot longer than I had originally intended.  Emma and Regina mean so much to me and I enjoy celebrating them in fanfiction.  I hope you all enjoy the ride that this new fic will be.  It’s meant to make you laugh, may get a little angsty (though not too much, we’ll see) and to warm your heart!

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Long Live Swan Queen!

- JCSQ, xox

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