ms. coco


Maplestory art that I made of my friend, miracre. It is her luminous that she plays in game. I hope to always have a helpful and sweet friend like her in my life. More Maplestory art to come for her and others by request of course.


Thank God for Coco!

Bathtub Babies Theory

In episode eight (Mommie Dearest) we learn that back in 1995 Sophia gave birth to TWO babies in that bathtub; one a girl, and one a boy. We already knew that Sophia gave birth to a baby girl but now we know there’s another baby at large and this one’s a boy. Thanks to Mandy (who also appears as a KKT member back in 1995) we knew the gender of baby #1. 

But what has me puzzled is why Mandy NEVER mentioned there was two babies, she only mentioned one. This makes me think that Mandy didn’t know, nor did Coco, Bethany, Ms Bean or Dean Munsch. 

Only Sophia and Amy knew. 

After Sophia gives birth to baby #1 the KKT members (excluding Amy) go and jam to Waterfalls; instead of staying to comfort Sophia. During this time Sophia popped out another baby; a boy. With Amy and Sophia the only ones in the bathroom, there are two possible ways this could go down…. 

Theory #1

Sophia and Amy are worried they’ll be kicked out of KKT. So they decide to pretend Sophia only gave birth to one baby; by hiding baby #2 in the linen closet next to the bath. The babies crying won’t be noticed, as the other baby is crying as well. After Sophia dies, the KKT girls worry about her body; enter Dean Munsch and Ms. Bean. Dean Munsch comes up with a plan to bury Sophia with the help of Bethany, Mandy and Coco. 

Munsch leaves the ‘baby’ with Amy…

Aware the other baby is still in the bathroom, Amy grabs both and takes them to the ‘haunted house’ where she continues to care for the babies, even after Dean Munsch returns. Dean Munsch agrees to let her look after them for the time being as long as no one else finds out. She drops out of school and becomes ‘The Hag of Shady Lane’, stealing toys and milk to care for the babies. Eventually Dean Muncch takes the babies, seperates them and places them with suitable families whom are unaware they’re twins, and unaware of their baby’s background. After the babies are taken from Amy she becomes depressed, and begins wailing for their return. Eventually Amy is admitted to Palmer Mental Institution where she stays for several years. Once out Amy changes her name to Gigi, and begins planning her vengeance. 

Theory #2 

After the KKT girls left the room to jam to Waterfalls, Sophia unexpectedly gives birth to another child. With only Amy by her side Sophia worries about their safety, but Amy has other plans. Amy strangles Sophia, killing her, knowing it will look like she died from a loss of blood. A crazed Amy hides baby #2, with the intention to keep both babies as her own; she’s always wanted to have a family but knew she could never conceive. By hiding baby #2 Amy guarantees herself a shot with at least one baby; if baby #1 was taken she always had baby #2 hidden from the KKT girls and Dean Munsch. 

Unaware Sophia gave birth to two babies, and unaware Amy murdered her, Dean Munsch decides to cover Sophia’s death up. She takes Bethany, Mandy and Coco with her; leaving the baby with Amy. Amy runs away with both babies, and stays at the ‘haunted house’. With no help from anyone, Amy is left to steal; she steals milk and toys to keep the babies happy. With everyone afraid to enter the ‘haunted house’, Amy knows she can live there happily with her babies. Until one day Dean Munsch turns up. The babies are taken from Amy and she’s left alone, with no one. Dean Munsch comes back and decides to take Amy to Palmer Mental Institution where Amy stays for several years. Years later when Amy is released; she begins plotting against everyone at KKT. 


A quick sketch I made of my good friend, miracre. She is really sweet and awesome and thankies to her I actually this site to actually keep in touch and hopefully become a recognized artist. May she and I stay friends always <3