ms. choksondik

Okay, so I have a kinda wild theory about the season finale?

I’ve seen a ton of people freaking out because they’re afraid something bad is going to happen to Creek or Heidi BUT what if it’s not them? What if they used that promo photo of the kids to distract us from what they really have planned?

Do you remember when South Park tried to officially get rid of Kenny back in season 5? At first, they didn’t intend for it to be Kenny though. It was Kyle.

(Here’s a brief rundown from

But a lot has changed in the recent seasons. They rarely ever focus the plot lines on the main four boys and their friendship isn’t the essential drive behind the show anymore.

I feel like this is also part of the problem with Stan and Kyle’s friendship. Once upon a time, they were COMPLETELY different characters with diverse plot lines and a strong friendship that literally ran the show. But now it kinda feels like Matt and Trey have reverted back to using them as interchangable characters.

Like, this season, in Hummels and Heroin, and Holiday Special, Stan was ostracized by the other kids and Kyle could not have given a shit. Similarly, in Doubling Down and Super Hard PCness, Kyle was the one ostracized and Stan really didn’t care either.

But Stan was still portrayed as a likeable character just trying to help other people and make everyone’s lives better.

Kyle hasn’t been. Especially with last week’s episode, where he literally started a nuclear war over Heidi rejecting him (unintentionally, but still), people are gonna start to feel a little negatively about the character.

Now Matt and Trey have also gone the route of quietly filtering out characters they don’t want to be a main focus (like Tweek in the early seasons and MY CHILD KENNY MCCORMICK). They’ve also done more quick brutal takedowns (RIP Ms Choksondik) but Kyle has always been an extremely prominent character throughout the entire series so I can’t really see them doing either of those?

I dunno, I’m just getting this vibe like they’re going to end the season with something REALLY BAD happening to him. Whether it’s altering his character or his relationships with everyone completely or eliminating him from the show entirely, I have this feeling that they’re gonna blindside us with something on Wednesday.

Anyways, I feel like I’m still missing something from this though, so feel free to add what you think because I wanna hear other people’s opinions on this too