ms. cat


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! :D

You don’t have to spend this day with your significant other, just take this time to appreciate and love the people whom are around you. Show to them that you care!

This video is totally inspired by @the-triangle-cat about their Frans comic, Stand In!
Totally should go check it out! Love how she depicts these two adorable cinnamon rolls :)

just in case, the video is totally out of the story’s context. I just felt it was necessary of me to actually give a shout out to my favorite Frans comic. Hence, y’all should toooootaaaaalllyyyyy reaaaaddd ittttttttttttt

What’s aF doing? She should be writing!

I am writing don’t worry! I’m actually waiting for my beta fish while messing around drawing three black cats. I’ve been wanting to draw them for a while really hehe. So, have Ms. Fortune and two Chat Noirs. I miiight clean this up later, but I’m working on a new computer and still getting used to things.

The Signs as Neko Atsume Cats

Aries: Shadow; wants to show its appreciation but not very good at doing so

Taurus: Ms. Fortune; cares about those within its household

Gemini: Peaches; fits in to either crowd but feels appreciated either way

Cancer: Pickles; weak but only offered protection by those who understand its weakness

Leo: Xerxes IX; high and mighty but willing to offer much to others

Virgo: Snowball; was there for you first but is often underappreciated since they seem so common

Libra: Pepper; special but too shy to appreciate their own significance

Scorpio: Tubbs; takes from you what it needs, but will show its gratitude if shown patience

Sagittarius: Bob the Cat; adventurous but afraid to offer much to others

Capricorn: Billy the Kitten; although seems normal and dainty on the outside, holds turmoil on the inside

Aquarius: Marshmallow; may be powerful but this is due to lack of compassion

Pisces: Frosty; only goes to a place when they feel they’d be safe in that environment