ms. bennett

C is for Custody of Ms Cuddles

“Ok, where is she?”

“What no hello? Now how you’ve been, Damon? Bon Bon, you wound me.” He sat down, glass of bourbon in hand, smiling at her.

“Damon…” she warned, her tone a sharp knife’s edge. “Where is she?”

“Who?” his smile widened, his eyes glimmering with amusement. He loved riling her up so much. She was always so … magical when she got annoyed.

“Ms Cuddles! I know I left her here last week because she’s not at home.” Annoyance was quickly turning to frustration and then to anger. “Give her back!”

“But what about joint custody?” he wiggled his eyebrows, took a swig of his drink and circled around the witch, stopping in front of her. He put his hands on her shoulders and crouched to look her in the eyes. “Should we try to get along for her sake?”

Bonnie was seconds away from setting him on fire. She’d had a terrible week, all her classes had drained her of energy and on top of that she hadn’t been able to sleep. She was still adjusting to being back. Being in her old house and not her room on the Boarding House had been a change that she hadn’t thought would cause as many problems as it had and Ms Cuddles had become the only way she could sleep at night.

Damon…” she breathed out, defeated, tired. She didn’t have the energy to put up with his antics at this time. “Please, just stop being difficult and give her back.” He searched her eyes, his expression solemn for a few seconds. He had noticed she’d been a bit more high strung lately, but now he could see the bags under her eyes and how she was barely keeping herself awake. It was worrying. He never understood her decision of not staying at the Boarding House.

“Okay, okay. It’s just… she’s kind of been … for a few weeks now she’s been the one thing I had left of you.” He admitted softly. Bonnie swallowed heavily at the confession. She could imagine how that felt, it had been one of the main reasons she had taken his Camaro in the prison world. She hesitated, ponder the issue and exhaled, feeling all the exhaustion seeping into her bone with the air leaving her lungs.

“Joint custody, you said?” she asked, a gentle, tired grin on her lips. His blue eyes widened for a moment, taken by surprise, then they shone in joy.

“Joint custody. After all, don’t children need to know they’re love by both parents equally?” she shook his head at his ridiculousness, but later that night, tucked in her bed at home, Ms Cuddles next to her and Damon down the hall, she had to admit he might have a good point. It was the best sleep they’d both had in ages.


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I’m honestly over this “will they, won’t they” debate going on with Bamon.

The way I see it, the writers made a point to let us know that they already knew Nina was leaving after season 6. I’m rewatching Bamon scenes from the beginning of season 6 and it’s so clear that they were transitioning Bonnie to become Damon’s leading lady. It’s fuckin’ happening. 

I mean, aside from Stefan who has the greatest chance of talking some sense into Damon after he goes bad? Who’s gonna bring him back?

Ms. Bonnie Shelia Bennett, that’s who.

I’m done biting my nails and wondering if I’m finally gonna get what I’ve wanted since season 1. The writers ain’t slick.  It’s already written. They ain’t foolin’ nobody.

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This is one of my absolute favorite love scenes. EVER.