ms. barlow

Mrs. Vane

→ Fandom: Black Sails

→ Pairing(s): Chalres Vane / Reader

→ Wordcount: 1580

→ Warnings: Swearing.

→ Tagged: @angelaiswriting @saibh29

→ Request: @ly–canthrope said:  Ah.Profile says that they are closed,that’s all x Sorry but another vane x reader. Being a literate female and like how Flint gathers books for Ms Barlow, Vane does the same. Though he may not be as sweet about it like Flint it, you can still see that he cares deeply about you. And Jack questions what his motives are so as a response, when everyone is gathered in a central place like the Tavern, you both walk in but you have his coat over your shoulders or something to signify you are his woman?

→ A/N: What do you mean Charles Vane ain’t a soft man. 

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