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“Holy shi—Mom, MOM, MOM take a picture take a picture take a pictu—”
-Tsukishima Akiteru, Founder of the Suki Tsukki Society



Well, I’m a day late but sh

Hope everyone’s having a nice holiday break 

Tsukishima Kei’s the type of person who tries to preserve the physical integrity of the wrapping paper his presents are wrapped in. 1 because he’s not a savage, and 2 because when there are people watching him open their presents, he likes seeing them squirm. 

(and 3, he likes to save them as memorabilia)

some rogue magical grils

@magical-girl-school thank you for my life episode 13 was amazing

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Moon in Scorpio, void of course 3:56 pm MDT

For most of the day, we are in, for Scorpio, a goofy kind of mood, determined to reach out to others - and not to exterminate or mate (or both) with them! A bit of a “physician, heal thyself” vibe to be sure. It may be beginning to occur to some of us that The Golden Rule is a real “thing” and always in effect.

Uranus/Aries conjunct Eris/Aries, 12:44 am MDT

This should have been blogged about for Thursday’s forecast. It’s the Dolt 45 budget, isn’t it?!? Just absolute vicious and malevolent “budgeting” by a “government” bent on eliminating anyone who isn’t them. It remains to be seen how much longer Dolt 45 and President Bannon can fool the US public, as this conjunction s-l-o-w-l-y begins to fade..

Sun/Pisces square Saturn/Sagittarius, 3:48 pm MDT

Idealism meets reality. Ka-boom. We want to quit before we’ve even properly started under this depressing influence. Given that the Lunar phase (waning Gibbous, aka Disseminating) isn’t conducive to “getting things started,” either, you may want to delay if possible starting a new project. In the meantime, pray or meditate on how to best strengthen your faith.

Moon in Sagittarius, 9:00 pm MDT

This may serve as a little emotional pick-me-up for us. Heaven knows we’ll need it! Even if it’s just gratitude for making it through another day, to another morning, we can appreciate the opportunity.

Looking ahead to Saturday: downright cheerful.