MS MR • Tumblr IRL

For years, MS MR has been using their Tumblr to show you what tickles their creative brains. It’s as if you could look at it and know what their music sounds like. Well, MS MR have new music, and it sounds even better than they blog. 

The band has worked with kidmograph to create a very special visual show, which you can check out here. And if you can get to SEATTLE on Thursday, August 6, you can see, hear and feel it all in real life.

Thursday, August 6th, 2015 @ 7:30pm
The Sky Church @ EMP Museum
325 5th Ave. N.
eattle, WA


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Caress my knees with your tongue
Teeth on my waist I come undone
It’s those hours in the night
Just before the light
Run your hand down my spine
We kiss the dusk goodnight

Virgo- MS MR
  • Virgo Sun & Aries Moon:How Does It Feel? // "My body will follow if you hold my mind"
  • Virgo Sun & Taurus Moon:BTSW // "Tongue tied disservice like shy pre-teens, I could only live to believe I'm alone, I turn to wax and melt like this"
  • Virgo Sun & Gemini Moon:No Trace // "Realized this fear, destroy or deny what maybe you once felt inside"
  • Virgo Sun & Cancer Moon:Salty Sweet // "We fear rejection, prize attention, crave affection, dream of perfection"
  • Virgo Sun & Leo Moon:Bones // "Life slips away and the ghosts come to play, these are hard times for dreamers, and love lost believers"
  • Virgo Sun & Virgo Moon:Think Of You // "U got high off my devotion, I carried your weight the misplaced way"
  • Virgo Sun & Libra Moon:This Isn't Control // "Simmering songs never get plain, tinsel dreams & sweet lemonade, curious schools, mimicking fools"
  • Virgo Sun & Scorpio Moon:Ash Tree Lane // "Choices made but nothing's right, flakes of memory played by disease, have I only seen what I wanna see?"
  • Virgo Sun & Sagittarius Moon:Wrong Victory // "A superstition that found itself in the way of a freed premonition, that could've helped me escape"
  • Virgo Sun & Capricorn Moon:Head Is Not My Home // "Take things slow as we may bruise, to reach our unpredictable pass, your heart"
  • Virgo Sun & Aquarius Moon:Hurricane // "Ready for the worst before the damage was done, the storm never came"
  • Virgo Sun & Pisces Moon:Fantasy // "Maybe I'll find something real, not a fantasy so divine, let myself down each time, the mass of damaged time"