When I think about dany, i also think about chloe. it’s like they are the same person or something like that in my mind. when i see something about chloe my first thought is ‘must tell dany!’ but of course whatever i tell her she already knows because this girl knows everything about chloe! I remember last year when i was searching for quality posts of asa to reblog to my new asa tumblr i saw some gifs made by her. of course then i looked through all pages of her perfect ms-moretz and i thought 'wow, she’s good!’ because like 99% of the stuff there were made by her and there were like 1% of reblogs. I remember I also sent her an ask saying hers was the best chloe moretz blog. and since then we started to talk and we turned friends. dany helped me a lot with my asa tumblr, telling me how to make my gifs quality (though they still aren’t as good as hers), which font to use in my gifs, psds (i like downloaded all the psds she has done in ms-moretz and her psd blog) and whenever i wanted to know something she was always there to answer me. we fangirl over chloe (remember when the first kick-ass 2 trailer was out? and now we’ve seen the movie!) over asa and over our blogs. Dany, happy birthday! I didn’t know what to make for you, I just knew it needed to be something with chloe. after playing much with my photoshop i made a chloe moretz colorporn for you with all her movies i had in my computer (okay i had to donwload the carrie trailer cuz i didn’t have it and of course the kick-ass 2 image is from the trailer too. and i have not watched let me in yet, so i just put the first scene of her i found). i hope you like iiiiitttt. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ILY <3

why u should read the 5th wave
  • ben parish
  • two badass girls as main characters
  • ben parish
  • there is aliens and they’re not green with three pairs of eyes
  • also there’s ben parish
  • just because it’s fcking amazing
  • and do not forget ben parish


three years and 26.4k+ followers later, here we are !! you guys have never ceased to be cool as heck and i can’t think of a better way to say thank you. thank you for making me smile with your cute messages and thank you for reblogging my posts and thank you for just being the kindest, sweetest followers i could ever ask for. and, well, a few months ago i promised you guys i would post a brand new psd pack and it’s finally here !! these five psd’s were made by me ( ms-moretz ) and i would greatly appreciate it if you guys liked or reblogged this post if you plan on downloading the pack, and just as well that you don’t steal the psd’s or claim them as your own, that’s really all i ask for !! 

download here (  )

Under ye ole' cut is #752 gifs of the amazing and talented Chloë Grace Moretz. She's better known as Carrie White 2.0, Hit Girl, Mia from the upcoming movie If I Stay ((screams)), and characters in many other things. Recently, I've started rping her, and most of the hunts I use display gray boxes. Now, I'm no longer an rph but, I've gotten a bit tired of editing them, so I figured I'd go through my likes on my Chloë account and make a hunt. None of these gifs belong to me--in fact, most belong to Ella, aka ms-moretz. So, NO GRAY BOXES and a hella amount of beauty are promised. And maybe a few repeats, oops. If you find this useful, lemme know by giving it a reblog or like. Amazing. Much love.

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It’s been another okay year on Tumblr! Thank you all for following me & always helping me make decisions. You’re all like my second brain! You guys are so awesome! Thank you for always cheering me up if I’ve had a bad day & some awesome people leaving me things in my inbox. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas or Hannukah or if you don’t celebrate it, just have a good day! Also, Happy New Years! -Shelby

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