• person: So what happens in parks and rec?
  • person: Okaay.. but what happens?
  • me: Season one, episode one. Cold opening. We begin with a close up girl playing with a plastic toy pig and cows in a sandpit. A blond woman in business attire, with a clip board crouches down beside her and says "hello, Hi, my name is Leslie Knope and I work for the Parks and Recreation department. Can I ask you a few questions?" the girl continues to play in the sandpit and ignores Leslie, but Leslie keeps talking. "Would you say you are enjoying yourself and having fun? Having a moderate amount of fun and somewhat enjoying yourself? or having no fun. And no enjoyment?" girl keeps on playing, ignoring Leslie so Leslie says "I'm gonna put down a lot of fun." Then a young boy runs in "MS KNOPE! There's a drunk stuck in the slide!" It cuts to a man lying in the top of a slide in playground and Leslie says "sir, this is a children's slide you're not allowed to sleep in here." and Leslie is trying to push the man down with a broom. Then there's a voice over from leslie which changes from a talking head where she's sitting at a park table, to leslie trying to push the man out of the slide.. "you know when I first tell people I work in the government they say 'oh the government stinks, the lines are too long in the DMV. But now, things have changed. People need our help. and it feels good. to be needed." Leslie back on the slide "could you put your arms to your side and that might help you slide down a little easier?" then the drunk protests a bit and leslie continues "do you want to come this way? we're going to need you to get out" the drunk protests more. Leslie: "get out of the slide, here we go" and leslie kicks the slide "wake up. here we go, out of the slide" and then a voice over starts as Leslie continues to get the drunk out "you know the government isn't just a boys club anymore. women are everywhere. It's a great time for women to be in politics - hilary clinton, sarah palin, me, nancy Pelosi" drunk slides down slide "We did it!" small group of people at the park clap.. voice over continues as we see leslie get her hair pulled by some kid in the park and a guy in speedos at a pool which leslie tries not to look at his junk comes up too. "you know, I like to tell people you know, get on board, buckle up, because my ride's gonna be a big one and if you get motion sickness, then put your head between your knees cos Leslie Knope's stopping for no one."
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Continuing with the requested prompts from this post. I’m getting there! Slowly but surely!

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“Ms. Knope, I made you a card.”

Leslie looked up from the homework she had been grading and saw Stacey holding a card up to her. It was Valentine’s Day and she’d set her class of first-graders to make Valentine’s cards. She told them that they could give them to someone they loved. Most of them were giving them to their parents, a couple to their pets, but Stacey had other ideas.

“Thank you so much, Stacey,” Leslie said, taking the card from her. It was covered in glitter and some stuck to her hands as she opened it.

‘Dear Ms. Knope, youre my favrit. Love Stacey.’

Leslie grinned. Usually she’d highlight the fact that Stacey had spelt ‘favourite’ wrong, and missed the apostrophe in ‘you’re’. But it was too sweet of a gift to pick that out. Stacey had never been good at spelling, anyway.

“I’ll keep this forever,” Leslie told the little girl, who beamed at her, and hurried back to her friends.

Leslie then noticed Tommy at the back of the class with his hand up, waiting patiently to be noticed. Leslie stood up, straightening her skirt and walked over to him.

“How are you getting on, Tommy?”

“I’m almost done,” Tommy said, looking down briefly at the card he was making. There was a robot drawn on the front.

“I wanted to ask…are you making a card too?” Tommy asked, his eyes big with curiously.

Leslie’s lips pricked up a little. “I wasn’t planning on it, why’d you ask?”

“Well. I was thinking…we’re all making cards for someone we love…why don’t you?”

“You know what? I think you’re right,” Leslie said. “I should make a card.”

She took a piece of pink card and some sharpies and walked back to her desk. Who should she make it out to? Lil Sebastian would be a good shout, and the kids would love that. Or maybe her mom? Or Ann?

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Leslie looked up and instantly blushed.

There standing in the doorway was Ben, or Mr. Wyatt as the kids knew him. He taught the other first-grade class. He grinned at her and gave a friendly wave.

“Sorry to bother you, Ms. Knope, but I have someone who wants to make a special delivery,” Ben said, looking down at the boy who was standing shyly behind his legs.

Leslie recognised it as Nicholas from Ben’s class. He looked around, his eyes finally resting on Rosie, a pretty girl with dark curly hair. He blushed, and Leslie smiled softly

“Come on in Nicholas,” Leslie said kindly, and the girl shuffled in. She hurried towards Rosie, who currently was gluing a picture of a cat onto her card, her tongue poking out of her mouth in concentration.

Leslie and Ben watched as Nicholas tapped her on the shoulder, and shoved the card in front of her, before scurrying out of the room as fast as he could.

“Adorable,” Leslie said, as they watched Rosie lift up the card, a huge smile on her face.

“I know, right. This was a good idea of yours,” Ben said to her.

Leslie felt her cheeks grow redder. It was her idea to have the first-graders make Valentine’s cards. At first, she wasn’t sure if Ben liked the idea. He wasn’t very artistic or practical, but he soon warmed to it.

“Thanks,” Leslie said, and Ben gave her another smile before heading out of her classroom.

Leslie exhaled once he left, and looked down at the blank pink card in front of her.

She grinned. She knew who her card was going to be for.


It was recess when Leslie finally got the chance to work on her card. She drew hearts laced with flowers on the front, and wrote ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ in cursive inside.

There was another knock on the door, and Leslie quickly stuffed the card under the pile of homework she still needed to grade. She didn’t want anyone to see this, especially not Mrs Langman, the judgy third-grade teacher.

The door opened and Ben walked back in. “Hey, sorry to bother you again, but I think this is for you.”

He placed a small green card on her desk. Leslie looked down at it, and the back up at Ben.

“What is it?” she questioned, but Ben just winked at her and walked back out of the room.

Leslie eagerly grabbed the card and opened it, her heart pounding as she read the contents.

Ms Knope,

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Dinner tonight? 8pm?

Mr Wyatt.

Leslie almost screamed with delight. She wanted to run down the corridor to his class and say yes immediately, and then maybe kiss him, something she’d wanted to do since he joined the faculty.

But first, she had to call Ann and tell her the news.

Parks and Recreation Masterpost

Season One

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  2. Canvassing 
  3. The Reporter 
  4. Boys’ Club 
  5. The Banquet 
  6. Rock Show

Season Two

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  2. The Stakeout 
  3. Beauty Pageant 
  4. Practice Date 
  5. Sister City 
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  7. Greg Pikitis 
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