isn’t she so kawaaii??

[anyone is free to redraw her into something more kawaii]


~Mod Rina

She’s beautiful I want her to be Sakura’s long lost sister

- Mod Spice

Wait ok let’s do that

Have a shitty animu mouse drawing of it

~Mod Rina

Rina this is beautiful omg

New blog canon, Sakura and Titsura reunited @ last

~Mod Wolfrun


Since the Recten was intended for civilian purposes it therefore couldn’t perform well in battle against MS designed specifically for combat. To rectify this, the Capital Guard modified the Recten’s frame with additional armor and weapons, allowing it to play a more active combat role. Changes made included a backpack mounted large beam rifle, a large shield used for defense and added large leg units which allowed better ground mobility by hovering and was also capable of performing short jumps.


Years ago there was a megaman themed swimsuit picture competition. I wanted to enter but I couldn’t wrap my mind around the design I wanted at the time. 

I managed to get an idea of what I originally wanted back then.  

Unfortunately it lacks the bulky practicality seen in Tron’s inventions, often giant aquatic animal inspired tanky robots that must house an inconceivable amount heavy artillery and firepower. By comparison thin mesh transparent mermaid tail skirt doesn’t fit that look.

It was fun coming up with it though. I might get something better with a few more passes.

ysmirel  asked:

Oh my, is it me or is Ms. Joke's design slightly steampunk?? I can't wait to see the new special moves (I hope we get to see detailed close ups of the new upgraded costumes as well)! And Izuku's new fighting style is absolutely gorgeous! Plus, it suits him better. I never liked the 'punch the hell out of whatever' style, it seemed kinda off in Izuku because he's tiny compared to All Might and it was weird seeing him using a 'brute force' based style.

Oh, I see what you mean with Ms. Joke’s hero costume! Though it looks more of a combination of steampunk and a jester outfit, which I love! Seriously I want more of her, she seems fun for sure! And Yes, agree on wanting to see everyone’s new special moves and costumes, they’re all gonna be shining in this arc for sure ahh!! 

And Izuku’s fighting style being his own has made me so happy! He’s growing up from idolizing to becoming his own kind of hero I’m so proud! A good majority of the fandom including myself were guessing on his fighting now involving his legs and I’m glad it came true! Now to see it in action is gonna be great I can’t wait!!