drew my goats again. i wanted to make them look more distinct this time. they actually do have personalities and things that have been bumping around in my head for a while. byrd has a crush on marshmallows, for instance (lmao).

byrd is agender and marshmallows is genderqueer, both use “they” pronouns.

i also want to talk about manga studio a little bit, (sorry mobile users).

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“In the mobile suit development hanger Amuro listened as Professor Mosk Han lectured him on the latest improvements in MS designs. Mosk was one of the most talented mobile suit engineers in the Federation.

But Amuro found that his authoritative, macho demeanor was belied by an almost feminine tendency to oveeexcitability. He tried to interpret the man’s behavior in the best possible light, and write off his outbursts as the product of an overly-intellectual orientation to life.”

from Mobile Suit Gundam: Escalation Novel; by Yoshiyuki Tomino

“What do you think, Kamala? Is it fair to give up on your generation?”
“Well…giving up on the next generation is like giving up on the future, right? And…and sometimes the next generation has to deal with all the problems the last generation left for it to fix, and that means getting up really early in the morning–”

Once again, taking a quote from Ms. Marvel: Generation Why and making it into typography stuff. This one, like a lot of others, feels like it’s missing something, but since I don’t know what I’m declaring it done.


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Ask Shade #5by ShadeDragneel

You know, this brings me back to Youtube circa 2007; when being random was the equivalent of comedy. However, while the rest of us have matured past that, the author of this appears to be stuck in a year-long time loop, therefore his/her taste in comedy did not develop, which brought us this tripe filled with various rotten organs selected at random.