I know everything about the signs tbh

Aries: Angry usually for no apparent reason, but expressive as hell, love to talk (about themselves)

Taurus: Like to stick to what they’re use to and are stubborn AF!!!

Gemini: Usually the funniest and fakest people gotta love em (they will turn on you real quick if you piss em off)

Cancer: Moody, will trust you with their heart and soul which bites them in the butt sometimes, sorta clingy but very lovable

Leo: Usually hot, conceited, the one in the group of friends that tries too hard

Virgo: May come off as cold at first, Mr/Ms perfectionist also they got the personality of a true diva

Libra: Says one thing than does the other. Also they’re flirty af too watch out for em

Scorpio: Trust issues. Very mysterious nobody really knows what’s going on in their heads, freak-a-leeks

Sagittarius: Blunt as fuck, family oriented a tad bit emotionless but when they break down, it’s quite a sight

Capricorn: May come off as cold, but when they open up to you they the weirdest/wildest people lol

Aquarius: A bit judge mental, Weirdos that aren’t good at telling stories (stutter a lot, go off topic)

Pisces: Fall for people way to fast like whoa, either extremely out going or shy as hell there is no in between