Let’s get some things straight.

Good comic book movies are good for everyone. It’s 2018. Let’s keep this stupid Marvel vs DC comic book war shit dead.

Marvel’s Black Panther gave us an amazing black superhero movie directed by a black man.

DC’s Wonder Woman gave us an amazing Israeli Woman superhero movie directed by a woman.

Feel thankful that we’re in the golden age of comic book movies and stop thinking of reasons to fight each other. Grow the fuck up.

I love Priyanka Chopra and all but I am pissed that people want her to portray Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel because:

  1. She isn’t Pakistani.
  2. She isn’t a Muslim.
  3. She isn’t a teenager.

Pakistani culture is NOT the same as Indian culture. Muslim culture is unique as well. And Priyanka doesn’t even look like a teenager. If she did, I wouldn’t have argued about the age issue. We need an actress, preferably a new one, who is all three of these things. 

Both Pakistani and Muslim culture is extremely rare to see on the big screen, and that’s why the casting of this role matters so much to not only me, but the rest of the world’s Muslim and Pakistani populations as well. I am a Muslim Pakistani-American teenager and it’s important to me that my culture is accurately represented in movies, tv shows, etc. 

So please you guys, i’m begging you, don’t support the casting of famous actors and actresses for roles that aren’t of that culture because correct representation matters more than seeing familiar faces.