Thank you all so much, the Sims community is the most amazing community!

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has helped me reach my target and in fact surpass it.

£5040 has been donated and i am overwhelmed and beyond grateful and thankful and thank you to everyone who donated!

Thank you to everyone who has messaged me and offered time and support

Thank you so much to everyone who has re-blogged and shared my posts and my go fund me page.

Thank you to everyone who created CC, sims, or buildings 

(I think i got everyone and i am sorry if i did not, a lot of blogs either do not exist, or have had name changes)

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Thank you to roseoftheoakmoongames for doing a very entertaining live stream and making me laugh so much - i am still thinking about guinea pigs

A special thank you to ninjaofthepurplethings​ as i have made a very special friend because of this and without her message i would not of had the courage or strength to keep sharing my posts

A massive thank you to my dearest and best friend aminovas who without her starting the blogs and getting all the interest raised i would not be where i am now with my target reached

Next week we will be sorting out getting appointments arranged to get fitted and ordering all the other mobility aids that i need to make my life so much comfortable and easier.

So watch this space

Simmers Rock!!!

sawanth asked:

Hello, Can I ask you some question? What do you think about ChanBaek since debut until now and in the future? sorry,if you can't understand my question ^^' I'm not good at English 😔

hi.. your english is fine.. ^_^ don’t worry about it… <3

what i thought about chanbaek..?

ok.. since debut, they are already so close.. everyone knows that.. the members acknowledge that.. i think they are quite careful and being a bit cautious with their actions and interactions because they still didn’t know how people will react to them.. how are people acceptance towards them.. they rarely do skinships.. they can’t post anything related to each other (remember chanyeol post on baekhyun’s birthday? the one he deleted after).. they were so restricted..

for current situation.. well…chanbaek faced a lot of problems and bumps in their way.. the fights, the scandal, the guilt and disappointments.. i can see all that in their faces..

however, recently, chanbaek had been very loose about they showing their interactions.. how they are hinting on us.. how they flirt.. their skinships.. they changed.. changed to the better.. after huge downfall last year on June, this year on June they are on fire..!! Chanbaek posted a lot of things June this year.. i’m so happy…

and don’t forget their rings… chanbaek had different rings before, but baekhyun lost it during fansign.. and now they have different rings.. 

in the future, if they are still stay true to their relationship and stay true to their feelings, i believe that one day they can walk hand in hand on broad daylight without a single care of what they will received because they know that there are people who supports them and the most importantly, 

because they have each other… 

anonymous asked:

Sending some secret admirer love to: pleyita, mhousesims, sectumsimpra, eversims, nixels, shanni-bo-banni, cathilark, wibsandthesims, kates-hideout, davidmont, everlasting-garden, mspoodle1, you-lust, madmono, silverowlblog, simburgerr, emperorofthedark, and anaoemilia (come back!). Much love to ya'll. ❤

pleyita, mhousesims, sectumsimpra, eversims, nixels, shanni-bo-banni, cathilark, wibsandthesims, kates-hideout, davidmont, everlasting-garden, mspoodle1, you-lust, madmono, silverowlblog, simburgerr, emperorofthedark, and anaoemilia


Hellloooo fellow people of Tumblr! My name is Valerie, I’m 17 and from Australia. I am a bit late to join the world of ‘’Simblr’’ but it’s okay ‘cos I’m here now, and I’m super excited to start posting. I am new to this and I know there’s many Simblr’s out there but hopefully, eventually, maybe, just maybe, my blog will be just as amazing as MANY other flawless Simblr’s out there. 

There are so many wonderful Simblr’s out there but I just want to acknowledge a few of my very favourite Simblr’s, for overall just being gorgeous and inspiring people; mspoodle1 mydarlingsimmer sim-plystefichop pastel-sims dani-paradise sohipstersimmer zerbu gabidacheva kaleekalo and finally, holosprite, my absolute favourite CC creator, and an example of her gorgeous work is the dress my sim is wearing in the pictures. On my Simblr, I will post a variety of things from lookbooks to posting my own CC for you all, but it will be a slow process as I have lots of photos and things to edit. Also, I am happy to answer anything you wish to ask me, including WCIF’S (where can I find’s) and I will follow anyone who follows me back. I hope you all have an amazing morning/day/afternoon/night, whatever time it is for you. x (P.s. I do play Sims 4 mostly, however I also play the Sims 3.)