I was messing around, taking some pictures in da:i, so when Lavellan ended up hovering above the table I decided to take a picture. But then I thought to add some effects to it and now it looks like she’s visiting Solas in the Fade?

(Either that or they’re about to create a Thedosian reboot of The Phantom of the Opera.)

And because I wasn’t paying attention while merging she ended up in a wedding dress to boot.

hey uhhh my gf might be moving and that would place her @ only around 100 miles away, as opposed to the 1,400 miles between us now, and if I move (which is likely) and she does then we’d only be like.. 50 miles apart? probably less? which is very ideal until we can live together? uhhhhh

Me: How long have we known each other? You know I don’t drink coffee.
R: I didn’t realize you didn’t drink it at all.
Me: Not at all. I honestly don’t even register it on my radar as a possibility.
R: Is there a Starbucks near your place?
Me: I….I don’t know.
R: Holy shit, I was joking, but you really don’t know.

It’s nice that after nearly ten years of friendship, we still surprise each other :D 

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