Serial killer Edmund Kemper prided himself on being able to gain his victims trust, so much so that even when in mortal danger his victims often obeyed him. Before killing Mary Ann Pesce, Kemper attempted to smother her with a plastic bag placed on her head; according to Kemper, the girl allowed herself to be tied up and didnt struggle when he placed the bag over her mouth and nose. When he abducted Aiko Koo, Kemper made a grave mistake in locking himself out of his car with Aiko and his pistol still inside; Kemper calmly talked the girl into letting him back in, where he immediately began to strangle her.

There was once a time where I would have rather died than anyone know my weight. It was my biggest secret and even though I knew I couldn’t hide my 360 lb body, I sure as hell wasn’t going to vocally solidify what everyone already knew.

When I was diagnosed with MS, that became my new shameful secret. Who would love me, despite this disease? Who wants to be around someone who’s broken?

I decided a long time ago that these deep seeded secrets filled with heartache were only shameful because I saw them as shameful.
I decided a long time ago that my thoughts decide my reality so I decided to throw away my fears and share my story with the world.

Hi, I’m Carolyn. I’ve lost 155 lbs while battling Multiple Sclerosis. I am not broken and if no one has told you recently, I promise, neither are you. ❤️ #ms #multiplesclerosis #healing #wellness #loseweight #getfit #transformationtuesday #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #healing #happy #holistic #loveyourself #noshame #fitfam #secrets #proud #motivation #grateful #loseweight #feelgood #withouttheweight

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