└ Cutie cinnamon roll masquerade~

Cr: VS Arashi 23.03.2017

A gdzie byłeś ty, gdy nikt nie wierzył w nas?
Bo nie dawał szans, ciężaru nie chciał brać na swoich barkach nieść pokonując czas…
—  Matheo- (Co ode mnie chcesz? ) (Popek x Sobota x Matheo)

ew stuff from a teeny bit ago ;w;” and honestly tomtords just gonna be the end of me oml

its three am help guys hel p

also if youd like to use anything, go ahead!! just link it or put my username (nanibyrd) in the desc!! also, id love to see it tbh, its just like, om l?? so thatd be amazing and you dont have too tho!!!  thank you!! “;w;”

edit: i just looked at this over again and realized i made to comics pertaining to “/ass/” and now its really bothering me om f g  >_>’