Day one: Last words 🖤💀🦋

“I have lived my life without regrets but… How could I live without you?”

I fuckin miss you. Damm brat!

Hi there! This is my first #rivamikaweek 😁 I’m very happy for participate, I hope you like it!

Guys America Chavez

She is a lesbian latinx hero from a Utopian universe who came to our world just because she wanted to be a hero. 

Her moms died saving the multiverse so as a kid she runs away because she wants to be just like them.

She has superstrength, speed, flight, and she’s bulletproof

But by far one of her coolest powers is she can create portals between alternate universes. 

America started off as a stereotypical latinx character, but under Kieron Gillen, she was written as a calm person who thought through her next move. She is quick to fight, but  when it’s necessary because she knows she’ll win.
She’s also an uber dork who believes in love and hope. Not something you see from the quiet characters.  

She has appeared in Young Avengers, A-Force, Siege Secret Wars, and The Ultimates
She’s a powerhouse character who impresses heroes in the A league like Monica Rambeau 

Now after years of people asking for her own book and her increasing popularity she’s finally getting her own solo book!
It was announced at NYCC and will be called America with the first preview done by @mckelvie and Matt Wilson

We need to support this book! Show Marvel that this is our hero. 

Pode ir. Eu prometo que não vou tentar te impedir, ou te procurar. Você quer mesmo ir? Então vá! Não hesite e nem olhe pra mim com olhar de piedade. Vá embora e me deixe com meus emaranhados de sentimentos, eu consigo lidar com todos eles, e acho que consigo lidar com sua falta. Mas a partir do momento que você cruzar aquela porta, não olhe para trás e nem volte mais, pois eu sempre te dei inúmeras razões pra ficar, e se mesmo assim você preferir partir é porque não é merecedor de nem 1%.
—  Ms Marques

fyi (and i don’t know how long it will last) amazon seems to be having a huge sale on collected volumes of squirrel girl and other marvel comics. here’s the ones i think y’all will be most interested in:


No, you can’t. You asked if you can like him. No, you can’t. Eun Hee-shi, you can’t like Goo Jung Hee-shi. Goo Jung Hee-shi is my ex-husband, is and always will be children’s dad, and whereas we have filed the divorce papers, he’s still my friend and will continue to be so. He needs to be healthy and well. That’s why it’s a no.


Light tank, T–18 (MS–1) OBR. 1930

Light tank T–26 mod. 1931

Light tank T–26 mod. 1933 RT

Medium tank T-28 OBR 1933

Heavy tank T-35 mod. 1933

М3А1 Stuart light tank.

Light tank T-40S arr. 1941

Medium flamethrower tank ot-34-76 mod. 1942

Medium tank T-34 76 mod. 1942 (STZ).

At School and in the Classroom in French

Dans la salle de classe (in the classroom):

une règle - ruler

une gomme - a rubber

une trousse - a pencil case

un stylo - a pen

un crayon - a pencil

une carte - a map

un sac à dos - a backback

un livre - a book

un cahier - a workbook

une table - a table

un uniforme scolaire - school uniform


français - french

la philosophie (philo) - philosophy (all students in terminal have to do philo)

la musique - music

les mathématiques - maths

Sciences de la vie et de la Terre (SVT) - it’s sort of like biology and geology

la physique - physics

la chimie - chemistry

la technologie - technology (IT)

l’art - art

Languages that students can study at various stages:

anglais - english

allemand - german

latin - latin

arabe - arabic

espagnol - spanish

russe - russian

portugais - portuguese

italien - italian

grec ancien - ancient greek

Different types of schools:

l’école maternelle - pre-school (not obligatory)

l’école primaire - primary school

le collège - high school (kind of) (from 11-12 years of age to 14-15 years of age)

le lycée - high school (years 10-12)

different kinds of teachers:

un professeur - teacher (collège/lycée/université)

enseignant/e - teacher (collège/lycée)

maître/maîtresse - teacher (école primaire)

instituteur/institutrice - teacher (école primaire)

How the grades work:

It’s basically like a countdown! However primary teaching, including maternelle and élémentaire are made up of three teaching cycles (you’ll see which ones belong to which cycle)

début de l’école primaire:

début de l’école maternelle :

de trois à six ans

(première année) - la petite section (PS) (cycle 1)

(deuxième année) - la moyenne section (MS) (cycle 1)

(troisième année) - la grande section (GS) (cycle 1)

début de l’école élémentaire:

de six à dix ans:

(première année de l’école élémentaire) - cours préparatoire (CP) (cycle 2)

(deuxième année) - cours élémentaire 1re année (CE1) (cycle 2)

(troisième année) - cours élémentaire 2e année (CE2) (cycle 2)

(quatrième année) - cours moyen 1re année (CM1) (cycle 3)

(cinquième année) - cours moyen 2e année (CM2) (cycle 3)

début du collège :

sixième (6e)

cinquième (5e)

quatrième (4e)

troisième (3e)

début du lycée:

début du lycée général (this is the one you do to get into university so I will focus on that for the moment):


After second students have to choose between three streams (séries) for their final two years of study: S (scientifique), ES (économique et social), and L (littérature)



In terminale, students study for the BAC (the baccalaureate), however to get into one of the prestigious universities (les grandes écoles) you have to pass the concours (a kind of exam), to prepare for which, many students do prépa (les classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles) for about two years (you’re meant to study for 60 hours a week I would have died)  

Message me for improvements or corrections!


Day 101 - Nidorina / ニドリーナ

Is that Summoner’s Rift?! Truth be told, I colored in Nidorina first, and used lots of fluorescent blues and pinks, so I figured they had to come from some ethereal light sources, and bam – Summoner’s Rift like setting.


That sneaky tomato

Instead of just responding to the question like a normal person, I did a post.  Because the answer is hilarious and speaks to all the artists in the fandom.  Plus, I’m lazy and this was an easy post :D

Here is what @spinzgirl is referring to:

Mr. Pigeon / M. Pigeon & Darkblade / Le Chevalier Noir

Here’s the thing; Nathaniel chooses to sit directly behind Ivan.  When Ivan moves to the other side of the bench, so does Nath:


Why?  Easy.  Because when a giant, hulking figure is NOT blocking him, he gets caught drawing.  

The Evillustrator / Le Dessinateur

He hides behind Ivan so no one will notice he’s drawing instead of paying attention in class.



It might have worked for Nino if he’d waited until Ivan got there before trying to hide in the back xD


Ms. Bustier: 1, Nino: 0