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By Zombies

This is all @saibrarutherford‘s fault. More grammar silliness in the Class Act AU. Things in Mara’s classroom get a little off topic (as they do), and Cullen is there to see it all. A similar thing might have happened in my classroom… Cullen’s POV, 1k. 

The best part about Cullen’s classroom being right across the hall from Mara’s was that on his prep hour he could hear all of the shenanigans she got into with her kids. The desks in Mara’s classroom were arranged into groups to form tables, a stark contrast to the straight, front-facing rows in his. There was always a chaotic sort of buzz coming from her classroom. He’d teased her once about it, and she’d just shrugged and said it was the sound of learning. His teaching style was so different from hers that it had been hard to understand that completely, but the few times he’d observed her this year had shown him that she was right.

That day though, Cullen could hear them talking about zombies. His students had been watching a documentary the last two days, which meant that his grading was up to date, all his planning done. He’d been catching up on some reading, but set it down in favor of crossing the short distance from his classroom to hers.

He leaned silently in the doorway, a faint smile on his face as he took in the scene. Mara was at the whiteboard, marker in hand. She was dressed more casual than usual, jeans with a soft flowing shirt with a gray cardigan. He knew just how soft that shirt was, and she knew just how much he liked the blue color. Behind her on the whiteboard was written, “The pizza was eaten by zombies.” Cullen was still not sure what on earth was going on.

There were several students talking to her at once, and Cullen wasn’t sure how she managed to keep track of them all, but she did.

“Come on, Paul. The mountains would be the place to go, you can set up your own traps and there are enough natural predators to help pick them off,” Jonny, a student Cullen had next hour, said.

Paul shook his head. “I’m telling you, stick in the city. I Am Legend style. You’ve got access to all sorts of conveniences.”

“Remember that the guy in I Am Legend dies, right?” a girl at another table said.

“Okay, but he was fine until he made the one zombie dude mad.” Paul leaned back in his seat.

Mara frowned. “Those weren’t zombies though.”

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