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Truth or Spin

Klaine Advent: Day 11 - Kiss. 1185 words.

Kurt pulled back from the kiss to whoops and hollers, his cheeks just a little red and his lips even redder. He smirked at the assembled audience, bowing his head in acknowledgement of his own prowess.

“Yes, yes, I am a performer and a pleaser.”

Quinn snorted. “Like I didn’t please you just now, Hummel?” Her lips were similarly red and she was combing her fingers through her hair, trying to settle it back from where Kurt’s hands had mussed it up.

He winked at her, sinking back to his spot in the circle next to Blaine, taking his hand. “Of course, sweetheart, you’re a star.”

She smirked back, leaning over Rachel to boop him on the nose. “You weren’t so bad yourself.” She rolled her eyes as she sat back down. “Better than answering Artie’s question, anyway.”

Artie put up his hands, defensively. “Don’t hate the player, girl. We were all wondering.”

Rachel raised her hand. “I was not wondering if the old guy Quinn dated dyed his pubic hair, actually.”

“And isn’t it so fitting that she had to kiss Kurt who also dated an old guy?” Lauren Zizes piped in.

Kurt pouted, shooting her a look of betrayal. “How dare you? Walter was a sweetheart.” Blaine patted him on the knee.

“Well, Quinn spun, so I guess we’ll never know the answer to either of those questions,” Santana said, her nose crinkled in mild disgust. “You know the rules, Fabray: your turn. Pick a victim.”

Quinn’s smirk turned just a little evil. Calculating. She scanned the circle, mischief playing in her eyes. They landed on Tina.

“Ms. Tina Cohen Chang.” Quinn grinned. “Truth or Spin?”

It was one of those weird, rare, but also weirdly normal nights when the old New Directions were together in the same place. Well, not all of them. Puck was back on active duty and everyone felt the ache of the missing Finn. But they were happy. They were laughing. They were playing a stupid game, for old time’s sake.

Imagine you’re playing truth or dare. It can get pretty intense after a while, if you’re asked something you’d rather not tell or if you’re dared something you’d rather not do. But imagine spin the bottle. You don’t totally want to kiss all of your friends and even them it can get boring. Imagine putting them together: You can pick truth or spin, and if you don’t want to answer the truth, you pick spin as a forfeit. Everyone wins.

Tina sure seemed to think she had nothing to lose. “Truth.”

Quinn’s smile was feral. “How many sex dreams have you had about our dear Mr. Blaine Hummel-Anderson over here?”

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anonymous asked:

You know how Blaine is naturally flirty person. What do you think Blaine reaction would be, if one day when he is famous, a tabloid has a picture of Blaine with one of my girlfriends. The heading is, is america sweetheart cheating on his husband.

Oh you just know that this will happen. It’s a picture of him and Ms. Tina Cohen Chang holding hands and grinning at each other after Blaine offers her a beautiful bouquet of flowers (Tina has just landed the role of Maria in the Broadway revival of West Side Story and Blaine is celebrating her, as he does). The tabloids explode. There has been rumors about how flirty and cutesy they were while filming their movie together a while ago and now they are seen holding hands? Is Blaine bi? Is he having an affair with the Golden Globe nominee? What’s happening?

Blaine laughs himself silly, Tina grumbles about how everyone, even the tabloids, thinks she is dating a gay guy again and Kurt tells them that it was just a matter of time for something like that to emerge. Damn them and their touchy feely selves with all their hand holding and silly nicknames. Those two will be the death of him. That is until Tina snarks at him that he and Rachel act just as couply and have, in fact, been mistaken as a couple before, and he grudgingly shuts up. Blaine ignores the rumors for the most part. He is sure of and secure in who he is and in his relationship with Kurt, and he kinda gets a kick out of some of the things he is reading (It’s his first Big Flashy Rumor. Does that mean that he has officially made it? Sue him for being entertained by this.) He doesn’t address it until a while later, when an interviewer asks him about it when he is promoting his next album, and he answers that he is a perfect gold star gay and that Kurt is the love of his life. Both Kurt and Tina are there, sitting together in the audience and Kurt dissolves into laughter as Blaine teases Tina about her old high school crush on him and she grumbles at him that it was a just phase and would he shut up about it already? Jeez, he is as bad as Sam is.

Let's talk about Ms. Tina Cohen Chang

- Tinchel is still very much a thing

We were just talking about why the reason Tina voted for Rachel over Mercedes in the diva-off was because Tina aspires to be like Rachel. We saw the first sign of this back in Props when Tina was saying that all she wanted was one moment to feel like Rachel and to get a standing ovation like her then she got knocked out and had a dream in which she swapped bodies with Rachel and was the star of Glee club, the one whose talent was recognized and celebrated. In New Directions, she gets knocked out a la Props and ends up having a dream sequence in which she is a Rachel (Rachel Berry was named after Rachel Green after all) and where she is front and center, the star of the show and the creator of it. (Cracky side note: in the choir room, Tina was dressed in the same outfit she wore in Wide Awake where she had the line I was dreaming for so long)

Tina and Rachel were dressed in similar styles and in the exact same colors at the beginning of the episode, and Tina’s blouse in particular was very Rachel-like. The parallel was really glaring. We were also talking about the sudden pairing of Rachel and Mike, right? Yeah, this is also linked to the Tina\Rachel parallel that is going on in that episode. And Tina was Rachel Green while Rachel was Monica Geller in the Chums fantasy. Rachel and Monica are best friends.

- The dream sequence:

*Acting is Tina’s dream and not only does she picture herself at the forefront of a sitcom and the main star of it with Rachel and Santana getting second billing, she also pictures herself as the creator of the sitcom. Recognized, celebrated and accomplished, this is how Tina pictures her life in NY.

*The boys didn’t get any billings, not even Blaine. Despite the fact that Tina’s close friendships are all with boys, there is a need for friendships with girls.

*Tina imagines most of the Glee clubbers showing up in the diner and all the NY gang living in the same loft using bunk beds because Glee club is Tina’s family.

- Friends\Chums

Tina is Rachel Green and Rachel was the very last friend to turn up in NY, a while after all of the other friends were already settled and somewhat established, running from a life that wouldn’t have suited her (in the form of the wedding she ran away from) and with no specific plans for what she was going to do in NY. Tina did talk about having no plans that allow her to go to NY before the boys encouraged her to make the move anyway. Trying to tell us something, Glee?

- Tina Cohen:

This part in particular was so hard because Tina was chipping at a part of her person in her desperation to get into college and have a plan after graduation. Tina has had her name changed by several people before and the part that has always been changed was Chang, the Asian part of her name but in TITSWD, she owned her identity and shouted it to Mckinley so to see her drop her Asian last name, chipping away at her own identity was so hard.

There was also the throwback to the name thing via Loser Like Me, because the name of that song came from Sue’s attempt to change Tina’s name to Tina Cohen Loser and then there is Blaine’s Tina Cohen Crazy (Yes, I’m still mad at you, Blaine, for that one)

5x13 Reaction

1) That episodes was much better and more narratively solid and cohesive than last episode, even though there were still parts that proved to be unnecessary and the time could have been used in a better way

2) The end of Glee signaled a shift in how the Mckinley students respond to the Glee clubbers breaking into song in the middle of a lesson. Whereas they have abandoned their lessons to join their performances previously (Shout, Blurred Lines), this time the students were on the outskirts eyeing the whole thing with distaste

3) Ghosts are still a theme in the episode, it even took the literal sense with Will actually hearing the ghosts of his former students voices while leaving the choir room and of course, Finn’s presence in the episode. Kurt and Mercedes talk about the ghost of their old argument and we’ve seen the choir room turn into an empty place, haunting Will who views Vocal Adrenaline as mortal enemies to a team that has already turned into a memory. The newbies were also standing in the ghost of the room they once gathered in, and Tina and Blaine took Will to the corner of the auditorium during DSB where Will and Finn stood up while NND did Anything Could Happen. They were essentially singing with Finn’s ghost.

4) Queer plotlines is such a big part of this episode, especially with Santana. They have stressed that helping the queer kids is the most important thing that Glee ever did, with Brittany talking about how Santana was afraid to come out and Rachel bringing up her abuela. Also, with Kurt talking about how Glee saved his life and Unique talking about Will celebrating and accepting difference.

5) What caught my eyes in the Klaine make out is Kurt’s reaction when Tina rushes in. He is covering himself, though he is actually fully clothed. This is so deeply personal and intimate to him, he is vulnerable and emotionally naked that his reaction is to cover up.

6) Guess Dani is receiving the Sam treatment from Santana, huh? Facepalm

7) The bathroom scene between Rachel and Santana made me so mad. Rachel was really trying and she owned up to her part of the feud but Santana wasn’t just satisfied with that, she wanted to take Rachel’s role and her dream completely away from her. And then she gave Rachel attitude because Rachel couldn’t understand her, when you know, the one who got the whole ball rolling was actually Santana with her inability to understand Rachel’s reaction.

8) I’m sorry but I just don’t buy the way they resolved the Santana\Rachel feud in the rushed way they did, complete with a song shoehorned in because what’s a reconciliation without a song? And I don’t get the sudden realization that hey, Santana should walk away from Funny Girl because it’s not her dream after everything she did and said to Rachel. What is Santana’s dream exactly?

9) That said, I loved that Santana acknowledged that Rachel has worked very hard to get the role because one of the things that made Rachel go ballistic in the first place was that Santana completely discredited her hard work back in Frenemies and took the credit of what Rachel has accomplished.

10) Be Okay was a song that I could have gone without in favor of a scene between Artie and Kitty that acknowledge that they are doing things long distance, or a newbies number since they are the ones getting affected the most other than Will, or an explanation to what the hell is going on with Rynique.

11) Loser Like Me was so gorgeous and I love that it was for Tina because Tina was the inspiration behind the title of that song, when Sue tried to change her name from Tina Cohen Chang to Tina Cohen Loser. So Tina talking about being a loser and the boys singing that specific song for her was perfect.

12) Tina is adopted, Jewish, never went to a temple, and is now considered not Jewish enough in addition to the previous not Asian enough. Ms. Tina Cohen Chang has so many intriguing scenes that she deserves a post of her own.

13) Just Give Me A Reason was redundant, telling us things we already knew. Again, that was a number that wasn’t strictly necessary but they worked it in to have Will make that full circle comment, except that Quick didn’t actually start in the choir room for it to become a full circle in the choir room. That said, I got the feeling that Quick were a stand in for Finchel here because the ones who were supposed to make it a full circle in the choir room were Finchel. They started in the choir room and they were supposed to get back together in the choir room. Remember Rachel’s plan to go back to Finn in Glee and say I’m home?

14) I have so many confusing and contradicting emotions over the video the kids did for Will but I have to watch it again to make sense of them. I will say that I absolutely loved Don’t Stop Believing though. That part where the video ended and Rachel walked in gave me chills and the setting of the performance starting with the five originals then the rest of OND then NND was stunning. I especially loved Kurt and Rachel swapping Finn and Rachel’s verses in the original performance and Will’s reaction, and the shot of Rachel and Blaine raising their arms in a throwback to what Finn and Rachel did.

15) Every time we saw any of the Glee club packing things in the choir room, it was a token or something that was personal to them, like their trophies or the books and photos that Blaine, Sam and Artie were collecting. The newbies, though, were there when the room was completely bare and they were cleaning it. Ryder was sweeping the floor and Unique walked in with a trash can. They were all dressed up in nice clothes and they were actually cleaning the choir room. Tell me again that this place wasn’t their safe space or that it doesn’t mean a lot to them

16) A throwback and a contrast with season one lies in that newbies scene. In Journey to Regionals, Mercedes says that Puck and Santana, who are some of the popular kids in their amidst, won’t acknowledge her existence once they aren’t in Glee together anymore. She doesn’t question it, she states it and Puck agrees right afterwards. In New Directions, Unique expresses that fear, that the popular cheerleader in their group won’t talk to her after Glee ends and Kitty puts that fear to rest, albeit in regular Kitty fashion. Then there is the parallel between Finn and Marley who both insist that it’s not over just because Glee itself is over.

17) I’m so curious as to why Quinn was the one who talked about donating the egg to Kurt and Blaine. While donating the egg doesn’t equal surrogacy and the dialogue explicitly tells us that Quinn wasn’t the surrogate, it’s a little unexpected (I feel vindicated for defending Kurt’s friendship with Quinn all those months ago though. Vindicated and giddy)

18) In all the scenes that involved Will since the loss at Nationals, the ones that always hit me the most are the ones with Sue and I keep remembering that Sue was probably Will’s teachers first before she became his colleague. That part where Will talks about VA being their enemies and Sue telling him that there is no longer a ‘their’ kills me.

19) Whether you were an advocate for Glee dropping Lima or not, I don’t think any of us escaped that shudder and that choked up feeling when the door closed and the light got turned off on a choir room that is completely bare and deserted, yet still carrying the voices of the kids who grew in it.