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If there are any men want me to test whether or not their money meets the qualifications for “gold digger money”, I’m free for a consultation 🙄.

If there are any men who are just nice guys and want to take me out for pizza and a nice walk under the stars, Im busy, I have a headache, I just got on my period, leave a message at the beep.

And my voicemail box is full 🙄.

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I think Ms. Sugar also authored a fan-fiction for Invader Zim under the penname "Muffins McGee", since we're on the subject.

Muffins McGee? I wish she kept that penname for su xD

things that would make su Better design wise
- color palettes that are easier on the eyes
- giving steven and greg their Chub back
- consistent heights. ms rebecca sugar. oh my god. please

happy lapidot tuesday! \o/ it’s been a while since i actually contributed art to the tag, huh?

here’s a redraw of my very first lapidot art!!! it’s been just shy of 10 months since i dedicated my whole ass to this ship and i will never get off ms sugars wild ride

I actually really liked the end to the Bismuth episode

I don’t know why no one else seems to, but I actually enjoyed it. It’s just another example of Rebecca Sugar showing the world that not every thing is like a happy little kids show. Not everything is a fairy tale. People die. People have dark sides. Everyone has a dark side. Ms. Sugar was only trying to show the world that.

me, politely knocking on rebecca sugar’s door: hey, so peridot has had her redemption arc. she’s practically a crystal gem, she wants to join them. she told off yellow diamond for them. she left behind everything she ever was before and found a new family with them. she’s discovered a power of her own and has even changed her opinion about fusion. she bubbled a gem and sent it home. she’s saved steven’s life. she’s even featured in official merchandise alongside the crystal gems now. It’s time to bring her into the opening, ms. sugar. ms. sugar, it’s time.


Stevonnie goin’ out for a ride on Lion! (I can’t imagine Connie’s parents would let her out this late… to go ride on a lion for that matter…) (also, what do they think about the sword???)

I’m so hyped/scared for the next episode coming out today! (yes, it’s 3 am. I have inspiration at the most ridiculous times, been working on it for like 6 hours)

Please, Ms. Sugar have mercy on our souls.

Don’t eat carbs before bed they said. Don’t eat ice cream, you’ll gain weight they said. Cookies are bad for you they said. News flash ⚠️ I’ve been following #IIFYM and using a balanced intake approach to dieting and have LOST 14lbs in the last 9 weeks. I eat every single night last 10. I eat 50g+ of carbs before bed every single night. I eat cookies every single night. And I’ve lost weight. Do not let people tell you that IIFYM and balanced intakes don’t work. They do! And I’m only one of example of it! so glad I made the switch! Life is made to enjoy the foods you love. Even when dieting. Which is why, in tonight’s proyo, I had peanut butter marshmallow proyo (greek yogurt, protein powder and stevia) with rocky road ice cream, m&ms and a frosted sugar cookie 😍 literally the best proyo bowl I’ve ever had 😱 I’m going to bed full and happy. And I’ll wake up leaner. 💃 ___________________________________ code “Marisa” for 25% off and free shipping