ms sparkle


~”In fact, Twilight is just the mare we need to see.”

~”Ms. Sparkle, How are you and your friends progressing?”

“My new wings are still vestigial and no longer ache. Rainbow Dash grows more scales each day, she claims they make her more ‘aerodynamic.’ Rarity has developed some sensitive lumps she simply complains are ‘unsightly.’ Pinkie Pie is a bit thinner and taller. And while both Fluttershy and AppleJack still show no visible symptoms, AJ has complained about a “squirming” beneath her skin.” 

~”Very well, we’ll begin the transfusions once we check up on the others…”


Lady Tia follows Twilight into the medical ward.

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Yes. A guy can like guys just as girls can have girl crushes. (I for one have one girl crush) :L

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^haniya is so right :D :L

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he probably ran away from you! Perv! Keeping an eye on him!

I blame you. Tum ne nazar laga dee aisa bol bol kar D: Meri feelings par shaq kiya tum ne :(

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*slips in business card* Is your crush eluding you? Do you need to brush up your stalking skills? Then contact me, we’ll even cross the main road to grab a taxi if we have to. Hire me in the next 24 hours and get night vision goggles for free!

I was expecting some Baba Bangali business card. That “Mehboob 24 ghanton main aap k qadmon main” stuff?

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meri friend ka hay ! aaiye din Kharab reta aie uska tau :S

I never heard about that wi-tribe before.

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check whether your area gets signals first then get it, otherwise its useless.It runs fast tho.

What internet are you using? I need a new internet connection and I can’t get PTCL. Line he kharab rahtee hai har waqt :/
Ms. Pines

When she is twelve Mabel Pines is magic.

Oh, it’s not something she wants. At twelve Mabel would much rather have a handsome magical boyfriend than deal in it herself. When her brother takes her on adventures she’s just as likely to crack jokes as to pay attention- she cares because he cares. Mabel makes friends, she makes giant pink sweaters, and she makes art that can be stuck with pride in any scrap book.

She also cries easily. She also worries a lot.

But there is a magic in that. Of course there is. It rewrote a story about bitter old men into one about a family. Faith and trust in a town where paranoia seeped into the soil.


When Mabel Pines is twenty-four she is still magic.

It’s harder to see without the chubby childhood cheeks, but her students know. They see it when her smile sparkles with pink glitter. 

Ms. Pines can teach you how to make art that protects against nightmares. Ms. Pines has pet pigs and pet goats that sit under her desk. Ms. Pines can frown a bully into shame- make him too busy with projects to harm a be-speckled nerd. Then she can make that nerd excited again. Ms. Pines is an artist, not just an art teacher but an artist, and every writer wants her to breathe image into their stories; but oh she says our stories are alive too. She calls them our brilliant creations.

The parents of Hirsch Elementary are a little sick of Ms. Pines. They have met her and they are mostly unimpressed. At the parent teacher conference she hot glued her elbow to the table.

But there’s a magic in that. And she still has summers all to herself. One wonders what she does with them.