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Name: Alejandra
Age: 18
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I really like black eyed daisies, blue m&m’s, hot wings, the arctic monkeys, talking about terrible movies, talking about great movies, writing, astrology, i fucking love flowers, deep convos, philosophy, and the smell of rain

my dream is to learn french so i can make the ‘r’ sound with my throat because i feel like street cats would better understand me and Spanish so then my grandmother will stop talking shit about me when im in the room– its like,, super annoying

soo yeah, talk to me people– the anticipation is killing me

ohhh yea and ill give you my url so we can, youu know, follow eachother and stuff

Preferences: no preference– you can be weird… just not weirder than me pls

Ms. Rain! We she hit on top, tricks damn near crash their cars. You don’t see her on the track as much but when you do you can tell she is a Pro! I’m not surprised if she handles hoez on the team!

If Only Dreams Came True

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She loved him.
He loved her.
But it would never be that simple.
It never is.

It was a rainy day. Some people were outside, all on a mission to get where they were supposed to go, regardless of the weather. Some people were inside, afraid to get wet. You weren’t sure where you were just yet.

You were standing by a building with a small roof, enough to prevent you from getting soaked. Mother always told you that proper ladies do not go out into the rain.

That was why you stepped into the rain and walked away from your shelter. A little rain didn’t frighten you.

You walked as fast as you could to the MACUSA headquarters, stopping every once in a while to catch your breath and enjoy the scenery. New York City never failed to amaze you.

When you finally made it to HQ, you were greeted by Mr. Abernathy, who was standing by the door like a hawk waiting to eat its prey. “Late again, Ms. L/N?”

“The rain was dreadful, Mr. Abernathy.” You kept walking to your “office” (it was really just a spare broom closet that no one cared about), ignoring the rants the  blubbering idiot behind you kept yelling. You would get revenge later by “accidentally” spilling some gigglewater into his coffee at his very important meeting.

“Hello, Y/N. Awful weather, we’re having, aren’t we?” Queenie, your colleague greeted you, all while balancing a trayful of steaming hot coffee on her wand. You didn’t understand why someone as powerful as her was stuck in an awful job as a secretary, but you never tried asking her.

“Yeah, it’s terrible.” You muttered out a response. Queenie was used to these small responses, she understood that you weren’t really the talking type after what happened to you. Sometimes, you felt guilty, but you could never muster up enough courage to talk to her more.

Before Queenie left, she smiled at you, “To answer your question, I’m quite fond of this job. Tina’s more of the career girl in our family.”

That woman never failed to amaze you.

After a few hours of suffering through Abernathy’s lectures about proper behavior and handing out coffee mugs to tired Aurors, you were off for the day. The rain had finally stopped and the sun was slowly coming back into view.

You waved at Queenie before you left the busy workplace and finally saw the sun for the first time in weeks. Usually, it just kept raining and snowing, but today was different.

Little did you know, the weather wasn’t going to be the only difference in your day.

You felt a bit spontaneous that day, so you took the more scenic route back to your quaint apartment. On the way, you grabbed an apple and a few treats for your owl. Y/O/N would probably peck you to death if you didn’t give them food of some sort. You learned that the hard way.

You were thinking about spilling some firewhiskey into Abernathy’s drink, when a woman’s voice brought you out of your daze. Curiously, you went closer to the noise.

A woman was speaking harshly about witches, each word becoming more and more venomous, as if she wanted to scrub the word “witch” from her vocabulary. Some people around you snickered and laughed at the woman’s insane words, but you didn’t. This was the group MACUSA was scared of.

The NSPS had been trying so badly to expose the magical community. You knew their plans would probably end in failure, but some people were worried. Better to be safe than sorry.

You were about to leave and walk back to the safety of your home, when a man handing out leaflets offered one to you. The man was hunched over, trying to make himself as small as possible, as if he would rather be anywhere else than here.

Feeling sorry for the guy, you took a few to help him get his job done faster. He looked up towards you, surprised, but he didn’t say anything. Just a surprised stare.

You noticed he had big, dark brown eyes. They were filled with fear, sadness, and pain. They haunted you.

“Hi…” was all you could say, squirming under the young man’s gaze.

Quickly, the boy regained his composure and went back to trying to make himself look smaller. He avoided your eyes. “T-Thank you.”

You smiled at him, trying to show that you meant no harm. But before he could speak, the woman, (Mary Lou, you guessed from the flyer) called his name.

Credence. A peculiar name, but it suited him perfectly.

You were brought out of your daze by the angry exclamations of a middle aged man, and you remembered you were in the middle of a busy sidewalk. You quickly shrugged off your thoughts and went on your way.

On your path home, you thought about Credence and how his eyes were so hauntingly beautiful. They were so painful, so miserable. You fought the urge to come back and help him. But something in the back of your head told you to wait. You’ll come back tommorow.

You didn’t get any sleep that night. Neither did he.

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Might be a part two!

Talk nerdy to me

Model who looks and acts really professional at the photo shoot but is actually a huge nerd AU with Percabeth @twopaperairplanesflyingflyin @bronzomatrixx Im not really sure how you do ‘read more’s so sorry about that… 

Annabeth’s third week of working for the new company was going excellently. She’d already photographed and edited two shoots, and the third one seemed like it went perfectly. When she started her fourth one, she felt like something had to go wrong soon.

The shoot was outside, on the sunny beach in LA. Annabeth was totally in her element. She loved the sun in her hair and how no one cared if she wore ripped jeans shorts to work because it was okay for her to be ‘artsy’ or whatever, when they were photographing outside. And she particularly liked how there was perfect lighting for photos. Even though something had to go wrong eventually, she had a good feeling about this. The main model looked like a Greek god in the water, and everything was exactly what she wanted it to be.  

Until it started raining.  

“Ms Chase, do you want to continue? Even though it’s raining I mean?” Percy Jackson was looking at her with eyes that looked like they matched the stormy sea perfectly. “No, sorry I think we’ll…” Eyes that matched the stormy sea perfectly. “Actually, I want to take some last photos. Maybe the rain isn’t so bad after all.” He raised his eyebrows at her, but didn’t say anything, just went back to his place and doing the poses she wanted him to do. She was thankful that he didn’t have a diva thing going on, like some of the other models she’d met during her work time. She knew some who wouldn’t have been too happy about sidetracking the plan.  

When they were finished, she went up to him and shook his hand. “It was nice working with you, thanks for not minding the rain.” He just smiled at her. “It was my pleasure, Ms. Chase, I hope you got some good photos.” Annabeth couldn’t help but smile, and look into his eyes for a moment longer. This guy really was polite. And also fairly hot. His eyes was gleaming, and his hair was dripping from the rain, and the drops were running down his torso. His hand was still holding hers firmly, and she pulled away, internally scolding herself for noticing these things and being awkward  when he was acting so professional. “I’m sorry, bit distracted.” He smirked, still looking at her with an interrogative expression. She widened her eyes as she realized he’d asked a question. “Ohh. Umm. Yes, I got some good ones in the end, to be honest the rain sort of was the piece that missed. If you know what I mean…?” Oh gods. Had she really just said 'sort of’ and 'if you know what i mean’ while trying to act professional?  He just laughed, and she took that as a yes to her internal question.  

He looked like he was about to say something more, when the rain started drumming even more violently down. It was like someone had decided letting the water down slowly was wasting time and just released it all at once. Her top was almost wet all the way through as she looked up. “You know what, I think we should hurry back.”

By the time they reached her car, they were both so wet there was literally streams of water running down their bodies. She wasn’t entirely sure why he was still with her though. Maybe he wanted a ride back to the office, or maybe to the bus station.  

“Do you want a ride somewhere?” He opened his mouth, as if he was about to say something, then closed it again. Then opened it and managed to talk. “Yeah. No, I like walking in the rain actually, I was just making sure you got back without drowning.” He tugged at his sleeve. “Umm maybe you’d like to have a coffee or something first with me, if you want to warm up, I mean.” He bit his lower lip, and Annabeth couldn’t help but think that he looked really sexy. “I know a place just around the corner, if you want to, I mean. ” He shrugged. Annabeth was the one smirking now. She couldn’t believe the totally professional model who bore a striking resemblance to a Greek god was this awkward with girls.  "Sure, Jackson. If you just give me a moment to put away my stuff.“  His eyes lit up. "Yeah sure, of course.”  

She was sure she’d left a sweater somewhere. But she couldn’t find it as she rummaged through the trunk of her car. She closed it with a loud sigh of defeat. Without something to change to, a coffee wouldn’t really keep her warm for long. “Is there something wrong?” Jackson had noticed. Of course he had. “Noo… it’s fine, I just thought I had an extra sweater somewhere, but let’s just go now… ” He didn’t say anything, just frowned at her, and lead the way to a small café just around the corner.

The first thing she noticed about it was that it was called 'The restaurant at the end of the universe’. The second thing was that the menu included several Star Wars and Doctor Who puns. The third thing she noticed wasn’t about the restaurant, but about the model. Jackson took off his jacket, and under it was a t-shirt with the phrase 'Come to the dark side’. Percy Jackson was a huge freaking dork.

“I must say, that I didn’t really expect this.” Percy looked a bit flustered. Annabeth couldn’t help but grin at him. “But don’t worry. Hmm. I think I want a Darth Chocolate Muffin and a Mustafar chocolate, what about you?”  The corners of his mouth perked up, and he looked at the menu with fake anticipation. “Hmm… I’m not sure… Usually I’d take the hoth latte, but I want something warm, y’know, so maybe I’ll take the Mustafar Chocolate too. And a dark cookie too, man I love those. Like the Darth Chocolate Muffins are good, but nothing beats a dark cookie. Y’know?” Annabeth just looked up at him, struggling not to laugh.  Percy’s neck started to redden as he realized he was rambling. “Umm.. Sorry. I’ll order, in the meantime I have an extra shirt If you wanted to change? Umm.. Do you want it?” He was awkwardly scratching his neck, gazing at the floor. She smiled. “Sure, I’ll be back in five.”


When she came out of the bathroom, wearing Percy’s oversized sweater, he was already sitting at a table with their hot chocolates and snacks. “Hi.” Annabeth tugged at her sleeves, and sat down opposite to him. He looked at her and grinned. “I knew you’d rock that nerdy girl look.” Annabeth blushed. If it was because she had 'talk nerdy to me’ written across her chest, or because of the compliment, she wasn’t entirely sure. Or maybe it was both.  She tried to force away her redness before she answered. “Oh yeah, Jackson? You look more like adorable in that Star Wars shirt.” Oh my gods, that was supposed to be a comeback! Her blood rose in her cheeks again. It seemed like she was worse with cute boys than she remembered.  Percy didn’t say anything, only raised an eyebrow and said; “Just call me Percy, please.” , which only made her even more flustered.  

“So, you come here often?” she said, changing the topic. “Yeah, now and then. I need to keep up that adorable nerd rep, y'know?” She just rolled her eyes. Dork. “Yeah, well, I can’t say this was what I expected you to be like.” He cocked his head. “What did you expect?” She smiled, gazing 'thoughtfully’ at thin air. “I don’t know exactly. More… glamourous? Not the kind of guy who goes to a café with so many sci-fi references you can’t really miss any? Maybe that you were the kind of guy that goes to parties in the evenings after model jobs to chat up girls, but instead you’re sitting with your photographer in the most nerdy restaurant in town. I just didn’t expect you to be so… dorky.” Amusement flickering in his eyes, Percy said “So you’re basically saying you expected me to actually have a life? Like the kind where you’re social all the time?“  He tilted his head again, looking mockingly philosophical. “Because then my friend, you are wrong. All I do is Netflix and chill. “ He widened his eyes, quickly adding that he meant actual Netflix and chill.  Like literally Netflix and chill. “Good to know, Seaweed Brain. Good to know” Annabeth nodded importantly. Percy blushed, and looked accusingly at her. “Seaweed brain? What kind of nickname is that?“ Annabeth smirked. “An appropriate one, that’s what I think.” He mocked an expression of hurt, his hand on his chest. “I’m so hurt. I have to leave now.” Annabeth gasped, and ran a finger than her cheek. "Oh no.”  Then Percy straightened up. He smiled apologetically. “Umm. I actually have to go now. Dinner with my mom tonight.” Annabeth internally awwwed. “Yeah. Me too. I wanna get back.”

When they were back at her car (Percy had insisted on following her), Annabeth tugged at her sleeves again. “I guess I should give this back now… I forgot at the café…” Percy smiled broadly, his sea green eyes glinting in the sun. “Nah, you can keep it.“ She smiled up at him. “Thanks. I’ll see you around, then.” She stepped closer, and hugged him. Percy just stood there first, but then he put his arms around her, holding her closer. He smiled like sea and fresh air and Percy. She reluctantly let go, and stepped awkwardly back. He gazed at her, all of him smiling, like he’d just gotten a present. “I guess I will.”

It wasn’t before she was in the car, that Annabeth remembered she didn’t have any more photographing with him, and that she probably wouldn’t see him at work. Fuck. She scolded herself for being so disappointed. They’d literally only talked for a few hours, it didn’t matter that much. At least that’s what she told herself. But that didn’t matter much that night when she took of his shirt, and found a note scribbled at the label. Or to be exact, a number. It really didn’t matter what she’d told herself earlier. But he did.  

sarah smiles // panic! at the disco

Precious: Claireece Precious Jones [INFP]

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Claireece is very private in her emotions, She doesn’t feel like telling anyone just how much she suffers, but she’s often pushed to her limits and loses control very frequently. She doesn’t mind the fact that Blu Rain is a lesbian, since she’s seen by herself that Blu’s sexual orientation doesn’t make her a bad person, as her mother says. She never speaks up when she’s being abused by her parents, and her crushes are personal and private.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Her main way out of her emotional pain is daydreaming. She’s often imagining that she has a loving and supportive mother or that she’s a celebrity, loved and admired by all and desired by a handsome man. Her emotional suffering is so intense that it starts affecting her vivid imagination (“Mangia, puttana!”). Even though she’s practically illiterate in the beginning of the film, her writing skills progresses very swiftly.

Introverted Sensing (Si): The abuse she’s suffered is even more intensified by this function, She relives the trauma she’s endured by her father’s hands so realistically, so intensely, that Ms. Rain almost calls the nurse for her. She is sentimental and likes to go through her family’s pictures to stimulate her impossible fantasies.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): She’s not very assertive, and the fact that she’s extremely damaged doesn’t help much. She often acts through her feelings, like hitting the boy at Mr. Wicher’s class so he would shut up and slapping Consuelo for calling her fat. However, she decides to do what needs to be done to survive, and works hard to give her children a better life than hers.

Creepypasta #920: A Nursery Rhyme

Length: Short

“Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full! One for the master, one for the dame, and one for the little boy who lives down the lane-”

“But mommy, what about the little girl behind you?”

I’ve never been scared of things, but that somehow made me really nervous, but kids have wild imaginations, right?

“Really honey? What does she look like?”

“Well, she’s really pale, we have to go to the beach with her! and she’s wearing a cute braid. Mommy, can you do that to my hair mommy?”

“Of course, hon-”

“But hers is around her neck, why is it like that, mommy?”

Slowly, I turn around, I found nothing.

“I got you mommy! I got you!”

“You silly munchkin, come on, let’s get you to sleep.”

Kissing my daughter’s cheek, I hear her giggle and whisper,

“Kidding mommy, she’s right above you.”

Credits to: Ms-Raine

Daydream No. 19 - A mix for you to listen to when you need to daydream a bit. {listen}

1. Mad Sounds - Arctic Monkeys, 2. Daydream No. 19 - Trocadero, 3. Desperately Safe - Alias Conrad Coldwood, 4. Illusion - Coaxial, 5. Sand In The Hourglass - Brian Mazzaferri, 6. Don’t Dream It’s Over - Crowded House, 7. Even In Death (T'Morra’s Belly Mix) - Homestuck, 8. I Would Do Anything for You - Foster the People, 9. Hurricane - MS MR, 10. Rain - Clark “Plazmataz” Powell