ms o'brien


Fresh off last month’s sold-out SXSW performance, MS Werd & Friends are at Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica tonight at 8pm. Hosted by Michael Swaim, featuring Soren & DOB & Cody & Jennifer Moore & surprise guests you have to get an insanely cheap ticket to see.


We are almost at $300! :) 

As you can see, our goal is $10,000, and we are no where near that. Let’s show CBS what Scorpion fans are made of! :) Let’s see if we can get at least $5,000 by midseason so please spread the word and have your friends and family donate. If you’d like to be anonymous, there is an anon option for you. :D 

If you have any questions, please forward them to either @katharinemcpheefan, @webuiltthepyramids or @a-beautiful-mind-wf001

Thank you to @cckia27 again for the beautiful graphic! :)