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Bellarke playlist?

Listen, all you had to do was type up two words but you are my favourite person right now.

I have sooooo many songs on my phone that remind me of Bellarke its absolutely ridiculous. I legit sent my friend like 30 Bellarke-y songs because she makes fanvids and wanted material. I got you covered nonny. ;)

I just want it to be noted that a lot of these songs I had in mind for Bellarke following the events of Season 2 or during Season 3, whereas some are specific to Season 4 and others just remind me of Bellarke’s dynamic in general. So I’ll try to point out which belongs where. 

I also did an analysis on certain songs that reminded me of characters/relationships of The 100 back when I first created my Tumblr so there are a few songs in this list that I literally have a full-length analysis of the lyrics and description as to why it reminds me of Bellarke, so I’ll link you in case you are interested why I chose those ones.

1. Run - RHODES (based on Clarke leaving after Season 2)


3. All About You - Birdy

4. Home - RHODES (This one I found after following Season 2 so it is definitely related to Clarke leaving but it is more directly related to the “home theme” regarding Bellarke, so its still very accurate going into Season 4)

5. Armor - Landon Austin (lol i don’t even have this song in my phone but the lyrics make metaphors about war and stuff like that work quite nicely when you make them literal in the universe of The 100)

6. Right Here - Ashes Remain (this one isn’t on my phone either but Bellarke-y lyrics so *shrugs*)

7. Dark Doo Wop - MS MR (This song has a darker vibe but its incredibly fitting in the context of Season 4 - I really like it)

8. One Last Time - Jaymes Young (this song is gorgeous and one of my absolute favourites. It definitely reminds me very specifically of Clarke leaving in Season 2 but it can be related to any of their separations - or future separations - and would still be accurate)

9. You & I - RHODES (feat. the “Together” theme)

10. Shattered - Trading Yesterday (I die every time)

11. Little Do You Know - Alex & Sierra (this song is so Bellarke it’s ridiculous like holy shit)

12. Fragments - Jaymes Young (this song is also so Bellarke it’s ridiculous holy shit)

13. Beautiful Crime - Tamer (I really love this song and its for Bellarke in Season 3A mostly. You can read my analysis on it here if you are interested in the more technical reasons why I believe this song is Bellarke.

14. Somebody - RHODES (this is for Bellarke in Season 3 again, and you can read the analysis I wrote a few months ago here. This song is Bellarke af I promise)

15. I Found - Amber Run (this is mostly based around Clarke and Bellamy separating mid-season two and Clarke’s gradual downward spiral - “and I’ll use you as a warning sign that if you talk enough sense then you’ll lose your mind”. Again, I wrote an analysis on this one here as well.)

16. This Is What It Takes - Shawn Mendes (I think its funny that Shawn was on the show and that The 100 is his favourite show because I enjoy humouring myself with the prospect that he was slightly influenced by Bellarke ;) Anyway this song mainly reminds me of Bellarke a) because of a fanvideo but b) the lines that sa “you don’t have to do this on your own” and “let me be the one to bare your pain” remind me of Bellamy’s “you don’t have to do this alone” from 2x16.)

17. Raise Your Love - RHODES (I just really love RHODES, k?)

18. Neptune - Sleeping At Last (I have so much love for this song and it hurts me)


20. Pieces - Andrew Belle

21. Mars - Sleeping At Last

22. White Blood - Oh Wonder

23. When It’s All Over - RAIGN

24. Who Am I Living For? - Katy Perry (a very different mood than most of her songs and definitely one of my favourites of hers)

25. Cover Us - Natalie Taylor

26. Light - Sleeping At Last

Okay, nonny. That should be enough. I hope you enjoy!

And for anyone reading this, let me know which ones you liked and what your personal favourite Bellarke songs are because I’m always looking for new music. 

sweet talker by sushiepidemics
those venomous words are sugar coated. a playlist inspired by darkiplier

1.Crossfire Stephen 2. Who Are You, Really? Mikky Ekko 3. Reepers Muse 4. You Are Now Poison Prefuse 73 5. Nocturne EDEN 6. No Grey The Neighborhood 7. for him. Troye Sivan, Allday 8. What Kind Of Man Florence + The Machine 9. Dark Doo Wop MS MR 10. Interlude 2 Rivers & Robots 11. II. No Exit Childish Gambino 12. Timeless James Blake 13. Prince Deftones 14. You’re So Dark Arctic Monkeys 15. Friction Imagine Dragons 16. Control Halsey 17. Seven Devils Florence + The Machine 18. Run Boy Run Woodkid 19. If I Had A Heart Fever Ray

i wanted to do something for the last day of @farandaweek, and since i’ve been polishing my dghda mixes i thought i’d finish this one up and post it! the mix is called some killer queen you are; you can find it on playmoss.

how to embrace a swamp creature - the mountain goats // to be alone - hozier // afterlife - ingrid michaelson // rollercoaster - charli xcx // cherry red - ida maria // do it with a rockstar - amanda palmer // your honor - regina spektor // avi - grimes // fineshrine - purity ring // tessellate - ellie goulding // dark doo wop - MS MR // pressure - milk & bone

“We Are The Most Bullshit Superheroes”

“We’re mutants now?”
“Don’t tell Marvel. They’ll sue us.” 

A playlist for the Mara Dyer gang


Polarize ~ twenty one pilots // Make Me Wanna Die ~ The Pretty Reckless // Tomorrow Never Dies ~ 5 Seconds of Summer // Pieces ~ Sum 41 // Heathens ~ twenty one pilots // Dark Doo Wop ~ MS MR // Antichrist ~ The 1975 // Heaven Knows ~ The Pretty Reckless // Everybody’s Watching Me (Uh Oh) ~ The Neighbourhood // Angel With A Shotgun ~ The Cab // Medicine ~ Daughter // Lose It ~ Oh Wonder // Lifespan ~ Vaults

K y l e’ s    M i x t a p e: p l a y [x]

Air (feat. Astrid) - Shawn Mendes // And The Snakes Start To Sing - Bring Me The Horizon // Animal - Neon Trees // Anthem Of The Angels - Breaking Benjamin // Baby Came Home - The Neighbourhood // Bad Romance - Lady Gaga // Bein’ Green - Frank Sinatra // Better Than I Know Myself - Adam Lambert // Broken - Lifehouse // Can’t Sleep Love - Pentatonix // Clarity - Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider // Collide - Howie Day // Dark Doo Wop - MS MR // Deja Vu - 3OH!3 // Dirty Dancing - New Kids On The Block // Dreams - Fleetwood Mac /// Dumb - Nirvana // Everybody Hurts - R.E.M. // Even Flow - Pearl Jam // Face Down - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus // Fashion Of His Love - Lady Gaga // Find A Way - Safetysuit // Fix You - Coldplay // Flaws - Bastille // Gasoline - Halsey // Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran // Go The Distance - Hercules // Goner - Twenty One Pilots // Gypsy Woman - Anarbor // Hallelujah - Panic! At The Disco // Heavy In Your Arms - Florence + The Machine // Hold Me - Fleetwood Mac // Hold The Line - Toto // Human - Christina Perri // I Saw Water - Tigers Jaw // I’m Still Here - Johnny Rzeznik // I’ve Given Up On You - Real Friends // Impossible - James Arthur // Just A Dream (feat. Christina Grimmie) -  Sam Tsui // Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door - Guns N Roses // Light - Sleeping At Last // Love Me Like You Do (Orchestra) - Ellie Golding // Madison’s Favorite Toys - Fly Away Hero // Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson // Mary - The Death Riders // The Memory - Mayday Parade // Misery - Maroon 5 // Mercury - Sleeping At Last // Mirrors - Justin Timberlake // More Than Words - Extreme // Monster - Skillet // My Body - Young The Giant // Never Going Back Again - Fleetwood Mac  // Never Gonna Leave This Bed - Maroon 5 // Nightingale - Demi Lovato // No Angels (feat. Ella) - Bastille // No Scrubs - TLC // Not Meant To Be - Theory Of A Deadman // Numb - Linkin Park // Paralyzed - Mystery Skulls // Pair Of Wings - Justin Timberlake // Poor Unfortunate Souls - Fly Away Hero // Rape Me - Nirvana // Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac // Rosanna - Toto // Secrets - State Champs // Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind // Serve The Servants - Nirvana // Seven Wonders - Fleetwood Mac // She Is - The Fray // Show Me How To Live - Audioslave // Sleepwalking - Bring Me The Horizon // Stay - Mayday Parade // Territorial Pissings - Nirvana // There She Goes - Sixpence None The Richer // The Trick To Life - The Hoosiers // Turning Page -  Sleeping At Last // Uneven Odds - Sleeping At Last // Vienna - The Fray // The Weight - Shawn Mendes // Who You Are - Jesse J // Yellow - Coldplay 

dangerous love [a jerome valeska/harley quinn fanmix]

leave me lonely (feat. macy gray) | ariana grande

and nothing frightens me, baby…

robbers | the 1975

now everybody’s dead

dark doo wop | ms mr

this world is gonna burn…

mad love. | jojo

you keep me insane, i’m not ashamed

stay | thirty seconds to mars

he said, “if you dare, come a little closer" 

dark side | phoebe ryan

at your worst, you’re the best

born to die | lana del rey

you like your girls insane

stay away | charli xcx

i knew you were no angel…

mad sounds | arctic monkeys

run but you cannot hide

renegades | x ambassadors

two kids, you and me

love the way you lie (piano version) | rihanna

i try to run, but i don’t wanna ever leave

jerome | zella day

jerome, oh, why you treat me so cold?

smells like teen spirit (feat. malia j.) | think up anger

load up on guns, bring your friends

WITCHBOY // "What sins? I haven't had the chance to commit any sins yet." A late yule gift to Hunter Klarion gold.

i.  Black Mirror / Arcade Fire  ii.  Bottom Of The River / Delta Rae  iii.  How Long? / How To Destroy Angles  iv.  Vices / Brand New  v.  The Rake’s Song / The Decemberists  vi.  No Resurrection / AFI  vii.  River Styx / Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  viii.  The Furies / Duels  ix. Volatile Times / IAMX  x. The Sticks / Mother Mother  xi.  Dark Doo Wop / Ms Mr xii.  Burn The Witch / Queens Of The Stone Age xiii. Demon Road / Yeasayer // Listen

i know not ‘seems’

21 unsettling, uncomfortable, subtly wrong songs for when entropy overtakes you

a sky for shoeing horses under  why  |  a hair on the head of john the baptist  saltillo  |  moon trance  lindsey stirling  |  crimewave  crystal castles  |  rock me now  metric  |  bullets  archive  |  ghosts  ladytron  |  paris is burning  st. vincent  |  the commander thinks aloud  the long winters  |  the 2nd law: unsustainable  muse  |  infra-red  placebo  |  run  awolnation  |  hi  psapp  |  infinitesimal  mother mother  |  lovecraft in brooklyn  the mountain goats  |  empire  alpines  |  when i’m small  phantogram  |  matches to paper dolls  dessa  |  dark doo wop  ms mr  |  hypnosis theme  wax tailor feat. marina quaisse

cover art from circle of abstract ritual by jeff frost

i am, i am, i am: a Bell Jar fanmix

i. Mad World - Gary Jules // ii. Dark Doo Wop - MS MR // iii. Basic Instinct - The Acid // iv. Asleep - The Smiths // v. Control - Halsey // vi. The Day the Whole World Went Away - Nine Inch Nails // vii. The Cold - Exitmusic // viii. Atmosphere - Joy Division // ix. No Light, No Light - Florence + the Machine // x. Haunting - Halsey // xi. New York, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down - LCD Soundsystem // xii. Shelter - Birdy



and all the kids cried out (please stop, you’re scaring me) | a Handsome Jack/Rhys (Handsome!Rhys) mix [LISTEN]

We’ll rule this entire freakin’ universe! You and me, kiddo! President Rhys and Handsome goddamned Jack!

Starset - Carnivore / Celldweller - I Believe You / MS MR - Dark Doo Wop / Halsey - Control / Kanye West - Amazing ft. Young Jeezy / Fall Out Boy - Immortals / Halsey - Hold Me Down / Innerpartysystem - Don’t Stop / Temposhark - Don’t Mess with Me / Ciscandra Nostalghia - Who You Talkin’ To Man

In The Woods | [listen here] | Playlist

“What I am telling you, before you begin my story, is this - two things: I crave truth. And I lie.”

i. humble bones - labyrinth ear | ii. hurricane - halsey | iii. like home - trent reznor & atticus ross  | iv. we are on fire - cocorosie | v. urchin - labyrinth ear | vi. bad intentions - digital daggers | vii. dark doo wop - ms mr | viii. keep it together - fyfe | ix. stop me - natalia kills | x. child i will hurt you - crystal castles | xi. happy dre - sky ferreira | xii. the suburbs (cry wolf remix) - mr. little jeans | xiii. the devil within - digital daggers | xiv. with suspicion - trent reznor & atticus ross | xv. anyones ghost - silver swans | xvi. serial killer - lana del rey | xvii. play dead - bjork 

my hannigram playlist w/ links

agony by paloma faith // bedroom hymns by florence + the machine // btsk by ms mr // breaking down by florence + the machine // castles by of verona // coming down by halsey // caught by florence + the machine  // control by halsey // dark doo wop by ms mr // dust and bones by night terrors of 1927 // gasoline by halsey // heavy in your arms by florence + the machine // hold me down by halsey // howl by florence + the machine // hurricane by ms mr // i walk the line by halsey // i’m a ruin by marina and the diamonds // killing you by ivy levan feat. sting // lies by marina and the diamonds // like real people do by hozier // mad hatter by melanie martinez // never let me go by florence + the machine // obsessions by marina and the diamonds // savages by marina and the diamonds // shadow preachers by zella day // ship to wreck by florence + the machine // strange love by halsey // trouble by halsey // unique in its madness by of verona // up in flames by ruelle // vampire smile by kyla la grange // what kind of man by florence + the machine // milk and cookies by melanie martinez // reflections by misterwives

                                        Star Crossed Saints

A GatBoss playlist that focuses on they way they keep finding their way back to each other- and the more volatile aspects of their relationship.


i. Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel In NYC) - Fall Out Boy // ii. R U Mine? - Arctic Monkeys // iii. You Can Be The Boss - Lana Del Rey // iv. Fight It Out - Ghost of a Stranger // v. Blinding - Florence + the Machine // vi. Jet Pack Blues - Fall Out Boy // vii. Cosmic Love - Florence + the Machine// viii. Maps - Maroon 5 // ix. Dark Doo Wop - MS MR  // x. Beating Heart - Ellie Goulding 

 Fanmixes: Melinoe

a mix for the goddess of ghosts and bringer of nightmares and madness.

1) Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare 2) Dorothy - The Wicked Ones 3) Puscifer - Telling Ghosts 4) The Sins Of Thy Beloved - Partial Insanity 5) Kamelot - Under Grey Skies 6) Shinedown - Sound of Madness 7) New Years Day - Other Side 8) Soap & Skin - Marche Funèbre 9) Digital Daggers - Bad Intentions 10) Sóley - Bad Dream 11) Snow Ghosts - Covenant 12) Ms Mr - Dark Doo Wop 


 sinners never sleep |  for the kids who love the darkness that comes with their minds [listen]

the wolf - fever ray / ain’t no rest for the wicked - cage the elephant / dark doo wop - ms mr / female robbery - the neighborhood / fitzpleasure - alt j / lithium - nirvana / teenagers - my chemical romance / room to breathe - you me at six / my songs know what you did in the dark - fall out boy / mirrors - pvris / paralyzed - mystery skulls / how you like me now - the heavy / intro - the xx / goner - twenty one pilots

ᴛʜᴇɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴋɪɴɢ ʙʀᴇᴀᴛʜᴇᴅ:

“ᴛʜᴇ ᴅᴀʀᴋ ᴀʀᴇ ᴩᴜʀᴇ


florence and the machine no light no light || la roux in for the kill || ms mr dark doo wop || florence and the machine seven devils || mount eerie between two mysteries || maroon 5 pure imagination || emily browning sweet dreams (are made of this) || lana del rey once upon a dream