Fanart shows Muslim superhero Ms. Marvel punching Donald Trump in the face
As an homage to 1940s 'Captain America,' this image has a lot of history behind it.

Jack Kirby’s cover for Captain America No. 1 is arrestingly memorable, a colorful image of Cap punching Hitler in the face.

This scene is now an iconic moment in superhero comics, but at the time it was more controversial than you might think. In 1941 the U.S. had not yet entered WWII, and some readers actually sent hatemail to Captain America’s creators for depicting the superhero in such an overtly political light.

Last week, an interesting homage to this cover popped up online. Created by illustrator Matt Stefani, it shows teen superhero Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) punching Donald Trump.

Speaking to the Daily Dot, Stefani explained the background for this unusual crossover between political cartoons and comicbook fanart.



Open letter to those guys who work at and for Marvel Comics.

Dear The Internet

My daughter was recently invited to a Superhero themed birthday party for Thor Odinson. Naturally she leaped at the oppurtunity. As I’m currently reading Marvel comics with my daughter at bedtime, I thought it to be perfectly fitting that she goes as the one and only Ms. Marvel. I searched my local Forbidden Planet and to no surprise I found nothing there. ‘No biggie’, it was a long shot, but I’m sure Amazon.co.uk would have something. I was even more disappointed to find the results for girl super hero fans under the search ‘ms.marvel girls outfit’. It started off ok, the first seach result being a Spider Girl outfit, closely followed by Captain America girl’s outfit, but that’s where the options stop for 6 year olds. Second page of results give a Spider Girl outfit again but this time in pink (really?) and page three, Sexy Batgirl and Sexy Red Riding Hood, which I don’t need to go into detail over.

OK, time to rack up the dad points here. There’s only one way Ms. Marvel is going to celebrate Thor’s 6th birthday and that means I’ve got to make one. A flustered trip round Croydon resulted with a blue dress (reduced from £60 to £10), the yellow fabric from a pillow (£3), a glittery blue mask (£2) and some cheap red polyester (£2, per foot). A further expense being getting the dress taken in (£18) and the tights and top we already had. I exercised my sewing machine skills and the result, you see above. £32 worth of work pad off in my view. Providing one goes down this route in the future I wish you all success in buying a blue dress in the first place, let alone one in the right size.

When it finally came together, my little one fell in love with it. With hindsight, I’m glad I made it over buying one already put together, but I write this not as a rant but as a plea to make merch more girl inclusive. Ms. Marvel is an incredible concept who empowers a multi-cultural demographic and to be honest, this needs to be pushed harder!!!

I love the avengers as much as the next guy and it’s great that we get to buy cool toys that allow us to shoot silly string webbing from our wrists, or smash things with over sized green fists, but maybe Ms. Marvel Embiggend Fists is what we need to see on the shelves AS WELL AS her angry green counterparts. But should the merch for all of Marvel toys be so male-centric? It may be a shame that this is the truth, but I believe this post could be the start of something good, if even it gets the wheels turning a few degrees.

If anyone is thinking of a superhero themed birthday party and lives in the Horsham, West Sussex area, then here’s your guy https://facebook.com/SuperHeroPartiesUK . This fella worked extremely hard for two solid hours entertaining 30 kids. Hats off to this fellow Super dad.

Yours in hope

Captain Milkshake

Okay seriously can we take a moment to look at the new Ms. Marvel

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