ms hughes

Mrs Hughes is just amazing!

I mean she literally puts every one in the world before her!

Becky Hughes, Mrs Hughes has for almost all her years as housekeeper has spent every penny on her sister! When her mother died we could imagine her being heartbroken but she gathered the courage because she had a sister to provide for, so swallowing her grief Mrs Hughes fights along putting her sister before her self.

the Bates’s, yeah let’s not even go their.

Mr Carson. She has given up her nights just to care for him through his battle with the Spanish flew, throwing away nights of sleep just to care for him. Every time he turns a round, Mrs Hughes is always there to steady him. She has helped him to overcome a broken heart, not to embarrass himself, overcome illness and come out from behind the thick Butler must. There is no end to what she has done for him.

Ethel. After warnings and more warnings this girl does not listen and comes crawling back to Mrs Hughes who finds it in her heart to Help the girl almost risking her position as housekeeper by providing the girl with what she needs, again putting someone in front of her self.

She has helped Tom overcome the death of Sybil

She has helped Thomas

Mrs Patmore



All the Crawleys


And in London at her busiest time she still finds time to visit the Scottish church to thank the lord while also helping Russian refugees when she her self has not much.

This woman is just amazing! Choose kindness, be like Elsie Hughes, the worlds most kindest person. Let’s all be like Mrs Hughes!


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There once was a man who had lived through the ages. He had been a builder, an artisan, a healer, a priest, a prophet, a warrior, and a sorcerer. At times he had been a slave. At others he was a tyrant. Magic fell and technology reigned, and then magic rose again, and still he persevered, ancient like the sand itself, driven through the years by his obsession for a perfect world.

Langston Hughes flanked by Zora Neale Hurston (right) and Jessie Redmon Fauset in at the grave of Booker T. Washington at Tuskegee Institute in 1927. Mr. Hughes and Ms. Hurston ran into Ms. Fauset, who was invited to speak at a Wednesday speakers series at Tuskegee and together, they made the trip to Mr. Washington’s grave site. It was also during this trip that Mr. Hughes and Ms. Hurston discussed the possibility of doing a certain folk opera together. Photo: Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York Public Library.


Question and answer session with the cat and crew of Downton Abbey

Downton Day

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Lot 37

The invitation was strange, black background  with red fleur-de-lis on it. It read: “Dear Ms. Hughes. We would like to extend a private invitation to you, allowing you access to our very elite upcoming sale. There will be something for everyone, and only the finest goods and services to be purchased. Lot 37 we think will be especially interesting to you.“ There was no signature.

Mina frowned, reading the date and time. Well, she could make it. And it did pique her interest. So the night of the event, she dressed carefully, and let her driver take her to the event. She was surprised to see so many other people she knew, all as rich or slightly less than she was. It was certainly going to be high end merchandise then. She spotted Peter Cho across the red carpet, and inwardly groaned. Of course he’d be here. She was ushered in, asked to show her invitation ‘to seat you at the best table, of course’.
'Downton Abbey' Postmortem: Executive Producer Gareth Neame Talks Surprise Proposals, Bitter Mary and Poor Edith

The Season Was Always Going to End with a Proposal…Carson’s
Mr. Carson and Ms. Hughes have always made an excellent team, but within the past few years, that professional relationship has taken a highly personal turn. “There was something blossoming between them a season earlier, so we wanted to deliver on that this year,” explains Neame. “Obviously, relationships are the beating heart of this show. I think it would have been disappointing not to have gotten them together by the end of the season.” Of course, since marriage is never an easy proposition on the Downton grounds, there’s still plenty of room for this seeming happy union to sour. “We have to wait and see whether the marriage happens satisfactorily, and how these two would approach a marriage at this stage of life. There are millions and millions of older people watching television, which often doesn’t [show] that they have any kind of romantic life. I think it’s to our credit that we show that romance isn’t over when you hit 49.”

If Gareth hurts them……..