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Mrs Hughes is just amazing!

I mean she literally puts every one in the world before her!

Becky Hughes, Mrs Hughes has for almost all her years as housekeeper has spent every penny on her sister! When her mother died we could imagine her being heartbroken but she gathered the courage because she had a sister to provide for, so swallowing her grief Mrs Hughes fights along putting her sister before her self.

the Bates’s, yeah let’s not even go their.

Mr Carson. She has given up her nights just to care for him through his battle with the Spanish flew, throwing away nights of sleep just to care for him. Every time he turns a round, Mrs Hughes is always there to steady him. She has helped him to overcome a broken heart, not to embarrass himself, overcome illness and come out from behind the thick Butler must. There is no end to what she has done for him.

Ethel. After warnings and more warnings this girl does not listen and comes crawling back to Mrs Hughes who finds it in her heart to Help the girl almost risking her position as housekeeper by providing the girl with what she needs, again putting someone in front of her self.

She has helped Tom overcome the death of Sybil

She has helped Thomas

Mrs Patmore



All the Crawleys


And in London at her busiest time she still finds time to visit the Scottish church to thank the lord while also helping Russian refugees when she her self has not much.

This woman is just amazing! Choose kindness, be like Elsie Hughes, the worlds most kindest person. Let’s all be like Mrs Hughes!


♚ kate daniels series → villains → roland

There once was a man who had lived through the ages. He had been a builder, an artisan, a healer, a priest, a prophet, a warrior, and a sorcerer. At times he had been a slave. At others he was a tyrant. Magic fell and technology reigned, and then magic rose again, and still he persevered, ancient like the sand itself, driven through the years by his obsession for a perfect world.


Question and answer session with the cat and crew of Downton Abbey

Downton Day

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♠ kate daniels series → villains → hugh d'ambray

Before there can be civilization, I come and I subdue. I crush resistance, I break their will, and then your father arrives and reins me in.

Preview: Neighbours Chapter 04

He must have gone mad. There was no other explanation for his utterly foolish behaviour. He gulped and knocked against the wooden door of the small cottage. Why on earth did he do that? Because he wanted to see her again and couldn’t help but think about that woman all the time since the evening before.

Nobody answered the door. She wasn’t at home. His heart sunk at the realisation and he didn’t like the feeling it caused. He had only just met her, for God’s sake! But well, nobody was here and it had been a foolish idea, anyway. He snorted and turned around. There was still a pile of tests on his desk which waited to be corrected. A teacher’s work was never finished after all.

“Oh, Mr. Carson! What ever brings you here?” Her soft, melodic voice with the Scottish brogue startled him. Suddenly she stood next to him.

“Oh, I thought you weren’t at home.” He felt how his cheeks blushed and he held up a small bag. “Socks,” he mumbled, ashamed of his own actions. It was ridiculous. Asking a complete stranger to mend his socks! A proper gentleman should be able to do such things himself, especially if he was a former footman. But she smiled at him.

“I just came from the hospital, visiting a friend. But now I am here and I think I’ll be finished with your socks in less than half an hour.” She seemed to be amused and opened the door. Surely she didn’t expect him to follow her into her house! How inappropriate would that be? So he stood still as she stood in the doorway and nodded her hand while she gestured inside the cottage.

“Mr. Carson, don’t make me beg you! Now, come in! I can assure you, we won’t be the talk of Downton.” Then she smiled at him again.

“Well then,” he said and took of his hat as he entered the cottage. The small hallway seemed cosy somehow, with framed photographs on the wall and an old wooden commode. It smelled of flowers and honey, the walls were painted in a light shape of red and it was such a contrast to his own rooms above the school.

“Follow me, Mr. Carson. I’ve got my sewing kit in the kitchen.” Ms. Hughes seemed to be complete at ease with the situation, while he still was a bit uncomfortable. A bachelor in the house of a single woman! In his days, this alone would have been a scandal. But as Ms. Hughes had put it before Times are changing, Mr. Carson.

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Loud House Game

Step 1: Pick the first letter of your first name ⬇

A) Lincoln. B) Lisa. C) Lana. D) Luan. E) Lucy. F) Leni. G) Lily. H) Lola. I) Lori. J) Luna. K) Lynn. L) Clyde. M) Lynn Sr. N) Bobby. O) Howard. P) Rita. Q) Harold. R) Ronnie Anne. S) Liam. T) Rocky. U) Zach. V) Rusty. W) Mrs. Johnson. X) Hugh. Y) Ms. DiMartino. Z) Principal Huggins.

Step 2: Pick the month you were born ⬇

Jan: “Looks like the kind of person who”.

 Feb: “Seems like he/she would”.

 Mar: “I feel like he/she.”

 Apr: “Would totally”.

 May: “I can see”.

June: “I headcanon as someone who”.

July: “Probably doesn’t”. 

Aug: “I imagine he/she”.

 Sep: “I would dare to”.

 Oct: “Most likely”. 

Nov: “Definitely”.

Dec: “Would never in a million years”.

Step 3: Pick the date you were born ⬇

1) Writes fanfiction. 2) Watches horror movies. 3) Brush their teeth. 4) Goes to the dance club. 5) Swears. 6) Eats ketchup on hamburgers. 7) Accidentally swallows mouthwash. 8) gets haircuts on a regular basis. 9) Eats peanut butter out of the jar. 10) Skips school. 11) Twerks. 12) Tortures people. 13) Reads and writes creepypastas. 14) Drinks champagne. 15) Makes themselves vomit. 16) Laughs out of context. 17) Pretends to be gay. 18) Listens to Nicki Minaj. 19) Is addicted to spaghetti. 20) Is lactose intolerant. 21) Can’t swim. 22) Wakes up too late to eat breakfast. 23) Tries on clothes that belong to the opposite gender. 24) Can count to 20 in Italian. 25) Drinks soda at midnight. 26) Likes fat boys/girls. 27) Has severe acne. 28) Paints their bedroom weird colors. 29) binge watches The Golden Girls. 30) Has a YouTube account. 31) Try to kill themselves.

The Missing Link
  • Fandom: The Iron Giant
  • Pairing: Dean McCoppin/Annie Hughes
  • Rating: G (General Audiences)
  • Length: 1069 words
  • Summary: It turns out Hogarth’s curiosity was the inciting incident in Dean and Annie’s budding relationship.
  • Inspired by this prompt: (x)
  • Also available on AO3! (x) (If you wanna leave kudos or a review.)

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Langston Hughes flanked by Zora Neale Hurston (right) and Jessie Redmon Fauset in at the grave of Booker T. Washington at Tuskegee Institute in 1927. Mr. Hughes and Ms. Hurston ran into Ms. Fauset, who was invited to speak at a Wednesday speakers series at Tuskegee and together, they made the trip to Mr. Washington’s grave site. It was also during this trip that Mr. Hughes and Ms. Hurston discussed the possibility of doing a certain folk opera together. Photo: Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York Public Library.

Eventually Roy approaches Izumi, asking her a favor on behalf of the military. Agreeing to the favor she opens her school to the public and in a much larger building. Becoming head mistress of the academy of alchemy she makes sure to do a course on the dangers of human transmutation and other dangers. Roy as the ruler of Amestris, funds it with the people’s taxes and make it the first public school to teach alchemy and alkahestry. Sheska works as a teacher and so does Mei, Fuery and Ms. Hughes

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Of Letters and Mothers

Thomas stifled a yawn as he descended the many flights of stairs leading down into the servants hall. It was half past midnight and he had just finished helping serve the final round of drinks to the men in the billard room. He was rather tired and had hoped to go straight to bed as they had another busy day a head of them with all the family there to celebrate Lady Mary’s birthday. He unbuttoned his serving glove as his feet touched the cobble stone at the bottom of the stair, humming a soft run under his breath as he went towards the men’s quarters. “Ah, Thomas. There you are!” The under butler haunted in his stride, the deep booming voice behind him caused his heart to race. “Mr. Carson..” He turned, a thin smile on his lips. “How may I be of service?” He asked kindly, or as kindly as he could muster given how tired he was and that the older man scsded him a bit. “Mrs. Hughes would like to see you in her sitting room.” The older man replied icily. “Now, Mr. Carson? It’s nearly-” Thomas was puzzled as to why Mrs. Hughes of all people would want to speak to him. “I know perfectly well what time it is- and Yes, Mr. Barrow, this instant! I can’t imagine what you’ve done now but I can only imagine it will lead to your dismissal if it is what I think it is..” Mr. Carson gave him a firm look in the eye before turned on his heel and leaving the young under butler in the middle of the dark servants hall alone to ponder what had just occurred. Thomas was shaken, the way Mr. Carson looked at him you’d have thought he’d done something to one of the female staff, and he had not, that he was certain of. He didn’t even fancy girls, but that was something he could never share. He wondered the whole way to Mrs. Hughes sitting room what this was about- he’d been trying to turn a new leaf lately. “Mrs Hughes? It’s Mr. Barrow. You wanted to see me?” He asked, knocking lightly before pushing open the door to see Mrs Hughes and Ms Baxter sitting on either side of her little sitting table.