ms hagberg

Fic: As One

Kurt thinks Rachel’s plan for finally meeting her soulmate is terrible. But what does he know, really?

Soulmate AU in which you have two pulses - your actual heart, and the pulse of your soulmate in your wrist. Once you get in proximity to each other, the pulse speeds up until you finally meet, and then they synchronize.

Thanks to Caroline @thehouseofthebrave for the setting idea! PG-13, ~1400 words, fluff fluff fluff.

Kurt loved his best friend. Really. Honestly! But he also cursed the fact that somehow he had saddled himself with the only person on Earth who was more stubborn than he was.

“I don’t see why you’re being so unreasonable,” Rachel lectured as they strode down the hall to their next class - well, Kurt was striding. Rachel had wrapped one of her arms in his and was basically being pulled along like a very loud balloon. “It’s not like anything could go wrong with this plan!”

“Have you been to this school?” Kurt asked, incredulous. “It’s like an interactive exhibit on Murphy’s Law. Buses lose wheels mid-drive. The actual nutritious food they buy us somehow goes bad overnight, sticking us with mystery meat. Mr. Schue teaches every single one of our classes, yet is only certified in Spanish. From the Sesame Street online Spanish courses.

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