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Sooooooooooo it turns out that if you tweet at @welovefine and tell them that you’re interested in buying something if they were to make it (say, I dunno, a vinyl Karkat figure to match your one of Dave), they will report that to their design team.

And maybe, just maybe, if enough people were to tweet at them, it *might* get produced and sold on their site.

We *might* be able to do this man. We *might* be able to make this happen.
Welcome to Trigeda Industries, Ms Griffin -- Chapter Two: Fuckboy!Flint Colon™ vs. Fine Stud!Lexa Woods™
By commandmetobewell, a Clarke x Lexa fan fiction from The 100 (TV Show)
By Organization for Transformative Works

Only one wins the girl in the end.

(Was there ever really a competition?)

I stayed up all night writing this. Legit, it is 6:56am. I am going to sleep. All I will say is that this chapter is purely sin and lots of smut and some plot. Please enjoy some smut at your breakfast while I sleep away my life’s regrets.

This chapter is also like 10x more smutty and kinky than the first part.

Cheers! :)

anonymous asked:

Hi! Thanks for being awesome and answering questions. I'm wondering if you have ideas on what a writer without money can do to get more sensitivity readers. One sensitivity read = about $250, and I have 5 #ownvoices identities in my MS (disabled, biracial, etc.) I'd need extra eyes on. If I got 1 reader from each identity, $250 x 5 = $1250. 2 readers from each identity = $2500. I don't even have $250. I know some people are fine trading MS critiques, but many want to be paid and rightfully so.

If you can’t find folks who are willing to trade beta reads I suggest you ask your publisher to get Sensitivity Reads after it has been acquired.  Let them bear the cost of having those readers.  It’s good business for them.


In a Race to Save a Man on the Tracks, a Reminder of What’s Good in the World

On the tracks, the unconscious man was propped to a sitting position by the three men, who then lifted him from below to others who hoisted from above and rolled him onto the platform. Then the rescuers were themselves rescued, hauled back to safety by helping hands. It seemed that as soon as they were all clear, the R train pulled in, slowly, Ms. Peterson said. “People getting off the train walked around this unconscious man on the platform,” she said.

He was not, however, alone. Among others, two of the men who had jumped onto the platform were holding his hand. “They were saying, ‘Buddy, you’re going to be fine,’” Ms. Tulic said. “This was an additional layer of goodness.”

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Welcome to the Trigeda Industries, Ms Griffin - commandmetobewell - The 100 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
With the help of a close friend, Clarke manages to land an internship at Trigeda Industries, a multibillion dollar technology corporation, in an effort to pay off her student loans and get a reference for her résumé. What starts out as a seemingly boring job soon takes a sharp turn when she manages to get herself trapped in an elevator with an alluring and confident brunette that is single-handedly the most gorgeous woman she's ever seen. So… just who exactly is this mysterious Green Eyes? or Clarke unknowingly bangs her boss in an elevator.
By Organization for Transformative Works

This is the full story from my previous snippets. Enjoy sinning to nine thousand words of absolutely, purely, unadulterated smut in an elevator. I’ve decided to make a series, but still don’t know what direction to take it in. If you have prompts, shoot them my way. I’m starting to realize that I really like this aesthetic of Fine Stud!Lexa and Baby Girl!Clarke. It’s bizarre but I’ll take it.

Cheers! :)