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BTS as police officers
  • Seokjin: gives himself a ticket because it's illegal to look that good.
  • Rapmon: tries to stop the criminal but accidentally tribs over and shoots his foot.
  • Suga: I'm going to the office (disappears)goes to sleep behind the coby-machine
  • J-hope: screams every time he gets called out to help causing everyone to panic and then he ends up fainting
  • Jimin: Ms. do you have a look this good ;) (winks five times and then gets slapped in the face).
  • Taehyung: chewing on his gun because...well it's Taehyung..
  • Jungkook: is the only cop that actually does everything right because well..he ain't called golden maknae for nothing!

A Derek Hale Imagine Series (PART 3)

Background:You are an omega wolf or at least that’s what you think you are/special agent who returns to Beacon Hills after being suspended for failing a mission. Beacon Hills is your childhood home and are long-forgotten friends with Derek Hale. You are currently a teacher at Beacon Hills high school, trying to live a normal life until Derek Hale returns (whom you’ve thought was dead long ago) and trouble ensues within the town. And the succeeding events makes it harder for you to control your ‘other’ abilities

Setting takes place in episode 1

Chapter 3: By Blood

The sun rose and you were on your way to Beacon Hills High but with Derek still in your mind and the suggestion that both of you should consider forming a pack, it was impossible to focus. Even in class you couldn’t focus, feeling a little nauseous that you found yourself back to sitting down on your chair while the class noticed.

“Ms. (y/s) are you alright?” Lydia Martin asked.

“I’m fine sweetheart,” You replied back but Scott and Stiles knew you weren’t.

After class they went to your desk and asked how you were doing.

“I really am fine,” You said to the boys.

“You looked like you were going to faint Ms. (y/n),” Stiles pointed out.

“You probably need to get yourselves checked, it might be a fever. We can’t be too sure these days, weird things are starting to happen.” Scott added and Stiles gave him a glance. “What?”

“Nothing.” Stiles stammered. “Anyways we’ve got to go to Lacrosse practice.”

“Oh yeah.” Scott said. “We got to go Ms. (y/n),”

“Sure, go ahead. Don’t worry about me.” You smiled.

The boys exited the class and you frowned once they left, placing your palm on your forehead. Groaning, you rested your head on the table, with your cheeks against the cold surface.

The sound of heavy footsteps farther away caught your attention and you turned your head to the window and found Derek staring at you from afar. And after you gave him a nod, he turned around and left.

“That asshole.” You muttered.

You let out a heavy sigh and got up to gather your things. You took your books and your bag before leaving the classroom, thinking it was best to go home and relax, take time off to think.

You passed by the field and saw Scott and Stiles warming up. Stiles saw you and he waved gleefully. You waved back and so did Scott when he saw you.

“Good luck!” You said proudly. “I got to go before Finstock stops and asks me for a date again!”

“Oh! Yeah sure!” Stiles laughed.

“See ya!” Scott waved.

“McCall, Stilinski!” Finstock voiced out.

“Shit.” You muttered and you turned around, walking away as fast as you could.

“Ms. (y/n)!” Finstock called.

If the world could just end, you thought, it was preferable that it ended now as Finstock came closer. You exhaled heavily, gathering the nerve to face the rather overly excited coach of the lacrosse team.

“Coach,” You greeted with a fake smile.

“It’s been a while. It’s almost like you’re avoiding me,” He joked out loud in his coaching tone that almost everyone could hear.

“I didn’t notice.” You laughed along, sensing the attention. “But I have to go home early,”

“I was wondering if you’d like some coffee some time,” he continued, ignoring you completely.

Scott and Stiles, along with the rest of the team were watching an chuckling. You heard clearly how they mocked their coach, talking behind his back and you were just irritated.

“I don’t like coffee. But thanks though.” You said in conclusion and turned around to leave.

The boys reacted at the come back and Finstock watched you walk away, rejected once more.

“Ms. (y/s)!” He called.

“Goodbye coach.” You waved your hand.

You went ahead, relieved to be out of the awkward situation. You were about to get into your car when Derek appeared out of the blue, making you jump and curse out loud.

“What? Didn’t hear me?” He teased with a frown. “Or were you distracted with Finstock’s flirting?”

You gave him a glare. And he returned a similar expression.

“Then you don’t have very good ears then. Get away from before anyone sees the two of us together,” You warned as you opened the door but Derek slammed it closed.

“You don’t want anyone to see us? Why?”

“Because as you have seen. I am a teacher here - an innocent one that isn’t suspected to be anything other than human.”

“And why do you want to be like the rest of them?”

“You wouldn’t understand.” You concluded, shoving him in the chest. He backed off a few steps and you opened the door to your car and got in.

“(Y/n)!” Derek called out of the car, his hand on your window. But you started the engine and went home.

Nothing felt right between you and Derek, and you felt more distant. His constant pestering and expressionless stares annoyed you as you gripped the steering wheel. Not to mention, his overly nosy combined with intimidating attitude had crossed the line for you.

It was a relief to come home. Diablo greeted you and you were all smiles but once you reached your kitchen, you sensed a presence and pulled out a gun underneath your skirt, aiming at the intruder.

“Derek!” You shouted. “Dammit Derek! I could have shot you!”

“You have fast reflexes,” He smiled. “But you use that instead of your natural born claws.”

“It’s safer this way if situation comes to worst, at least I won’t be hunted.” You said seriously, done with his superior attitude.

“Hey, I didn’t mean it that way.” He said, seeing what he did wrong.

“No. It’s fine. I’m not proud of being a werewolf, it’s okay.” You flailed your arms after shrugging.

“I didn’t mean it (y/n),”

“You know, you are not the Derek I used to know. When have you become -” you paused, crossing you arms as you tried to contain your emotions.

He raised a brow again.

Sighing, you took a moment to calm down before looking at him in the eye once more - “When have you become so self-centered and nosy?”

“Me?” He raised his voice.

“Yes you”

“I’m not self-centered or nosy.”

“Yes! Yes you are!” You persisted. “Ever since you showed up and started interrogating me like some kind of criminal, I have every right to say that! Especially when you make an appearance at the school and mocking me because I want to keep my werewolf identity a secret!”

He couldn’t utter a word and sighed dramatically, rolling his eyes in exaggeration.

“Did you just roll your eyes at me?” You scoffed.


“Yes you did!”

He sighed again.

“There! You doing it again!”

Then he laughed. You couldn’t help but be outraged by the sudden change of emotion.

“Why are you laughing? What’s so funny? I’m angry at you Derek Hale!”

“Haven’t you realized that this is how we fought when we were kids?” He reminisced. “Hence the reason I laughed.”

He was right and you paused just to remember.

“You’re adorable when you’re angry. You still haven’t changed at all, maybe except for the color of your hair. And the fake teacher glasses.” He chuckled.

“Oh this is just the first stage, the worst hasn’t even come yet.” You responded with a snarl, taking off the glasses and throwing it at the counter. “I’m not letting this go after the horrible things you’ve done.”

“Okay, okay. I’d rather not see you at the most frightening of all stages so let me make it up to you,”

“You’re not bribing me Derek. And what’s up with the attitude change? Have you become bipolar?”

“I’ll treat you.” Completely ignoring everything you had just said.

“Nope. Not buying it,” you crossed your arms.

“How does milkshake and cake sound?”

You glared at him and he just smiled.

“Dammit.” You said, dropping your arms before turning around. You went to grab your car keys and headed for the door - “I want Vanilla milkshake and the same goes for cake!”

Derek grinned, hands in his pockets - “Always her weakness.”

And he heard you say in silent but grumbling mumbles - “why is he so good at changing my mind? Ugh!”

Lounging within the diner was not in order. So you waited in the car with your sunglasses and sun hat on as Derek went to get your free take-out. You drummed your fingers on the steering wheel, turning left then right then behind then front again to see if anybody you knew was around. So far none and Derek exited the diner and went back in the car.

“So…” he started. “You look ridiculous by the way.”

“I’ll just pretend that I heard you say my hat goes well with this sunglasses.”

He laughed and so did you.

“I know a place where we can chill.” You said as you drove out of the diner parking lot and onto the road, heading to Beacon Hills preserve.

“You did not just say the word ‘chill’,” he exclaimed.

“What? This is how I relate to the kids. And they dig it. They love me,”

And for the first time, you witness him smile his widest. You were almost taken aback that you took a moment to stare at him laugh heartily. It made you smile as well, reminding you have a family once more.

Derek’ took a small break from the widest smile he could conjure and noticed you staring at him. He stopped to stare as well, realizing only now how you’d blossomed.

“What?” You muttered, eyelids lowered.

“Nothing. It’s just that you look much different that before,”

“It’s the same for the both of us. We hadn’t see each other for ten years and I thought I was never going to see you again after finding out about the fire,”

Derek looked down for a moment, “Yeah.”

“But I’m glad.” You said, taking his hand. “I’m glad you’re alive and that’s enough for me. Even if its just the two of us, I’m happy.”

“I really thought you were dead. I threw a fit when ma broke the news to us all, saying that you died in the forest fire.” He revealed. “Cora and I didn’t want to believe. I literally went out looking for you because I believed that you were still out there.”

You gripped the steering wheel because you felt the tears swell, “You don’t have to say any more. I’m sorry that I faked my death, I really am.”

“Can you at least tell me a reason why?”

“Once we get back to the Hale house, my milkshake is going to melt otherwise we’re going to have to turn around and get another one.”

He laughed once more and you took a glance just to see him do so as it made your heart lighten and skip with delight.

Disclaimer: Gifs used are not mine! They are from Imgur, Tumblr and Giphy! Credits to the owners!

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Ironpanther: “Oh my god ohmyogd ohmy god i did not mean to punch you in the nose. there’s blood… everywhere…i think… i’m going to faint” AU Avac/HS AU? With Tony accidentally punching T'challa with his prosthetic arm, and then fainting at the sight of the blood. Then T'challa frantically trying to wake up this (cute) boy he just met, Tony being super embarrassed when he wakes up, and then T'challa taking Tony to get ice cream or something equally cute. ;3

I was thinking to myself ‘how does one accidently punch someone in the face?’ and then I remember my high school prom.


Tony was late. Oh god, he was late. And Rhodey was going to be pissed. And Tony didn’t have a good excuse aside from oversleeping - again.

“Shit!” Tony curses as he weaves in and out of people. “Please, please don’t let me miss the bus.”

And why was he taking the bus? 

Because he misplaced his car keys during his late night study session with Bruce and couldn’t find them and oh god, why did he set an alarm?

Tony stops to catch his breath, organized duffle bag hanging haphazardly on his arm from sliding off, and notices a coffee shop and his mouth waters. He honestly debates, for like five seconds, on whether he should risk getting coffee or not.

“This isn’t right,” Tony mourns out loud while staring longingly at the coffee shop before adjusting the strap to his bag and making a dash for the bus stop.

He skids to a stop, no one but an unknown boy and Ms. Tats (the friendly cat lady) sitting (or in the boy’s case, standing) there. Glancing at his watch, Tony sags down onto the bench next to Ms. Tats and just a few feet from the unknown boy with his bag in his lap. Ms. Tats spares him a friendly smile while the boy doesn’t look up from his book.

“Two minutes and twelve seconds to spare,” Tony mumbles.

“Where are you off to today, Tony, dear?” Ms. Tats asks.

“Oh, Rhodey is supposed to be presenting something for his class and I promised to be there and I overslept and lost my car keys and I couldn’t get coffee and I just hope I make it there in time,” Tony rants, arms waving around as he talks.

He hears a chuckle from his left and turns to question the boy about what’s so funny, but sees the boy is still looking at his novel and so he chalks it up to the boy having read something funny.

Tony moves to adjust his bag, but the zipper unzips somewhat and several little things (pens, pencils, sticky notes, calculator, paper clips, etc) fall out and scatter on the sidewalk.

“Oh shit,” Tony groans. He bends down to start picking when a voice calls out.

“This belongs to you - ugh!” and the voice cuts abruptly.

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Tsukasa: Hey, Shishido, Shishido… I’m afraid to raise my hand.

Ms. Yui: What, why?

Tsukasa: I have something to ask you, because I want to understand.

Ms. Yui: Okay, ask me anything!

Tsukasa: It’s not about homework, it’s about 1+1 is 2.

Ms. Yui: Basic math…?

Tsukasa: I don’t want you to ditch me, I just want to be with you.

Ms. Yui: Okay… You’re acting strange. Are you feeling alright?


Ms. Yui: Hmm?

Tsukasa: HEY, SHISHIDO, SHISHIDO… I think I’m in love with you.

Ms. Yui: *blushes and faints*

Tsukasa: Dang it–


Mystic Messenger “Short”, V / MC, AU taking place after the events of Seven’s route and the two secret endings where the thing that has to do with V doesn’t happen so some spoilers, fluff, inspired a bit by @officallytheduchess. MC uses the name “Sasha Devore”.

//to “anonymous” who sent me that wonderful Jumin and Zen request, I promise I’m working on it but I want to put a lot of thought into it and this just pulled my attention. also I KNOW that V says what his real name is at some point in time (one of the secret endings??), but I forget what it is??? someone find it for me and tell me please!! I’ll give you some more angsty V stories in return haha (or maybe the part 2 of this ;))) )

It has been two years after the incident at Mint Eye Headquarters, and you go to V’s house to spend some time together over a nice cup of tea and some thirty documents for the upcoming RFA Party. However, when Rika is brought up, what secrets will be revealed?

“Hey, V!” You call as you enter through the door of his home. V usually keeps his doors unlocked when he expects you, and this day is no different. You lock the door behind you so as to keep the house secure before continuing on to the inner depths of the house. You had asked for a house key some time before since he always wants you to have free entrance to the house, but for some reason he insists on leaving his door unlocked for you instead.

You knock on the door of the study softly, peeking your head in to see if he is actually there. V looks up at the noise, placing a bookmark over the pages of the book he had been reading. You note that he had been reading braille, and you are reminded of the memories of his eye treatment coming out unsuccessful.

“Is that you, Sasha?” He asks, standing from his chair and walking over towards the door. He keeps the place as clean as he is able to so that he wouldn’t trip over anything even with his white cane in hand, and you occasionally assist him with cleaning and polishing. Furniture is never rearranged.

You stay silent, looking up at his face as he reaches out towards yours. You relax when his hand caresses your cheek, placing your hand over his. “It’s me, sunshine,” you mumble with a soft smile, feeling your energy returning as the simple touch revives you. 

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A new episode of “MULANEY” is on FOX tonight at 9:30 PM/8:30 Central.

This episode is called “The Doula." 

The inspiration for this episode began when I fainted in Ms. Wamhoff’s 6th grade sex-ed class during the Miracle of Life video. And then again in the 8th grade when I fainted during sex-ed at the Robert Crowne Health Center (fell face first on concrete and got a fat lip) and then again sophomore year of high school when I fainted during sex-ed at St Ignatius. (Fun fact: I was so cold after fainting I put on a fleece, which was against dress-code and so I got a JUG which stands for Justice Under God which is actually what they called detention there.) 

MULANEY stars me, Martin Short, Elliott Gould, Nasim Pedrad, Seaton Smith, and Zack Pearlman.

Maria Thayer and Fortune Feimster guest star in tonight’s show. 

We’re very excited for you to see this one.

Catch it. 

Matrimony || v; only a memory

She felt like she was going to be sick she was so nervous. It was the day, the day that had been years in planning, years in hoping. She was going to be Mrs. Newman, she was going to marry the love of her life. Her gown fit her like a silk and lace glove and she was pacing the bridal suite trying to soothe her nerves. It wasn’t cold feet, it was anxiety that she would somehow mess this up, what if her hip gave out while she was walking down the aisle, what if she forgot the vows. She rubbed her forehead and set her bouquet to the side, her other hand worrying over her pearls.

She hoped that Arthur wasn’t as nervous, that he was calm and steady and not a wreck like her. It was just a small wedding, their collegues and the nurses who cared for them. Some students and their parents, one of her basketball stars was actually her maid of honor, because Harriet had no family to her knowledge, just like Arthur. 

At that moment, her young maid of honor came in, beaming. “You look beautiful, Ms. Doe. He’s gonna faint when he sees you. They are ready for us.”

Arthur was in his own quarters, getting ready, combing his hair for the millionth time. He had shaved for this wedding day, he wanted to be soft, and clean for her, to be perfect for her. He already knew he was her knight in shining armor, but he wanted that armor to looked polished and beautiful, just like he knew she was going to be.

He did wish Merlin was there, to be his best man, Arthur had wanted so badly to try and convince Merlin to come. But Alas, Merlin could not come, but he did say he had his ways of being there, little surprises planned, and able to watch. So that did make Arthur feel happy in a sense.

Arthur looks into the mirror and see’s himself, looks into the eyes of the reflection, and just smiles. He’s never loved himself more, been more proud of himself. 

“This is it Arthur..The rest of your life is going to be spent with Harriet. With the woman you love with your heart and soul. Be strong, be there for her when she needs you, and don’t ever let her think you love her less than the day before..Because that is just simply impossible.”

He’s talking to himself, out of his own nerves, until he hears a knock at the door. “Mr. Newman?”

Arthur turns around to see his own best man. Smiling at the Doctor who had helped him survive his injury he just smiles. The man comes up and fixes Arthurs tie, before making sure any lint if off him. 

“It’s time Arthur..Lets get you married…” And with that, Arthur was lead out of his little room, and down to the steeple where they would wait for his beloved.