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Ms. Beetlejuice doll LE of 500 by Tonner.

I love this girl so much, I had to change her hairstyle because it didn’t look good at all lol
I like the original hairstyle but it didn’t look as good as it does on the stock photo, it was a bit of box hair situation so I gave her a wash, a boil and a trim. Now I really love it. She looks very tori kelly 😍


Cute panel from the Corpse Party Coupling X Anthology. The comic itself is about the class making a film that’s similar (identical) to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In the previous panels Naho shows up and says something to Ms. Yui, I think telling her that the movie they’re making has already been made or something like that. Naomi and Ayumi start yelling that “Sensei’s great!”, Seiko tells Naho(?) to apologize, Ms. Yui says sorry for something else, and Yoshiki just looks absolutely adorable despite holding that terrifying mask.

For those wondering, the majority of the comic is done in the style Ms. Yui is in but has a few silly panels similar to the others.

love measured in coffee spoons

Alternatively: “Five Times Nicole Haught Drank Coffee for Waverly Earp, and One Time Her Girlfriend Brought Her Tea.”

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artsy-jandi  asked:

Ms. Doll, what was it like working with Ciel?

Well, he sure gets flustered easy. When we filmed the scene were he touches my boob, he wasn’t acting. Ciel was genuinely embarrassed. It was so hard for him to keep a straight face through the rest of filming. After we finished filming the scene, he ran to his dressing room with his cheeks all red! We are great friends now and even through I’m no longer shooting with him, he was really fun to hang out with. - Doll

Fic: Who we want to be (Glee, Kurt/Blaine)

Summary: This is supposed to be a crisp little grown-up meet-cute. Instead it’s a) namedropping b) outfits and c) misunderstandings. But also pure sugar. 

Specs: gen rating, 3200 words, AU

Thanks: as ever, to Corinna and Stulti 

Kurt is thirty years old and tonight he’s going to win a Tony. At least, he’s 70% sure he’s going to win. If you’d asked yesterday he’d have been 95% sure, but here at Radio City Music Hall, hobnobbing with the elite of the entertainment world, it’s hard to maintain that kind of rock solid confidence.

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“Australia’s creepiest haunted object is a supposedly possessed marionette. The evil-looking puppet is currently owned by a reclusive Mr. W, who lives in southeast Queensland. Mr. W found the doll nearly 35 years ago under a derelict and haunted house in Wagga Wagga in southern NSW. 

"When Mr W first touched the doll, the clothes it had on turned to dust-so it must have been old.” says renowned psychic June Cleeland, who explains that some museum experts have placed the doll’s age at around 250 years. 

“Gypsies of the 1800s believed strongly in spirit transference and making dolls through which a human soul could take worldly sanctuary after death,” says June speculating about the dark doll’s origins. 

Apparently Mr. W calls the doll Ledda because he sometimes hears it yell out “Ledda me out!” But it’s not only the doll’s occasional vociferous outbursts that worries its owner, it’s also its behaviour and the effect it has on both people and animals. 

Around 20 years ago, Mr. W and Ledda made an appearance on national television. The doll was seated in Mr. W’s lap. At one point the doll inexplicably turned its head toward the camera. You could hear the wood creaking as it turned around, prompting one frightened cameraman to flee his post and dash out the back of the studio. 

Mr. W once tried to sell the doll, but when he arrived at the potential buyer’s home, he couldn’t get out of the car. “No matter what I did, I was firmly glued to the seat,” he told Ms Cleeland.

“People have been known to scream uncontrollably when the doll is even in another room,” explains Mr. W, adding that just about anyone that sees the doll leaves convinced that it is possessed with some evil or dark spirit. Even when Mr. W’s dogs see it, they howl uncontrollably. 

“Mr W lives in fear of his wooden marionette, but several mediums have told him he must never try and get rid of it or he will be beset with bad luck,” says Ms Cleeland. 

Cursed doll or just trickery of the mind? Who knows, but as June says, “Its malevolent grinning face, human hair, and glass eyes with prominent veins, are something you won’t forget in a hurry.”