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mousewitchy said: AU where Laura Hale was arrested before Peter killed her at the beginning of the series–maybe the Sheriff picked her up for reckless driving on her way into town, or for threatening Harris, or trespassing on a crime scene–so when Derek came to town it was to bail his extremely embarrassed sister out of Beacon County jail instead of bury her body in pieces. Super extra bonus points for supportive awesome (non-domineering) sister Laura Hale.

This prompt deserves to be at least 20k words longer than this, sorry.

It’s mid evening before Derek gets to the Beacon Hills Sheriff department; he smells like recycled airplane air, his clothes are rumpled, and he throws his duffle over his shoulder as he gets out of the cab. He’s exhausted.

It feels like he hasn’t stopped moving ever since Laura called him with a weary, “Derek, I fucked up,” nearly ten hours ago.

Inside the station, a honey-eyed waif with a shorn head and a long pale throat is clicking away at a pen and swinging his chair back and forth behind the receptionist desk. Derek plasters on his most charming grin and leans up against it, bracing a hand in front of the guy and sliding his sunglasses down to give him a once-over.

The guy blinks up at him and flushes. His mouth falls open a little and Derek clears his throat around the way he kind of wants to press his thumb to it.

“Hey,” Derek says, still grinning. “I’m here for my sister?”

“Um, yeah.” He flutters a hand in the air. “I’m not—”

“Laura Hale?” Derek says.

The guy freezes, eyes suddenly intense and interested. “I think she’s still in holding.” He leans forward. “Are you—”

“Derek,” he says, leaning closer too. It never hurts to use a little animal magnetism to move things along. Derek knows what he looks like. He might not enjoy that, most of the time, but he knows how to use it, anyhow. “And you are…?”

“Sixteen,” someone says. “Stiles, my office, now.”

A hand clamps down on the guy—Stiles's—neck, and Derek jerks his gaze up to see a sheriff’s badge and a judging face.

Stiles’s shoulders hunch. He says, “Daaaaad,” and, “I was just keeping the seat warm for Tara, honest.” He flashes a cheeky grin at Derek. “Nice to meet you, Derek Hale,” he says, and then ducks out of his father’s grip and disappears down the hall.

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Jealousy Looks Good On You (Derek Hale)

Imagine: Derek starting to date Ms. Blake, and she knows you secretly like him, and tries to make you jealous by wearing his clothes and kissing him when she sees you. Stiles explains to Derek what she’s doing, and he dumps her, and then admits his feelings for you.

 You are a werewolf, Derek bit you after Isaac, but you knew about werewolves before you were bitten, you knew about them when your friend Scott was bitten by Peter. You’re not sure when, but during all of the sarcastic words spoken, violent acts, and rare kind moments to you, you had gotten a crush on him. And then he started dating Ms. Blake. You’re English teacher. You don't like her, because whenever she calls you back into class, she always makes a remark about him and her. Probably just to see how much you can take before you shift.

You walked down the stairs of the school, and you stopped right in your tracks at the sight you saw. You saw Ms. Blake, glance over at you, smirk, and then smashed her lips against Derek’s. You didn’t know what to do, so you just walked away, even though Derek was supposed to pick you up, and go to a pack meeting, but you would find your own way.

Of course when you got to the abandoned train warehouse, Ms. Blake was there with Derek. She’s everywhere, you thought. You just wanted one day without seeing her face, but no, since she’s with Derek, she wants to know everything about him, his life, his pack. When you saw her, your heart rate accelerated, and Scott, who was closer to you came right to your side, and he clamped him claws down on your arm to keep you from shifting.

Once he pulled away, you silently thanked him, but he didn’t know the reason why you had almost shifted. Derek walked over, and of course that little incident didn’t go unnoticed by him. Nothing ever does, except your jealousy. “(Y/N), what the hell was that about?” he asked you. You just shrugged your shoulders, pushed passed him roughly, and you began training with Isaac. When you caught Ms. Blake’s scent, you just got angry, because her scent was mixed with Derek, and you took it out on Isaac, since he can fight back, unlike poor bitchy Ms. Blake.

Ms. Blake pulled Derek closer as he watched all of the betas train together, and she grabbed his hand, and when he tried to pull away, she kissed him roughly. Of course this act didn’t go unnoticed by you, and then Isaac slammed you down on the ground, and your head cracked against the cement. You let out a cry, and eyes were on you.

“Isaac, what the hell was that for?” you yelled at him, as you looked up t him. He just grinned at you, probably proud of himself, because he was always disgruntled that you were a better fighter than him, and he wanted to top you just once. He helped you up to your feet, and you thanked him, and you saw Stiles pull Derek away from Ms. Blake, and she looked upset by the fact that she wasn’t allowed to listen to their conversation.

Later that night, you were in your room of your apartment, and you had just finished showering and changing your clothes, but images of Derek and Ms. Blake kept flashing through your mind, so you began doing pull ups on your pull up bar, using the work out to release your anger, so you didn’t follow her scent, and kill her. Yeah, that wouldn’t be very good. What can you say, don’t make a werewolf with anger issues jealous.

You heard the window open, and you went to attack whoever came in, but you were slammed down onto your carpeted floor. You looked up afraid, and you relaxed when you saw it was just Derek. But why was Derek here? You saw that he was breathing heavily, and he had a different look in his eyes. More gentle and soft, not what you were used to.

“Derek, what are you doing here?” you asked him. “I came here for you.” he whispered. “What do you mean?” you sounded confused even to your ears. “Stiles said something to me…” he whispered gently. “What did he say?” you asked nervously. “Told me what Jennifer was doing.” he said, and you cringed when he said her name, but you were more confused when you heard the hard edge in his voice when he said her name.

“And?” you asked him. “And, I broke up with her. No one hurts a member of my pack. No one hurts you.” he said. “What is that supposed to mean?” you asked him, not caring, that you both were still on the floor. He let out a frustrated sigh, and he rethought his words. He then gave you a rare Derek smile. “It means I’m in love with you. I only went out with her to distract me from my feelings for you, because I didn’t think you liked me.” he breathed out. You smiled up at him, and you placed one of your hands in his hair. “Can I tell you something?” he asked you, getting a playful glint in his eyes. “Yeah,” you said softly. “Jealousy looks good on you.” he grinned. You let out a playful growl, and you flipped him over, and you cuddled into his side, where he wrapped his arm around you, as if protecting you from all of the dangers in the world.

msdistress said: Hey, you asked for prompts. Yesterday I saw my ex (we were together for years) who cheated on me and acted horribly during the breakup, and I’m still pretty torn up about it. How about a Sterek fic where one of them convinces the other to fake!date them, just to show to the ex that they can, in fact, get dates, and hot ones at that. You know what happens next… :) (Also, girl!Stiles would be awesome, but if it doesn’t fit/you’re not interested, no biggie! :))

OKAY, so I got lightning-strike inspired by this, so this is TOTALLY fast and dirty, and also TOTALLY girl!Stiles, which I’m always happy to write.  It’s also not really fake!dating, but there is a douchebag ex in it, so I hope this cheers you up :)

“Oh shit, oh crap,” Stiles says, trying to squeeze in between Scott and the shelves of candy and disappear, somehow, even though it’s 3 am on a Sunday and pretty much the only people in the CVS are Scott, Stiles and the douchebag that Stiles used to date until Stiles caught him cheating and punched him in the face.

The punch had been pretty satisfying, actually, but Tommy’d had that skank to comfort him and Stiles had gone home and cried for three days afterward, so—so it’s been two months and Stiles has no desire to see Tommy after she’s been up all night eating tacos and peanut butter cups and playing video games with Scott. She’s pretty sure there are grease stains all over her t-shirt and there’s a ninety-five percent chance she’s wearing Scott’s Batman boxers as shorts.

It’s not her finest moment.

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Teen Wolf AU: Soap Opera

Beacon Hills sets it’s focus on a group of unlikely friends and their families. In a quiet town, how will everybody react to tragedy, to love and to secrets?

Secret romances, psychotic liars and quiet runaways fill the population of Beacon Hills, and one thing is for sure, this town is far from average.


Teen Wolf Meta -

Cernunnos, the shape-shifting protector of animals, Horned God of the Animals, aka the Green Man aka Herne the Hunter: Celtic god of pretty much everything - fertility, life, animals, wealth, underworld, knowledge, sun / moon, hunting, sacrifice

Cernunnos References (and references to online texts about the myths  – they’re italicized) about Stiles’ association: (arguments could be made that Deaton is Cernunnos, too)

Pic 1 - Deaton’s medallion and Morrell’s necklace - Druids / emissaries associated with / worship (?) Cernunnos

Pic 2 - Different images of Cernunnos (notice the Celtic knot and Triskelion in the first) that are similar to the medallion and necklace

Pic 3 - At the Sacred Centre, in the Grove of all Worlds, He sits with legs crossed beneath an ancient Oak… the god and the Great Tree are One.

The Nemeton is the Tree of Life, the sacred center, the freaking Druid Vatican, and here we see Stiles sitting cross-legged on it (and the Nogitsune in a completely different position).

Pic 4 - At His feet the great Cauldron from which the Five Rivers Flow

There are 5 Telluric currents running through Beacon Hills. Currents = Rivers

Also of note - Deaton’s animal clinic and the bank sit where two currents intersect 

Pic 5 - He is the sacrificed one, who, wounded unto death begins his journey to the Underworld…

Stiles as surrogate sacrifice. They were “sacrificed” right on a current intersection.

Pic 6 - In his Underworld aspect Cernunnos is The Dark Man, the god who dwells in the House Beneath the Hill, the Underworld.

Void-Stiles - his “Underworld aspect"  

Pic 7 - Cernunnos and His children dream the Worlds

Stiles and his dreams

Pic 8 - The god whose eyes flash star-fire

Stiles as spark / light… 

Pic 9 - Cernunnos is depicted with antlers. The characters have theories about the deer but Stiles was present at both incidents.

Pic 10 - wolf and fox!

Season 4 Ships are Sailing!!!


The first has been known as “Marrish” which is a combo of these two beautiful people!

Deputy Parrish


Lydia Martin

The second ship that sailed is known as “Draeden” which is a combo of two sassy badasses of the Teen Wolf Realm

Ms. Braeden


Derek Hale

If you have any feels towards either of these two ships! Reblog this post and get the word out!