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Reddit had a thread about reading the season 7 queens and I came up with some classy ones, tbh, so I’m gonna post em’.

-Ginger Minj, you sing.. you dance.. you act.. You’re a triple threat!!.. to humanity please stop immediately.

-Jaidynn Diore Fierce, You said your fashion is a combination of Lady Gaga and Beyonce but so far all I’ve seen is a combination of leotard and glue gun.

-Jasmine Masters, thank God you had that hot sauce, girl, cus your attitude was leaving me cold.

-Kandy Ho, your drag is getting so old and tired the only candy I’m getting from you is a Werther’s Original.

-Katya, I can see why you support communism, its the only thing that can put you on the same level as the rest of these queens.

-Kennedy Davenport, the low rent Oprah.  All of the look without any of the charisma.. or free cars.

-Max, ever week you have me wondering whether I’m watching an episode of drag race, or some strange one woman version of Arsenic and Old Lace.  Poison me next please.

-Ms. Fame, bok bok bok buck buck baGOCK!  If you really spoken chicken you’d know I just said “You’re a huge nerd, stick to youtube.”

-Mrs. Kasha Davis, theres ALWAYS time for a cocktail, especially during you’re on stage.  You call it “your act.” I call it “Time to get my refill.”

-It takes an oyster 5-6 years to make a Pearl.  After all the time in the ocean, girl, do you really need to wash yourself out even more with your makeup?

-Sasha Belle, all that scatting really fits into your act because everything else is shit, too.

-Tempest Dujour, to queen or not to queen? That is the question.  Not to queen is the answer.  Don’t quitteth thine day job.

-Trixie Mattel, life in plastic… looks so tragic.

-Violet Chachki, you’re so skinny I have to just stare at you.  Blinking might blow you away.


Just in case any of y'all aren’t familiar with pre-The Help and HTGAWM Viola Davis, here is a very important cilp featuring her going head to head with our Lord God Meryl Streep. What’s so amazing is that many actors have gone against Ms. Streep in the past and she always leaves the scene on top, but Viola’s tenacity in this scene makes her come out the victor and you can tell by Sister Beauvier’s demeanor that she knows it. Long story short, Ms. Davis has been around for quite a while and her brief but captivating moment in this oh so great film earned her her first Oscar nomination.

Kay Davis, circa 1945

Kay Davis (5 December 1920 – 27 January 2012) was a classically trained coloratura soprano who majored in voice and piano at Northwestern University in Illinois, USA, one of only six African American students there at the time. She joined Duke Ellington’s orchestra as a vocalist in 1944 and appeared with them in a number of (short) films, amongst which Symphony in Swing (1949) and Salute to Duke Ellington (1950).

During a concert in Carnegie Hall on November 13, 1948, Kay Davis was the first person ever to sing, for an audience, the legendary melancholy jazz ballad Lush Life, though the song had already been written more than a decade earlier by Ellington’s musical arranger and pianist Billy Strayhorn when he was only 16 years old.

Although she did sing conventional jazz songs with lyrics in a non-operatic style, she’s best known for weaving haunting wordless soprano tones through elaborate, sometimes filmlike Ellington arrangements. Jazz scholar Richard A. Wang, associate professor emeritus of music at the University of Illinois in Chicago, said of Ms. Davis’ singing: “She had a purity of tone and accuracy of intonation that added another instrumental voice to the Ellington palette. If one made a classical reference, it would be the sounds in Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Vocalise – also a wordless vocal.”

In the early 1950s, after two European tours with Ellington, Davis got married and retired from singing. She and her husband moved to Florida, where she became a trained Cordon Bleu cook and had one son. Kay Davis’ best known recordings with Duke Ellington are the wordless vocal numbers Transblucency, On A Turquoise Cloud, Minnehaha, and Violet Blue.

serafino-finasero – 20160315 – [more Ellington singers here]

Kay Davis and Duke Ellington, late 1940s | photo William P. Gottlieb / Library of Congress

I'm reading Angela Davis and I am screaming

Ankh niggas are like “Too many Nickis not enough Angela” when Ms. Davis was strongly against the idea of black male authority being needed and Black women emasculated and undermined the success of Black men. Like legit ankhs don’t read what they are talking about. They just don’t and I’m loving it

The Supreme Court on Monday refused to allow a county clerk in Kentucky who objects to same-sex marriage on religious grounds to continue to deny marriage licenses to all couples, gay or straight.

In June, in Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court established a nationwide constitutional right to same-sex marriage. The new case from Kentucky, Davis v. Miller, was the court’s first opportunity to consider whether government officials may refuse to comply with the Obergefell decision on religious grounds.

The case concerns Kim Davis, an elected clerk in rural Rowan County, Ky. After the state’s governor instructed county clerks to issue marriage licenses to all eligible couples, a federal court rejected Ms. Davis’s argument that she should be excused from the obligation given her religious beliefs.

Ms. Davis’s lawyers filed an emergency application on Friday with Justice Elena Kagan, the member of the Supreme Court who supervises cases arising from the judicial circuit that includes Kentucky. She referred the matter to the full court.


The New York Times“Supreme Court Rules Kentucky Clerk Must Let Gay Couples Marry.”

And go to Hell, Ms. Davis.


Holy wow!!!

My hubby and I agreed not to exchange gifts for our 10th anniversary, because of the trip we’re taking.

I just got back from a week away from work, and the above were waiting for me! He took a picture of my Phryne & Jack enamel and sent it to Ms. ESSIE DAVIS herself!!! And she sent it back autographed, plus the other Phryne picture, with the MOST gracious note!!!! And she kept a copy of the enamel pic for herself!!!

I’m in tears - it’s so fabulous!

And schmoopy hubby - well, he wins this week!