ms china


Arthur:my best friend would be Yao..i dont consider Francis a friend but I do talk to him alot…I wish we didnt

Alfred:My best friends are Kiku and Mattie!!they are my bffs for life!

Alfred:shes totally cool and super strong too!



Feliciano had spent all evening getting ready. Wearing a casual outfit ( nothing attracted the ladies like neatly pressed pants and a shirt) and making the finest dinner, he was ready when the doorbell rang. He was going to do this, he was going to woo her and he was going to be suave—


“Ciao Ms. China…! Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes!” 

-- @msfinechina | from here

[A VERY STRONG TRIBUTE INDEED. LET’S PLACE HIM AT THE TOP OF The list for right now. Is it weird that she also groped Rome? Nah]

You know I cannot resist such a sweet face Mr. Italy.

[But first please document your current penis size along with how much you currently make on this form-]

[GASPS. Didn’t actually expect to score a date with a woman older than him]

You won’t regret it Ms. China, I’ll be the best date you’ve ever–

[Receives the document and makes a face]

Mio dio, I’ve never measured myself, do I have to—