ms blake x derek

There are too many theories about Jennifer and it's making me crazy!

On one hand I wan’t her to be good, so that she can love Derek and he can get over his trauma and guilt, but…wouldn’t it be soooo cool if she’s actually bad? It would be really interesting seeing that play out. Either way I want her to still be with Derek so…here are my speculations on what could possibly happen in the episodes that are left in Season 3A:

  1. She’s good and not Paige. She’s just a normal high-school teacher and her purpose in the series is to take away Derek’s pain. This would mean she’s just a damsel in distress and her relationship with Derek would play out as the typical Beauty and the Beast dynamic, which you know…is cute, but not as exciting. 
  2. She is good and secretly Paige: This could be possible if we find out that she was actually immune to the bite and when Peter left her in the woods someone took her. Now this could either way: Her memories where wiped out by god knows who and she doesn’t remember Derek but feels a connection with him for obvious reasons OR she does remember Derek but is afraid to tell him the truth. If this possibility plays out, it would be really cute to see Derek find out that she is actually alive. It would explain his attraction to her and the reason why they suddenly got together out of nowhere. Can you imagine that reunion scene when he finds out? Ugh, so beautiful and tragic!
  3. She is bad and not Paige: Now this would be, in my opinion, the saddest of all possibilities because it would mean Derek Hale was, once more, tricked and used for the wrong reasons. Add more pain onto all the baggage that he already has. This could happen is Jennifer is discovered to be a helper of the Darach/Druid. I don’t think she would be theactual Darach/Druid, the real bad guy I think is that monster type thing that rose from the fire in Motel California and was shown in the mirror in the back of the car of the surgeon in Currents. She would be just someone that is helping him and by getting close to Derek, she would be finding more information about the pack and their plan. This is the possibility that I’m least excited about. Unless, Jennifer later regrets what she’s done and tries to prove to Derek that she wants to help him, then I would be interested in this playing out. 
  4. She is bad and Paige: Now this is the possibility I’m most excited about because it would close all the lose ends that have been shown over the course of the last episodes and, in my opinion, makes the most sense, even though I would like Derek to be with someone that is normal and nice for a change. If this happened it would mean that Paige was actually immune to the bite and when she was left by Peter in the woods, the Darach/Druid took her, wiped out her memories and used her for his plan. This would make a lot of sense given that it was pointed out very clearly that she “died” on the oak/druid sacrificial tree. (Remember that everything shown on Teen Wolf has a purpose, everything has a meaning as Jeff said. Especially this season most things has a symbolic meaning behind them and I don’t think the writers would use an entire episode just to explain how Derek changed and his eyes went blue, that just doesn’t make any sense and it would be a waist of air time). So, if this possibility happens I think it would go either way: Jennifer doesn’t remember Derek but feels a connection to him and that would explain why they jumped into bed so suddenly OR she does remember him and she’s getting close to get information out of him. Either way I really think she has feelings for him and that what she feels is real and honest. If this were to happen I would really like the writers to continue exploring their relationship, even after Derek finds out that she’s bad. A lot of things could happen: what if her feelings for him make her good again and she begins to struggle with the position she’s in? How will Derek trust her again? How will he react to the realization of her being Paige and bad? I don’t know how it will play out but one thing I do know is that this ship will sail either way, something I know Sterek fans won’t be happy about. Trust me, the writers would not use an entire episode to clearly show us how beautiful these two are together and how she’s the only one for Derek and then have him go with someone else. I do think Stiles and Derek’s relationship as friends will develop but that’s a conversation for another time.

I don’t know how this character is going to be dealt with, but one thing is for sure: Jennifer/Paige has a purpose this season, I don’t know what it is, but I know there is one. Jeff wouldn’t just create a character out of thin air and have her merely serve as a way of Derek Hale gettin’ some. This isn’t The Vampire Diaries, Jeff isn’t Julie Plec and Jennifer isn’t April. This woman is going to be involved a lot in the episodes to come and I’m sure of it. This is going to be so exciting I can’t wait!