ms 17

Whoa! You’ve just found yourself your very own Little Miss, a limited edition collection from Dateagirlwhosweird!

Date them all and become Ms. Girlfriend!!

01. Ms. Genesis
02. Ms. Boötes Void
03. Ms. Goth and Ms. Emo
04. Ms. Human ✔
05. Ms. Dentistry
06. Ms. █████
07. Ms. Rapid Eye Movement
08. Ms. Abandoned Coal Mine
09. Ms. Wikipedia
10. Ms. Lesser Key of Solomon
11. Ms. Cothurnocystis
12. Ms. Tax Evasion
13. Ms. Cursed VHS Tape
14. Mx. Applebee’s
15. Ms. Mr. Mime
16. Ms. Petrichor
17. Ms. Ordinary (discontinued)
18. Ms. Reliquary
19. Ms. Minecraft Youtuber
20. Ms. Romantic

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Gone is the self-doubt and any hesitancy - we’re out and about, actively trying to affect our environment and community. We want to influence everyone but aren’t necessarily willing to be influenced. If I had the $$$ and the opportunity, I’d attend the opera and let them act it all out on my behalf. Late day (US time), romantic sparks may fly, making for an intriguing finale to the weekend.

What’s happening, when:

  • Moon in Leo (to 6:55 pm MDT)
  • Ceres/Cancer square Uranus Rx/Aries, 4:24 pm MDT
  • Moon/Leo void, 6:55 pm MDT
  • Venus/Leo trine Uranus Rx/Aries,10:27 pm MDT
  • Moon enters Virgo, 10:52 pm MDT

Looking ahead to Monday: back to the grind with a vengeance.

“Holy shi—Mom, MOM, MOM take a picture take a picture take a pictu—”
-Tsukishima Akiteru, Founder of the Suki Tsukki Society



Well, I’m a day late but sh

Hope everyone’s having a nice holiday break 

Tsukishima Kei’s the type of person who tries to preserve the physical integrity of the wrapping paper his presents are wrapped in. 1 because he’s not a savage, and 2 because when there are people watching him open their presents, he likes seeing them squirm. 

(and 3, he likes to save them as memorabilia)

Monday, April 17, 2017

Moon in Capricorn

The only Lunar “action” today is a sextile to Neptune/Pisces, rather late in the day (around 00:00 Tuesday, UT). Makes for a bit more wistful and mournful vibe to Capricorn - we find the oddest rewards/pleasures today by simply finishing our tasks. The Boss may be more sympathetic to you today, as well, though as the day passes her/his sympathies may diminish.

Sun/Aries trine Saturn Rx/Sagittarius, 6:43 am MDT

Ideally this shows us identifying as the kind of people who are always stepping up and being responsible. Which is a nice thing, except when you’re trumpeting that fact (blowing your own horn) at maximum volume to all and sundry. Another “wrong” way is for us to be all hot air, impractical and egotistic. Step up and be responsible, and keep your ego-gloating to yourself.

Looking ahead to Tuesday: a mess to start with.