ms 09f

30 Day Gundam Challenge

Day 18 – Favorite Non Gundam Mobile Suit 







…you haven’t been paying attention.  Or you just got here(hi!).  My favorite non-Gundam Mobile Suit(and, let’s be honest, my favorite even WITH the Gundams included) of all time, the Dom and all it’s variants.  I just love the overall design, with the mono-eye, the paint scheme,  and while there are certainly better performing mobile suits that succeeded it like the Gelgoog, I still love the Dom.  It’s so big and heavy and impressive-looking, and yet moves with a speed and grace that’s unparalleled on the battlefield of the One Year War.  Not to mention the Rick Doms could carry those beam bazookas that looked like they could sink a battleship in one shot.  And it’s successor, the Dreissen, looks equally impressive, especially the Sleeves version.  So a shout-out to that bad boy.


MS-09F ドムトローペン【火山灰地戦仕様】

                                                                              ロケ地 桜島(鹿児島)

MS-09F DOM TROPEN volcanic ash ver.

HGUC 1/144 MS-09F ドムトローペン サンドブラウン (機動戦士ガンダム0083 STARDUST MEMORY)