How to stop dreaming about success and just do it in three steps.
Right now with our access to the Internet, our ability to learn anything we need at the tips of our fingertips (literally) we can achieve success better, faster, smarter, and easier than any other generation in history.

I was recently asked by a few of you how I am as ‘successful’ as I am at only 17.

After careful consideration and some free time I have finished writing about my three steps to being able to achieve at least a little bit of success in what you do.

I hope you guys enjoy reading this!


“During the One Year War, both the Earth Federation and Principality of Zeon’s Militaries came to their own coincidence of mutual consensus as the novel battlefield developed.

Both sides determined that the battlefield was further dictated by the speed and reaction speed of their weaponry. Yet the Federation and Zeon both adopted different means of excelling at this. 

As the Federal forces began developing magnetic coating technology, while the Principality became committed to the development of the Psychommu system.”

-Gundam Fact File #27


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hayley atwell: I’ve not started work on it yet, but it’s been written. I do know that, one thing they have decided, is that it’s going to be set a year later. So it’s 1947, it’s going to be set in L.A., and I keep on thinking about L.A. Confidential, that kind of film noir, which would be great.

And I think there will be a new romantic interest, um, and then I think there might also be… Well, there will be, repetition of characters. So Jarvis and Howard will be there with us again. Yeah, we can’t have a show without those guys. What new challenges do you think Peggy might face, because she earned respect from some of her male colleagues in season 1, but now she’s been uprooted to somewhere else, and -

hayley atwell: - she’ll have to start all over again, probably! I mean, I don’t think it’s the end for her, in terms of the struggles working in a male-dominated environment back in the forties. I think that’s going to be an on-going thing.

And there’ll be a new nemesis, and a new female character, strong female characters. It’d be nice to – I’d like to – strengthen her friendship with Angie a little bit more, and explore that.

Because it’s really refreshing that you get two female characters on screen who are not competitive with each other, or they’re not talking about the guys that they like. It’s quite nice to have that, so I hope that they reinforce that a little bit more.