I had a dream I was working with Bruce in his lab, and then the announcement for Civil War came on, like how Steve is against the registration and stuff. And then we went to Tony & his team to see what was going on and we were just watching Tony have like an anxiety attack because he didn’t want to go against Steve and the rest of the team, but he also felt like he needed to side with this. And then we got attacked and the building collapsed, then Bucky almost killed me. Then the rest of the fight continued.

Basically, I had a first-hand experience of the civil war movie. It was intense. And terrifying.

My half of an art trade with 2091-shadow-mew; some lovey SnowPaint!!

I’ve never really drawn carapaces before which… is odd now that I think about it… Anyway I took a bunch of creative liberties and tried a couple of different things, and I’m pretty satisfied with this at the end of the day

(Inked and coloured as an apology for the fact that this is like a month and a half overdue, thank you for being so patient friendo!!)

I honestly don’t mind this new Tumblr update that much (the one where you could remove the caption by pressing the X is still much worse). I still think it’s better suited for mobile and not desktop, but it looks like we’re going to have it on both.

I think the change I would make is have the text indented a little bit from the user name, like it was before. And maybe do something with all the blank space next to the URL (even if it’s just a colon). katiewompus mentioned that the icon took up more space than the text itself, which may be why I find that first line a bit uncomfortable.