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AN: More of a filler chapter

“I’ll see you after my meeting,” you smiled at Steve and pressed a quick kiss on his lips.

“Wait one second,” Steve grabbed your arm as you tried to leave and brought you back to him giving you another kiss. “Ok, I’ll see you after your meeting.”

“Have fun at team breakfast,” you called and walked off to your meeting.

Steve walked into the open room and was greeted by his teammates. They all made small talk as they filled their plates with breakfast and took a seat at the table. “How’s the Boss doing,” Tony asked with half a pancake in his mouth. He had recently given you the nickname “The Boss” and was very adamant about calling you it.

“She’s good. She’s great actually, all back to normal.”

“You two looked pretty happy just now,” Clint pointed out.

Thor finished his cup of coffee and spoke up next, “How long have you and Lady Y/N been dating now?”

Before Steve could speak Nat spoke for him, “One year, 9 months, and 18 days.” Everyone’s gaze shifted to Nat who just looked up and shrugged. “What? I’m good with dates.”

“That’s a little creepy, Natasha,” Bruce commented.

“Anyway,” Steve changed the subject, “it’s our day off, guys. Let’s enjoy it. Take it easy for one day.”

“I’m thinking about heading to the mall if anyone wants to come,” Wanda grinned.

“I will come,” Pietro told her.

Nat pointed her fork at Wanda,“I’ve never said no to shopping. Count me in.”

“I will also go. They have that bread you call a pretzel there,” Thor said. “They are delicious.”

“We’ll be locked in our labs all day,” Bruce pointed between Tony and himself.

“What about you Steve,” Wanda asked. “You in?”

“Ugh, I’m actually running some errands today. Maybe I’ll meet you guys out.” He stood up and grabbed his plate. “Ask Y/N though, I know she wanted some stuff for the room, I’m sure she’ll want to go.” He put his plate away and promptly left the room.


“I could get used to not driving more often,” you joked as you climbed out of the back of the car.

“Don’t get to used to it,” Nat told you, “you’re the only one that actually likes to do it.”

“Where should we go first,” Wanda grinned and looked around the inside of the whole mall.

“The pretzel store,” Thor proclaimed! After a quick trip to the “pretzel store” your group was off stopping from store to store. After hours and hours of shopping, and trying to fit all the bags in the car, Natasha was back behind the wheel driving back to the base.

After you put all your newly bought things away you looked around for Steve, unable to find him anywhere. “F.R.I.D.A.Y, can you connect me to Clint?”

“Right way,” it said.

“Y/N? What’s up,” Clint’s voice rang through the room.

“Have you seen Steve since we’ve been back? We were suppose to go to dinner but I can’t find him.”

“Nope, sorry Boss, I haven’t seen him.”

“Why does everyone keep calling me that,” you muttered and ended the call.


Steve entered the base and made his way to your shared room. He expected to come into a brightly lit room but instead was met by the lights off and you curled up under the covers fast asleep. He crept in, slipped off his shoes, and slid into bed next to you.

You woke up half an hour later to Steve holding his pencil with his sketchbook open. “How was your nap,” he smiled.

“Good,” you sleepily grinned. “What time is it?”

“Um, almost 8. Sorry I was late getting home, I lost track of time.”

“It’s ok I didn’t mind. What did you do today?”

“Oh you know,” he said looking back to his sketch book, “looked around for a new watch, shopped for some new clothes….”

“Is your watch broken?”

“Ugh, no, it’s not but I thought it might be time to modernize. Get one of those big faces and metal bands.”

You sat up, “You love your watch though. It’s the one you had from the 40’s.”

“I know but it’s not the style these days.”

“If you want to modernize you should but don’t change it if you don’t want to. I like your traditional style. What are you drawing?”

He tilted the book away from you, “Nothing.”

“Steven Grant being shy with me,” you gasped.

“It’s just not done yet. When it’s done I’ll show you,” he sat his book and pencil on the nightstand

“Fair enough. Want a late dinner?” He nodded and you both got up and made your way to the kitchen.

“I’m freezing, I think I’m going to get a sweatshirt,” he stopped walking in the hallway. “I’ll meet you in the kitchen.” You went on along to the kitchen while Steve ran back to the room.

He passed the closet and stuck a hand in the jacket he had worn today pulling out a small blue velvet box and walked it to his old 40’s trunk, hiding it under some of his most precious possessions. He grabbed a random sweatshirt and jogged off to the kitchen.


You all sat around the training room when Tony bursted in, commanding your attention. “Party, my place, next Friday. Birthday party to be more exact”

“Tony-,” Steve began but was cut off.

“-I know you and Y/N are going away for your birthday and that is why we are having it two weeks early,” he interrupted and turned to leave. “Oh,” he stopped, “by the way, it’s 1940s themed.”

Steve sighed and turned towards you and the team. “Come on babe,” you patted him on the shoulder, “you only turn 96 once. Plus it’ll be fun, we’ll get to relive our younger years a bit.”


“Woah, Cap,” Sam said looking his friend over, “you look like you came from the past.”

“Well, I did, But, this is my old army uniform.”

“Where’s Y/N at?”

“I don’t know; she went to get ready with the girls.”

“Well, let’s not wait to celebrate,” Sam handed Steve a drink. “Happy birthday, Man,” he said and they threw their drinks back.

Sam, Pietro, and Thor had gotten Steve to let loose and you walked in to them all doing their own form of dancing. You walked into the room and grabbed a drink from one of the woman walking around. “Where’s the birthday boy at,” Wanda asked.

“Right there,” Natasha pointed at him as the guys made him sway to the beat.

“What’s that thing Sam is always saying,” Wanda asked. “White boy can not dance?”

“Something like that,” you laughed. “I’ll catch up with you later, girls,” you excused yourself and walked towards your handsome boyfriend. “Didn’t realize I was dating such a Mac,” you said from behind him. As he turned you saw his eyes widen. “Looks like we both dusted off some of our own old gear.”

“Wow….if only I had known you back then. What a dame,” he said the end more to himself than you.

“You look like you’re about to flip your wig,” you grinned falling back in time as you used the familiar 40’s slang.

“I might, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dolly as gorgeous as you.”

“Seems like our Steve is going sappy on us,” you heard Sam whisper to Thor.

A familiar upbeat song came on and Steve grinned at you. “Care to show these youngins how to Jitterbug? As best we can at least.”

“Thought you’d never asked.” After the crowd got their fill of watching you and Steve dance around you wiped the sweat off your brow and left to get a drink.

“You did good out there,” Maria raised her glass to you.

“Where are you and Steve going for his birthday,” Bruce asked.

“I have a place in Bermuda I’m taking him to.”

“Sounds romantic.”

“It’ll be nice to get away for a while.”


Curiosity creative, motivating, innovative and challenging.

Routine and common image observed from another angle.

Winds of change, awaited soon.


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