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Every war has casualties. While it’s gratifying to see beloved characters escape Death, it cheapens the impact. Who will bite the dust? As Marvel goes forward, the premiere faces are changing, as Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America slowly pass the torch.  Thunderbolt Ross has been absent since discussing the Avengers Initiative with Tony in Incredible Hulk. Out of nowhere, he’s returning. Makes little sense to bring him back after all this time to immediately kill him. Also, with Marvel struggling to find a way to make another Hulk solo, tossing back some of his supporting cast could pave the way towards it. Collectively, Vision, Scarlet Witch, War Machine, and Falcon are one unit. The easiest way to integrate them would be to have them as a group, so it’s a good guess they’ll share the same fate, and it’s not like Marvel is gonna kill all four at once. However, Iron Man presents a credible threat, and one of his supporters inadvertently kill some lesser-knowns. No one will take the conflict seriously if everyone escapes unscathed, so one of these could be a candidate to fall. With Red Skull still seemingly lost in space, Baron Zemo can step in to remind us Cap’s glory days in the war. Like any good puppet master, he will need to live until the end to see the fruits of his labors. Despite not having her own film, Black Widow is one of the most recurring characters, representing a role that’d be hard to replace. On top of that, killing off the most notable female in a male-dominated series would certainly ruffle some feathers. If anything were to deliver a blow to Rogers, though, it would be her death. After being underused in Avengers, Hawkeye is probably the best thing in Age of Ultron. Killing him after such a development would be a crime, but knowing about his family can bring the most emotion punch of any death; leaving his wife a widow could eat away at Cap and be the reason he realizes he needs to stop fighting. Despite starting out as a B-lister, Iron Man has become the most recognizable Avenger. To lose him would be unthinkable. Even though we know it’s coming, it still feels like Robert Downey, Jr. will be Iron Man for years to come. He’ll live because he’s Iron Man, but with plenty of regret. If Stark is the face of the Marvel cinematic universe, Rogers is the heart. His death isn’t necessary, but cements the fact that he’s willing to sacrifice himself as a means to see his ideals live on.

Predicting Who Dies in Civil War, by Connor Briggs-Morris and Neeraj Menon.
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