Ms. Marvel vs the Unspoken in Inhumans: Prime. Didn’t work well, but then again this guy is fucking overpowered.

That was aa fun issue and actually made me interested in Inhumans books. Because while X-Men: Prime was just same old they do after every event, this was a single story that naturally weaved elements from books to come into one story and had very entertaining Maximus. Kamala had her moments, Lunella made a cameo and of course, certain Young Avenger showed up to get fans hyped for Royals.

Whoever made this comic is a dumbass, and Marvel are morons for publishing it.

Do I even need to explain what is so retarded about this?

I’ll give you a hint 

External image

Marvel purposefully lied about their own history to make some half-assed commentary about an issue that never even existed in tne first place 


Mention: two blue inmortals emos not-human characters that were locked away from their home during a thousand years and have depression and adaption & social problems.

(+ both have wings

+ (Both start with L, I didn’t wanted to mention it because it’s just dumb X’D)

+ Both are “””women””” (I know Lapis have no gender, but her pronoun is “she, her” so I asociate it with that)

+ I’ll tell you if I get to remember the other comparisons I made X’P)


Yes, I wanna draw them, but I just can’t because of school and I want to die. PLZDON’TKILLME