I’m trying to remember the 4 important Glucose transporters and I’ve decided to categorize them this way:

  • Glut 1 is T’Challa; steady, stable, always providing help and energy and taking in a lot of responsibility (glucose)
  • Glut 2 is Steve; he is calm until bucky shows up, then he freaks out
  • Glut 3 is Tony; always uptaking the responsibility (glucose)
  • Glut 4 is Hulk; hiding behind the surface until triggered to come out

I am #pathetic

Dear Hollywood,

Stop making movies about people with disabilities “finding love against all odds” as if people with disabilities are unlikely to find love unless it’s in some “inspiring” story.  Our struggles are not your plot device.

things I deserved in mcu:

  • Tony having a relation to Peggy, and being at the funeral. 

Maybe she was his godmother, or just an aunt figure. Maybe she was like a mother to him, always being there for him. Maybe Tony always sent her roses signed with “your godchild” even after she got Alzheimers and could no longer remember who her godson was.

Like ok Steve is a national icon and he loved Peggy a lot and stuff,  so he’s one of the most important people at her funeral but you’re trying to convince me that Peggy didn’t know Howard’s son???????