Talvez eu sinta saudade
mas não posso afirmar
se eu pudesse mudar algo
mudaria esse talvez

o excesso de zelo
a preocupação exagerada
as perguntas que fazia
sobre a rotina que matava

eu amei à minha maneira
numa intensidade não correspondida
talvez fizesse diferente
quem sabe o amor vingaria.

Dear Hollywood,

Stop making movies about people with disabilities “finding love against all odds” as if people with disabilities are unlikely to find love unless it’s in some “inspiring” story.  Our struggles are not your plot device.

Todo setembro é triste
desde que você se foi
o tempo corre pelos meus dedos
e nada supera o meu amor

os meus olhos marejados
hoje guardam os bons momentos
daquilo que nem foi vivido
e daquilo que tanto vivemos

o tempo que segue
apenas ameniza as marcas internas
o amor é o nosso legado
fruto de uma saudade eterna.

things I deserved in mcu:

  • Tony having a relation to Peggy, and being at the funeral. 

Maybe she was his godmother, or just an aunt figure. Maybe she was like a mother to him, always being there for him. Maybe Tony always sent her roses signed with “your godchild” even after she got Alzheimers and could no longer remember who her godson was.

Like ok Steve is a national icon and he loved Peggy a lot and stuff,  so he’s one of the most important people at her funeral but you’re trying to convince me that Peggy didn’t know Howard’s son???????

  • Steve:Wanda is a kid, she can't be locked into the facility!
  • Steve:she needs to come and join the battle instead
  • Fandom:yasssss team cap!
  • Tony:Peter is a kid, so I'm going to upgrade his suit to make it more efficient, I'm going to bring him in just to stay on the edges of the fight and do some webbing, I'm going to tell him what to do in case Steve attacks him and how to defend himself. He's a superpowered kid but I won't blindly throw him into a fight.
  • Tony:*immediately sends Spidey home after he gets hit once*
  • Fandom:evil man has recruited a child :/
  • (Bonus)
  • Steve:drops a huge thing on Peter with no previous knowledge that Peter is superpowered, expects him to hold it up, walks away with Peter struggling
  • Fandom:badass Steve!