Tuesday Treats

9 February 2016: 1100

I met my lovely friend Kelly for morning tea. It was another blazing day and look at our flawless coastline. I love summer and I don’t mind the heat; one just has to move slowly and seek shade!

Kelly has just graduated her Sports & Exercise Science degree and was picking my brains about prac and what to expect from the Clinical Exercise Science & Rehabilitation course, which she starts next month. Her husband was diagnosed with MS last July so they have cut out sugar, refined carbs and alcohol from their diets (she says after seven months, she can’t bring herself to touch alcohol now), and he has taken up yoga. I discussed the benefits of resistance training (as per @jim829 and @slemilie‘s brother). Kelly is someone I’d like to spend more time with; a really gorgeous, positive person.

#29daysofselfies #day9


I ended up behind the scenes in Val Royeaux! I saw Vivienne standing on the roof so I switched to her, which caused her to fall and I ended up behind the locked gate next to the prison (is that the prison? not sure now), and basically behind the scenes haha! I couldn’t explore that far because you could only stand on the water in the corner or you’d fall through it.