Charlie is a North American Porcupine at the Medicine River Wildlife Center. In 2010 he was admitted to the Center after his mother was hit by a car, and he was pulled from her stomach with an emergency C-section. It was decided that Charlie would be kept as an education animal at the Center, to act as an embassador for his misunderstood species.

Charlie is very playful, and loves to rough-house, and get his tummy rubbed

Charlie the Porcupine.

Charlie was admitted to the Medicine River Wildlife Center in the early summer of 2010. His mother was hit on the highway, and as the individual who hit her stopped to move her body off the road, he noticed something inside her belly was moving. He performed an emergency c-section, and pulled out a tiny baby porcupine, only a few days premature. He kept the little baby warm, and brought him to the wildlife center where he was put into a brooder until he was ready for life on the outside. Charlie was named after his savior, and he lives at the wildlife center as an ambassador for the porcupine species.


Why is our wildlife hospital a vital part of our community? 

Here are REASONS 4 and 5: Babies, babies and more babies! MRWC receives numerous orphaned animals every spring and summer and they are coming in at a rapid pace now. 

We strive to reunite youngsters with their original families as many are picked up in error. If that cannot happen we work hard to place them with new, appropriate families in the wild. Most species are happy to take on an extra baby or two! So far this spring we have helped baby hares, squirrels, porcupine, fox and one owlet.