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Hey everyone, MrsBabyNicko (Sam) here and I decided since Garrett’s 22nd birthday is exactly a month away I would try and put together, WITH YOUR HELP, a birthday collab video for him :)

What I need you guys to do is just record a short video (around 30 seconds) or send a picture of you holding up a sign wishing him a happy birthday or anything creative like that. HECK, bake a cake and put his name on it and take a picture/video. I dont know, I just want it to not be boring, so be excited and enthusiastic. If enough of us actually do this, It’d turn out SUPER cool. And I know a lot of you are probably like, OH WHYS IT MATTER HE WONT SEE IT ANYWAY, well personally if enough of us do it then send him the link via. twitter, I think he’ll see it :) Might as well give it a try, right?!

So just get out your webcam /cameras and record. Sing happy birthday! I think thatd be cool to put together a song of different people singing it at parts, you know. Record your family/friends wishing him a happy birthday. The more footage I get, the cooler it can be.

Send the pictures / videos / etc. to

If you have any other ideas for this or questions, shoot me up in my ask, facebook, or send an email.

Thanks guys, I think this will turn out really good! Pass this along!

February 13th deadline.