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I can't believe you reblogged me! I've been following you on my rp blog (rdjplay) and I saw my genderbend!Stony come across my dash, and I was like, awwww! Em reblogged me! Then I got over here and I realized I wasn't following you here! Just wanted to let you know YOU'RE AWESOME!


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i totally just sent you an ask and I didn’t mean to! Sorry! on my rp, we send a lot of anon asks and it’s force of habit!

oh my god no jfc you’re fangirling over me reblogging you i can’t handle this wow I’M SO FLATTERED AND I LOVE ASKS LIKE THESE SO MUCH

and eh, it’s no problem! i’ve had moments like there where i think i’m following someone, but i’m not!

(also i got your follow up ask and i really hope you don’t mind me posting this one? idk man i like to save all the nice messages i get so i can look at them when i’m feeling sad and stuff c: )